Monday Mindset: What is your focus?

Monday Mindset: What is your focus?

Monday Mindset: What is your focus? 952 952 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday,

Although admittedly, I’m having to dig deep to pull out some positive mindset coaching today.

As if you are anything like me, you might be feeling a little or a lot down.  No denying, we are in extremely tough times for humanity and our country.

And if COVID wasn’t a battle enough, there is compounded cosmic injustice and inequality. Then to add insult to injury.. the riots, violence and destruction across our country are making it all worse, by pouring salt in the wounds.

While last week I promised some positive mindset coaching around the topic of fear. I decided to push that out until next week being the most recent events being very top of mind.

Very bluntly, the acts against George Floyd and the destruction that has followed is absolutely devastating on all accounts. “Gut wrenching” and “heart breaking” don’t even provide justice to either description.

That’s the reality.

As just as I shared with you in the Stockdale paradox weeks ago, we must be never overlook the brutal realities of our current situation that require change. But also never give up hope that the long-term outlook is positive. 

So while extremely hard to see at the moment.. Even in the darkest of darks, there is always some silver lining.


But it’s up to you and I to seek it out, build off it and keep the light as our focus so we can shine out the darkness.

This all said, here is my focus that I hope to shed some influence:

·         Evil definitely exists in humanity, but overwhelmingly in whole, humanity is very good.

·         Yes, there are some very bad police officers and first responders that need be brought to justice; but the vast majority of our police, 1st responders and protectors are good and do in fact protect.

·         No, there is not nearly as much freedom as we proclaim; but we are a free people and live in one of the best nations in the world, so have a voice to initiate peaceful change.

·         We are living in very interesting & challenging times, but with quick view at history and the data… we live in the best, safest and possess the highest quality of life in all of human history.

o   **Even though, emotionally, it doesn’t feel this way at the moment.

So yes, while it can be easy to feel the world is crashing down and the outlook bleak. You might be feeling that the situation is out of your control. And to some extent there is truth to this. As the vast majority of this universe we reside in, is out of your and my control.

But my message today is to focus on what you CAN control.

And what you CAN control, is your response. 

In fact, you can always control your response.

You can also control the respect you show to humanity. You can control whether you decide to love or hate.

You can control your ability to be kind and help your neighbor.

You can control whether or not to invest in your body and mind through health & exercise. You can control what foods you put in your mouth to help you look, feel and think better.

You can control to focus on the darkness OR to be the light that we all need right now.

It starts with YOU. It starts with US.

Let’s focus on the light, drown out the darkness, and be the genesis of positive and peaceful change our community, country and world needs.

After all, we are in this together.

-Coach Bryce