Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

The Separation is in the Preparation

Happy Monday!🙌

I was chatting with my good friend Mara last week about this year’s World Conference.

In case you need clarity..

The Fit Body World Conference (WC) is our annual convention for our Franchise Partners and coaches to learn and grow.  This way, our clients receive an even better experience and results here at Fit Body!💪

This year’s conference is hosted in Dallas, Texas this Friday/Saturday, August 11/12!🌟

In conversation, I shared with Mara how excited I am for our Franchise Partners, coaches, team, clients and brand! 

There’s also a special bonus this year..

Our Mission Viejo team will be leading the works outs & speaking on a panel to help coach other coaches throughout North America. This is extra significant as we have the biggest WC in recent history with 467 people registered!💥

Mara then asked me if I was nervous about the event and speaking in front of nearly 500 people.

My answer?


Always am and always will be as that’s a sign of focus and care!✨

That said, the Conference or “game” as I referred to it, will already be won or lost long before my team & I arrive in Dallas. 

As at that point, we are just executing against our preparation. As there will be no miracles one way or the other.

As how we prepare is how we execute. 👊 

This is the bottom line. 

This is the same for your health in fitness as you journey through life!

You see..

Next time a disease or virus hits your system.. 

Your level of resiliency will depend on your preparation towards your health and fitness game long before the attack on your immune system!

If you have prepared your fitness, it will be much easier to manage. The opposite is also true.

The good news?

My team and I have been prepping for months and when game time arrives on Friday, execution will match. This way our people get a GREAT experience which trickles down to support our clients!🙏

This is also what I want for you with your health and fitness which is my message today!

If you need help with your fitness preparation, please lean on my team and I!💪

Make it a GREAT Monday!🙌

-Coach Bryce 

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