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The Study of Human Nature

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

I wanted to share a story from last week that I shared with my fellow Fit Body Franchise Partners being we are in the people business.

Why is this important to you?🤔

Whether you work in the service industry or not. 

You surely interact with people everyday. 

So it is very important to study human nature. This way you can interact more successfully which will aid you in many aspects of your daily life. 

If you get value, please share with a friend! 🙂

Straight from the World Conference, I boarded a flight from Dallas to Poland. I grew up with Polish heritage in that my grandma was 1st generation.🇵🇱

Her parents escaped the Communist/Socialist regime prior to World War 1. They ended up making it to Detroit, Michigan when Henry Ford opened his manufacturing plants in the early 1900’s. 

This is why I am so patriotic and grateful for their sacrifice. 🇺🇸

And while these are my roots..

Ironically, I took a visit due to my wife Coach Tatiana’s family.  As my brother-in-law Luiz moved to Poland from Florianopolis, Brazil last year for his work.🇧🇷

Luiz’s grandma is the one who helped Tatiana, him and I to acquire our Portuguese Citizenship a few years ago, which technically makes us both Portuguese. Although I suppose that is a story for another day…

Anyway, on one of the evening tours.. 

I walked in a street market with Luiz and we saw a Portuguese food truck amongst many other options.🇵🇹

They had a very famous Brazilian soft drink displayed, so we walked up to the counter and tried to order. The man behind the counter addressed us in Polish which neither of us understood. 

After he realized his message didn’t land..

He then turned and spoke Portuguese to his colleague behind the counter asking him if he could take our order in English..

When I heard Portuguese, I immediately asked him if he was Brazilian in Brazilian Portuguese. 

As I made out a few words even though it was very loud and I couldn’t make out his accent from 1 sentence. 

He replied in Portuguese..  

“No, I am from Portugal.”

He then returned the question and I replied.. 

“Well, I am American and my brother-in-law is Brazilian”.

I paused for a second and then added..

“But come to think of it, we are all Portuguese”.

The metaphor and moral of the story is this..

Even though people have big differences in culture, language and customs. In this case, all 3 of us grew up in different countries, continents, and cultures for that matter.

Deep down as humans, we are all the same.✨

We all have the same instincts, desires, and fears. And we are all doing the best we can with what we have.👊

This is why it’s so important we understand & forever study human nature to the core being we are in the people business.💯

-Coach Bryce 

PS I am excited to announce our 8 Week Fall Challenge which starts Monday September 18. I will send more info later this week so stay tuned! 🙂



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