The first C of leadership is Clarity

The first C of leadership is Clarity

The first C of leadership is Clarity 150 150 Bryce Henson

The first C of leadership is Clarity. 

As the leader, clarity inward for yourself and clarity outward for your team & organization is the first step. 

As without a clear target to pursue, friction and underperformance will set in any organization. 

Thus, as a leader, you must take time to reflect, and go inward often, so you have an understanding of where you are. And most importantly, to get clear on where you want to go.

This is the foundational point of your leadership, as it starts with you getting crystal clear on the vision..

And as the old adage says:  “without vision, the people will perish”.

This is very true and starts with you.

My question for you?

  • Does your team know your company goals for the year? 
  • Are they dialed on your rocks? 
  • Are they aware of your target number of members? 
  • Is there clarity of roles within your accountability chart?
  • Are they focused in on the big goals you have for your clients and business?

Your action step?

It’s time to create clarity for yourself and your team.

In the coming weeks, we will compound on this to sharpen your leadership. Next week we will discuss the 2nd C which is Courage!