World Conference Recap

World Conference Recap

World Conference Recap 150 150 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday Mindset!🔥

This weekend was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!💪

475 attendees traveled from across North America to Dallas, Texas for 3 days.🌟

The mission was simple.

Pour into our Fit Body Franchise Partners, Leaders and Coaches. This way, they could return to their local locations and pour into their clients and communities. 

Mission Accomplished!🙌

What’s even better?

Seeing our Mission Viejo team teach and support our attendees. All while having the opportunity to learn and grow from other presenters and coaches.👊 

Here at Fit Body, we call this “ironing sharpening iron” which is also how our clients get in such great shape with the coaching & community of our program.🚀

In reflection of our event, today’s message is this:

If you want to be successful in any aspect of your life. Whether that’s fitness, family, professional or anything else. 

The best way is to seek out guidance from someone who has already achieved the goal you are after. Then surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up, support you, and challenge you to become even better!⚡️

When you do, you will grow and achieve your target!💥

Click to see the recap video HERE!

-Coach Bryce 

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