Monday Mindset: The start of something great…

Monday Mindset: The start of something great…

Monday Mindset: The start of something great… 682 316 Bryce Henson

I remember when I first started my fitness program that changed my life.

It was January 2007, and I lived in Newport Beach California. 

I had made a few previous attempts at getting fit. Although nothing seemed to stick.

But this time was going to be different. 


This time, I had the support of a coach which ended up being game changer.


Yes, the first few months of doing circuit training, lifting weights, executing HIIT cardio and tracking my food, was not easy.

Many times, I felt like quitting.


In fact, a few times I almost did.


As my muscles ached, my cardio was not strong, and my body hurt most days.


But I stuck with it. 


And 1 week turned into 2. Then 2 to 3.  


And about 2 months my friends began noticing the changes they saw.


About 3 months in, I noticed too.

About 6 months in I had stripped away 20 lbs. of body fat, replaced it with muscle and finally begin to get fit and become even more motivated.


Remember, the start is ALWAYS the hardest. 


Now looking ahead and how this applies to you?

Today is a big day.


We have over 8,000 people in North America embarking on a journey of change enrolled in our Fall Transformation/Nutrition Challenge! 


All this to be a better version of themselves.

So if a guy like me, without any fitness background or initial desire to lift weights/eat clean can do it, anyone can.


Which is my message for you today.


Just start. Put 1 foot in front of the next. 


It might not be immediate. It won’t be easy at first.


But you will see progress. 


It will get easier. 


You will still get frustrated. You will even feel like quitting on occasion.

But if you keep showing up, you will be successful like the thousands of transformations we have supported in the last decade.


You can and will do this!


-Coach Bryce


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