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No. 4 Decentralized Command

As a continuation from the last 4 weeks, I read the expert from MSP magazine and wanted to share its break down.

Number is 4 Decentralized Command and this is the sole purpose of me sending this weekly message to better your leadership.


Because Decentralized Command means everybody is a leader.

That’s what you want as a business owner. You want a team that doesn’t need to depend on you for everything. A team where everyone is a leader.

“And I used to tell this to the young SEALs — you’re not going to be able to handle it all. What you need to do is to use decentralized command and let your subordinate leaders actually lead.”

And the way you lead with decentralized command is by making sure that everybody on the team understands: the mission, the goal, the end state they’re trying to achieve, the parameters they’re trying to work within, the perimeters they’re allowed to maneuver in, and finally and most important: why they’re doing what they’re doing.

If they know why they’re doing what they’re doing, they can go out into the field, make decisions, and they all can lead.

Jocko also reinforced that when it comes to growing into your full potential as a leader, the most powerful motivating tool you have is to give someone control over their own destiny. In other words, giving them ownership.

Let’s say it’s been a few weeks after that security breach and the client is still a bit uneasy.

So you tell someone on your team to go follow up by saying,Bob, here’s what I want you to do, here’s the briefing I want you to give to them, here’s the new software they need to install, here’s what it’s going to cost, and so on. Go make that happen.”

How much ownership does Bob have with that?

None. He’s just a robot. You’re just telling him what to do.

But if instead you say, Hey Bob, I want you to reconnect with this client who got hacked last month. I want you to touch base with them. Find out where they’re at. Rebuild that relationship and bring it to the next level. Come up with a plan and tell me how you want to do it.”

So now, instead of being a robot following orders, he’s totally empowered and on board. He’s got control over his own destiny.

And that’s what motivates people more than anything else!!



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