Monday Mindset – The Underdog Mentality

Monday Mindset – The Underdog Mentality

Monday Mindset – The Underdog Mentality 522 357 Bryce Henson


Today is very exciting as we launch our NYNY Challenge across North America.

We have nearly 10,000 Fit Body clients looking for more accountability and nutritional support in order to regain their health & fitness in 2021 and beyond.

Given the occasion, I am also reminded of the things necessary for our challengers to be successful.

Simply put, it is the willingness to be coached and follow the game plan. But most importantly, to have a strong work ethic and possess an underdog mentality.

As fitness simple, but not easy.

This in mind and looking ahead to later this week, I am also reminded of a gentleman named Tom Brady who also executes the formula just mentioned above.

As you probably know, Tom is about to enter ANOTHER super bowl this coming Sunday with a completely new team and head coach.

He is one of the most coachable and successful guys in the NFL due to his adoption of an underdog mentality.

And no matter the outcome and due to his incredible career, he will be considered the GOAT (greatest of all time) and rightfully so.

But it wasn’t always this way for him…

You see, Tom was the backup QB for his Freshman team in high school. That’s right, the dude didn’t even start only the lowly Freshman squad!!

But then he grew and developed to start his last 2 seasons in high school in San Mateo California. And while he was very good at baseball too, he had his heart set on college football.

So he became a Michigan Wolverine (darn it being a Michigan State graduate) and ended up 6th on the depth chart when entering college. He was then backup QB for 2 seasons before getting his shot to start.

And if you can believe, his first pass in college was picked off by UCLA for a pick 6.

But he clearly overcame that adversity & stuck with it.

And finally, once he entered in the NFL which wasn’t a certain path for him, he infamously was picked 199 in the NFL draft.

That’s right 198 players were picked ahead of him.

And now, the GOAT is about to take another crack at a super bowl next week.

Why do I share this example?

Because talent can be overrated.

What truly counts is not the cards you were dealt, but how you play them.

So let me ask you…

Have you started 2021 with an underdog mentality? Are you playing scrappy? Are you willing to follow the playbook and take massive action even when it gets tough? Are you giving 1000% effort every single day like Tom Brady?

If not, my call to action today is STOP playing like a favorite.

Instead and if you want to achieve fitness, fat loss or any other type of success in life, play like the underdog just like Tom!

When you do, things will change.

Make it a great week and good luck Challengers!