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Monday Mindset: “Victim or Victor”? Meet Kara….

Happy Monday!

Today’s message comes from a story that GREATLY INSPIRES me, from a client named Kara A. who is a member of our San Marcos location. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to befriend, and work out with her on occasion!

She works incredibly hard, is extremely inspirational and will tell you that she has a completely full life.  And I would say she has taken what many would consider as a “Victim” situation and turned it into a super power. In my estimation that is a VICTOR’s mentality that we can all learn from!! As in life, it’s not about what happens to you (which is mostly out of our control). It’s about how you RESPOND!

The source of inspiration for me is that she is deaf, using American Sign Language to communicate. Although not to be confused with “hearing impaired.”  Simply and in her own words “because I don’t view myself as broken.”

Kara was born in Russia and adopted at an early age, and moved to Maryland where she lived on the East Coast and ended up graduating at the Rochester Institute of Technology. And in 2013, she took a chance and moved to California.  BOOM!

Additionally, she is awakened up to the significant visionary sightseeing with the silence she feels.

And as it turns out, “being deaf has increased my senses in other areas of my life where I can focus on my work out without hearing. Instead of listening to sounds, I depend on feeling sounds by vibrations in my body that echoes from the wall. “

How incredible is that?

I trust you find this as inspiring as I do. And especially at a time where 43% of our country is obese according to the CDC as of 2018 statistics, which is by far and statistically the biggest health epidemic we are facing as country that will have incredible consequences if not fixed!!!

From the mindset of “I am too busy, I don’t have the time, I have family to take care of, I cannot make fitness my priority” which we have all heard people say citing why they cannot focus on their health as priority.

But there is Kara, with a significant reason why “I cannot actually hear the coaches or ques” that anyone would understand.  But does she say that?


There she is, with a VICTOR not VICTIM mindset, taking care of herself and being part of the solution.

And here are a few more words from Kara, which I hope inspires YOU as much as it does ME!

“Health and fitness are so important!!! I love being an athlete, to play as a team, and have a good time!  Without nutrition and exercise, I would not be able to play like a “child” again.

 I am doing this for myself, my niece who is 24 months old, and even my life partner’s nephew, 14th months old. These children need big role models and use us as examples! So keep going & have FUN!”

-Coach Bryce

PS Kara is on the far right of the picture, flexing like the TRUE VICTOR she is!



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