Tuesday Mindset – What’s really important.

Tuesday Mindset – What’s really important.

Tuesday Mindset – What’s really important. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Happy  Tuesday!

What a start to the week as 2020 keeps throwing punches as fires now threaten our safety.

For our clients and team’s well being, we closed sessions last night and this morning in our Yorba Linda location due to evacuation alerts.

More updates will be sent today as we know more.

And it seems our other 2 locations are good for now which is promising, but things can change quickly as winds pick up and die down seemingly in an instant.

So if you are anything like me, you might be thinking “Are you kidding me? What else can happen to this 2020 novel?!”

But the reality is, this is our reality. That’s harsh but true.

We cannot control the fires, although sending incredible love and gratitude to our first responders who can help the effort.

But instead of getting mad, angry or frustrated which admittedly I have felt, we must accept the circumstances we are working through, and focus our efforts on what truly is important.

Easier said than done, but true.

As in the grand scheme of things, your house, your car, your stuff is not important.

However, your life and that of your family and friends are extremely important.

That’s what’s really important and what truly counts.

So my call to action today is to be patient, be kind, be thoughtful and be considerate.

If you are inconvenienced, that’s a bummer and never fun. But as we navigate this additional storm of 2020, let’s all remember what’s really important as this will provide better perspective.

Sending you love and gratitude. Please stay safe and we will be in touch with frequent updates.

-Coach Bryce