Monday Mindset: Thanksgiving

Monday Mindset: Thanksgiving

Monday Mindset: Thanksgiving 473 289 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

This coming Thursday is my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving), so know it’s going to be a great week!

As such, it  serves as a great reminder to take a step back, smell the roses, and be grateful for the blessings, which in our fast-paced lives, I know can be very difficult.

As a I take a second….here are a few things that come to mind in my life.

I am thankful for all our incredible challengers who finished out our 10 Week Fall Challenge. What an accomplishment! We are tallying the results over the coming week, but know that as an FBBC network, we have already lost nearly 90,000 lbs. and the total will probably break 100,000 lbs. combined when all the results are calculated! That’s a lot of health and fitness to be thankful for!!!

I am thankful for our Coach Eddie in San Marcos who finished his “12-month tour of duty” at San Marcos FBBC. He was (and still is) and incredible fire breathing dragon coach, and now is off to his next tour of duty which is protecting all our freedom in the US military!

I am thankful for our Coach Erik who is celebrating his 4-year anniversary with Team Henson FBBC. As he has coached and changed many lives in Mission Viejo, San Marcos and with our Michigan location; and even in Yorba Linda (on the back end) as he provided such input and support to our other leaders. So, no matter what location you attend, he has touched you.

I am thankful for our facility upgrades that Tatiana has so worked so diligently on the back end to create a better environment and training atmosphere for all our clients. Managing timelines, contractors, issues, landlords, all while running a business is very tough and no one does it better!

I am thankful for a team of fired up coaches and admins who make such a big impact on a daily basis and give their all which is so admirable. Seriously, so thankful!!!

I am thankful for my mother Donna (as I hit the proverbial parent lottery) with her. All the sacrifices she made to better our lives, in addition to supporting our business and helping our clients get healthy and fit!

And I am thankful for YOU, for investing in your health, wellness and fitness. As it’s not easy to keep that a big focus with everything going in our busy lives (work, school, kids, etc.). So, acknowledge you for the effort you put in and for trusting your health and fitness with our team!!

Looking ahead, let’s make it a GREAT start to the week, and come get your Turkey/Thanksgiving work out as we are open (limited sessions) but going to have a lot of fun! And call to action today is to take a moment to show gratitude and thanks for all the blessings in your life! I promise, you will feel much better.

With  Gratitude,

-Coach Bryce

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