Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

2020 Predictions

What trends can we expect to see in the fitness space in 2020?

Boutique fitness will still trend upwards in 2020 as the fitness industry continues to boom.

Large group training will continue its upward ascent and will be the center piece in the coming decade. Shorter-term, for as long as the economy continues to perform, smaller group training will also rise in popularity.

Recovery fitness will also continue its rise as an important niche in the fitness industry boom. Overtraining is real; so flexibility, supplementation, stretch, cryotherapy, and float therapy (among other types of recovery fitness) will continue to trend upwards.

However, when the pending economic correction occurs which many economic experts are talking about, large group (which is the most affordable niche of personal training) will continue to be a major staple of industry growth.

How do you expect FBBC’s consumer habits to shift?

Supplementation will be a big focus of 2020 as recovery is paramount to training success.  And as studies continue to show the benefits and results from nutrition; the 2020 release of our nutrition coaching program via the FBBC philosophy of direct macro counting, will continue to be a focus for consumers as results drive consumer retention.

How will technology continue to make an impact in the fitness industry?

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and those who embrace it will continue to win. Although the real success will occur when companies are able to personalize the technology (as for every process/piece of technology there is a PERSON at the other end of it – aka the consumer). So the companies who can utilize technology while incorporating a “personal” feel towards the consumer, will win.

Additionally, in the coming 3-5 years, Artificial Intelligence will be a catalyst for market disruption where Fit Body Boot Camp will be on the leading edge with its development of ARTI (our proprietary AI, currently in development).

What type of growth is FBBC expecting to see in 2020?

Fit Body Boot Camp will continue its upward trend of gaining market share in the growing fitness industry. 2019 was a solid year of internal restructuring and laying the foundation for support of ownership and growth, due to growing pains of our previous years of rapid growth. We literally reinvested millions in infrastructure, technology, talent acquisition and in supplementation, so that 2020 will be an explosive year of sustainable growth!



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