Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

The Sound of Freedom..

When I began my fitness journey, I wanted a better physique. 💪 

Vain but true.💯

Maybe you can relate?

And while I achieved the goal within the first 6 months of my journey, I had no idea the other benefits fitness would provide.

More energy, more mental clarity, more confidence and more enthusiasm toward life to name a few. 

Although, if you really break it down..

Fitness provided me FREEDOM.🔥

FREEDOM from embarrassment, FREEDOM from shame and FREEDOM from anxiety. 

In fact, the FREEDOM I derived impacted me so much.. 

It inspired me to become a fitness coach, open a Fit Body location and work to support others to become FREE of the problems of a sedentary lifestyle. 

I feel blessed as this truly fills my cup.🙏

And while you and I enjoy this FREEDOM, there are millions of people in the world that don’t. My wife Tatiana and I watched the film “Sound of Freedom” last week at the movies.🎬

By now, I hope you have heard of the film which has blown up the box office. It’s the first time I’ve gone to the movies or watched a film in years. 

Candidly, a big part of me wasn’t overly excited to go given the grueling nature of the film. But I also knew that I had a duty, obligation and responsibility toward humanity to watch it.🙌

This is especially as I experienced a close encounter of sexual abuse when I was 11.  And the probability is very high that many people within our Fit Family could have or know someone affected by this crime.

I share this to showcase the fact that this situation is real and closer to home than any of us can imagine.

My take?

If you haven’t seen it.. You MUST.💥

It’s a tough story to digest, but one that needs to be shared.

And while very sad in nature, the film also provides HOPE which is my message today!💪

HOPE that good people like you and me will share the message and begin to solve the problem of human trafficking and provide FREEDOM to children across the world.

I know you to be a person who wants to live a better life and do good towards humanity. So to lead by example, Tatiana and I purchase $510 worth of tickets for you to take advantage. 🎟️

If you cannot afford it or wouldn’t pay for the film, please take advantage of the offer and watch the film.

Our only ask is that you see the film in the next 2 weeks and pay it forward by sharing the message of the sound of FREEDOM that we enjoy.

== > Claim your FREE ticket

Love, respect and gratitude.

Make it a GREAT Monday!🙌

-Coach Bryce 

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