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Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday Mindset: FUEL for growth.. 581 560 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: FUEL for growth..


Happy Monday!

If you are still feeling a bit of stress and heaviness lately, you are not alone especially with the remembrance of Sept 11 on Thursday.

In addition to that, the fact is that we are still navigating through this interesting and very challenging time in our country. This means that now greater than ever is time to focus on things within your control, release the rest, and strengthen your mindset by achieving a greater perspective.


As whatever obstacles or challenges you’re facing, if reframed in the correct mindset, are in fact FUEL for growth.

Let me explain..

I am a big believer and student of Stoic Philosophy. “Student” is the correct word as it’s a complete work in progress, albeit I regard it as the philosophy of the successful.


In studying their approach, a Stoic doesn’t believe in obstacles or challenges. A stoic believes in FUEL to the FIRE, that is inside us as humans.


When you throw an obstacle, a challenge, a setback, or most materials into fire….


Fire does NOT retreat or die.


Rather, fire uses those obstacles/challenges, or whatever stands in its way, as FUEL to make the fire BIGGER. In fact, and especially with the right conditions oxygen, wind, etc., fire uses anything in its path to GROW STRONGER, to FUEL its evolution and advancement.


For us humans, the “right conditions” consist of a STRONG MINDSET and proper perspective, which is critical for you to develop.


As if you study anyone great throughout history, you will find a common theme….


There is NO greatness without obstacles or challenges. In fact, greatness requires FUEL to become GREAT.


And while in full transparency, it’s very hard to make sense of the many obstacles in our way at the moment including government closures, market conditions, civil unrest, division of ideas, and all the human emotion & frustration around this current situation..


But know that with the right mindset, this too will be FUEL to make us all stronger.


And to provide you with some examples of the reframe in my own life for your benefit, here we go..


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: My father had severe issues with addiction & gambling, abandoned the family, and left us in an extremely financial stressed situation at age 8.

Fuel: I developed a keen sense of responsibility and maturation at a very young age with the drive to provide value into the world to ensure my family’s future success.


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: Alcohol devastated and fractured some significant relationships in my family which left me confused, frustrated, and heartbroken. This also created a specific situation that I once considered it the “worst” experience of my life.


 Fuel: As an adult and because of the pain, I got honest with myself and owned up to my own problems with alcohol being genetically disposed. Consequently, I made the decision to completely remove it from my life in December of 2016, so I could take another step at the best version of me which allows me to serve you, family, team and clients at a higher level. It turned out to be one of the “best” experiences of my life.


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: I was extremely small throughout my childhood, physically developed late and gained weight without attention to my fitness in my late teenage & early twenties. This caused me immense pain, insecurity, and depression.


 Fuel: I discovered health & fitness, and got a coach which shaped my physique, mind and confidence and has allowed me to lead and inspire others to do the same.




Friends, these are my reframes which all absolutely changed my life for the better. Without this fuel, I wouldn’t be here sending you this note today.


So my call to action for you today I would encourage you to review some of your own struggles in life (both past and present), and reframe them as fuel so you can overcome them and derive benefit for yourself,  your family, friends and world.


And to leave you with the words of Marcus Aurelius, former emperor of Rome, and one of my favorite quotes of all time…


“The impediment to action, advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way.”




-Coach Bryce

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