Monday Mindset: You never know when you will need your fitness..

Monday Mindset: You never know when you will need your fitness..

Monday Mindset: You never know when you will need your fitness.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

I’m traveling again, this time to Nashville delivering a week-long training to our owners and coaches throughout the Fit Body brand. 🤗

I return on Sunday so, in next Monday’s Mindset message, I will have some good take-aways for you so be ready!

For today, I’m still reflecting on last week. 🤔

If you remember, I took a trip to Sioux Falls to attend the Grand Opening of my dear friend and Franchise Business Coach CJ Werhkamp. CJ who was also a face of our recorded videos during COVID.

And 1 thing I left out last week was how the trip ended!

Turns out, I had a flight back to Orange County that was routed through Phoenix, AZ.

And the bustling metropolis of Sioux Falls doesn’t have many flights going out on a daily basis.. So when I found out my flight to Phoenix was going to be delayed, it looked like I was going to have to spend 6 hours in the Phoenix airport due to missing the connecting flight.

Bummer. 🙁

Although when I finally boarded the plane from Sioux Falls to Phoenix, I received an SMS notification that the Phoenix to Orange County flight was delayed. Although from the initial notification, it looked like I was still going to miss the flight by 30 minutes.

So for the first time in my traveling career, I began to hope that my connecting flight would be delayed..

When I arrived in Phoenix.. it turns out that’s exactly what happened! 😱

The only problem, my connecting flight to Orange County was in the other terminal and had only 3 minutes before the gates closed to make the distance of a 15-minute walk according to the attendant.

Now I didn’t check any baggage and only had flip flops on.

So upon exit, I went into a full court sprint mode for 5 full minutes. Yes, you know from camp, 5 minutes of 100% intensity is absolutely brutal!

When I arrived, the door has just locked by a 2 minutes. So I began to politely and urgently plead my case to the attendant to let please me on.

The attendant called the pilot on the radio and after a 15-second hesitation which seemed like an hour, she opened the gate and said “go now, hurry!” so off I went.

I made it and thank goodness! 🥳

And as it turns out, I found out later that the evening flight was canceled to Orange County. So if I didn’t make this flight, I would have been posted up in the airport for nearly 16 hours until the next day.

Moral of the story?

You never know when your fitness will come in handy.

So my message today is rather than getting fit… stay fit and your life will benefit.

You see, those burpees help after all! 😉

Especially next time you unexpectedly need to burst out in a full court 5 minutes sprint throughout an airport so you can spend more time with your family! ❤️

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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