Monday Mindset: Your environment shapes you…

Monday Mindset: Your environment shapes you…

Monday Mindset: Your environment shapes you… 1024 737 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

I am flying back to California today from Atlanta, Georgia. Our CEO Bedros and my brother Barrett delivered a Fit Body Elite Training to our owners from the Southeast (from 6 neighboring states) over the weekend.

It was a ton of fun, and always inspiring connecting with and pouring into FBBC owners and coaches looking to replicate the program our team has spent nearly 8 years of developing.

And it was extra special being that I spent my first 10 years of life in Atlanta before moving to the Midwest. In fact, I had dinner last night in downtown Atlanta, less than a mile from the hospital where I was born.

Looking back, I have fond memories in Georgia. And upon moving to the Midwest nearly 30 years ago; I was very southern and had a thick drawl. In fact, I remember the first 6 months of grammar school in Michigan, my school mates would poke fun at the way I talked. But as kids do, they pick things up but also lose things very quickly; and within less than a year, my southern accent was completely gone.

My mother Donna’s biggest regret was that she didn’t get my brother and I on film so we could playback the tape.

Anyway, while being back in the south and at dinner last night; our waitress asked: “ya’ll fixin’ to have some sweet tea?”

Honestly, I couldn’t understand her and felt a little embarrassed as I had to ask her to repeat herself 3 times before finally getting it and respectfully declining that sugar bomb. 😉

And this was just one of many situations like that over the last few days. And I couldn’t help but wonder the thought of “how would have I turned out if I hadn’t left?!”

Of course, no one really knows exactly, but I do know I would have been much different. This includes the way I would have dressed, acted, thought and spoke.

Consequently, I had a big epiphany on how we become products of our environments. As to whether or we like it or not, our environments do greatly shape us.

And furthermore, why it’s so important to be very intentional about the environments we subject ourselves to in adulthood.

As the fact is that if you want to be happy, healthy and fit; you must surround yourself with people and places that are supportive of this lifestyle.

Have an incredible Monday and week! And remember, you become the company you keep so choose wisely!