Monday Mindset: The Mamba Mentality

Monday Mindset: The Mamba Mentality

Monday Mindset: The Mamba Mentality 1024 749 Bryce Henson

This past week, myself and 2 business partners Bedros Keuilian, CEO and Matt Wilber, fellow VP of Fit Body Boot Camp; hosted The Fit Body Elite Mastermind. This is a high-level business coaching program for FBBC owners looking to grow their impact in their communities and income.

We had some incredible presenters, from the famous actor Will Smith’s storytelling coach, to bookkeepers, accountants, fitness and business coaches and Blake Garcia (our very own Director of Operations for Team Henson who crushed it). With the entire goal of our owners to learn & grow as leaders to be better able to serve our mission of Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives Every Day!

The content was incredible, and we all had some major take aways to help our ownership serve more of our FBBC Global clients at a higher degree.

And throughout all the technical presentations, I find out very interesting that the 3 leaders of the group, taught on mindset. As the tools and resources of business are extremely important and fundamental to success; but without a strong mindset to persist in the “battlefield of business”, they are useless.

And that’s the same for you in the “battlefield of fitness or of life”.  Yes, we have the tools to get you and our clients into incredible shape (our experienced coaches, equipment such as battle ropes, skiergs, kettlebells, rowers, macronutrient meal plans, accountability, etc.) but without developing your and our clients & team’s mindset, it’s all for not.

As the reality of the situation is that even with the tools, anything worth achieving in life is HARD. It’s HARD to wake up early, it’s HARD to get to boot camp, it’s HARD to break down your muscles, it’s HARD to do one more rep, it’s HARD to drink more water, it’s HARD to pick salad over dessert. It’s all HARD!!!

So, in order for you, me or anyone to achieve long-lasting results; our mindset has to develop. Our mindset has to strengthen. Our mindset has to improve.

So, in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s passing, which still has me unsettled, I find strength in his mentality which he referred to as “The Mamba Mentality”. In fact, it inspired me so much I ordered a frame for my home office to remind me that life, fitness & business is more of a mental challenge than physical!

That in order for you to achieve the goals you set out for and to live the life you desire; you must be in a mental quest to be the best version of yourself day in and day out; myself included!

And while strategy and tools are extremely important in your quest, your mindset is of #1 importance, so my call to action today is to adopt the “Mamba Mentality” in every aspect of your life, including your fitness!

And when you do, the battlefield of fitness and life gets easier.