Leadership Lesson: Lead Yourself 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Lead Yourself

Leading yourself is the first principle to become a better leader.


If you cannot lead yourself, others won’t follow you.

This is the tough truth.

Ok, now you must ask yourself: 

“How do you lead yourself better?”

Many ways.

The first is through fitness.

When you dial in your fitness.

This is the ultimate form of self-leadership.

Is this easy?


This is why 80% of our population in the US is overweight or obese.

The silver lining?

It’s not easy but not complex either.

This also creates a big opportunity for you.

When you take control of your fitness and at the very least, maintain a healthy weight.

You demonstrate your self-leadership to the world without having to say a word.

Let me repeat. 

By dialing in your fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, you now are qualified to lead 80% of people in our country.

This is the straightest path to your next step as a leader.

Stay tuned for next week for a simple way to qualify yourself to lead 99% of the planet.

Leadership Lesson: 4 Lessons from my 4 Decades 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: 4 Lessons from my 4 Decades

In recent weeks, I have covered the first 7 John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. 

We will reconvene with the list on September 5, being that variety is also a good thing. So in the next few weeks, we will go off script and explore other leadership ideas. 

Specific to today, I’m reflecting on yesterday. I still can barely believe I turned 4 decades young.

That’s right, the big 4-0.  

It sounds way older on paper and especially much different than I thought 40 would “feel” when I got here. I suppose it is a good thing. 🙂

As I reflect, here are 4 leadership lessons for each of my 4 decades on planet earth.

  • Leadership is a skill that can be developed. It’s not factory installed in any of us. The good news? This means you have the ability to develop & enhance your leadership ability. 
  • If you want to become a better leader, the most important word is.. “Ownership”.
  • Leadership is messy. It’s hard, really hard. But everything rises and falls on it. So a skill worth learning. If not for anyone else, but to ensure you can lead yourself. 
  • The more I learn about leadership, the more I realize how little I know..

I trust you got value. Now here is to the next 4 decades ahead of us!

4 lessons from 4 decades 150 150 Bryce Henson

4 lessons from 4 decades

Happy Monday!🙌

I cannot believe..

Today I turned 4 decades young!🎉

That’s right, the big 4-0.✨

It sounds way older to me on paper.. At least very different than I thought 40 would “feel” when I got here.

I suppose it is a good thing. 🙂

As I reflect, here are 4 lessons from my 4 decades that I know to be true.

  1. Health & Fitness is not your whole life. But it’s your foundation. And without a strong foundation, life becomes hard. 
  2. Live with urgency and take calculated risks. Time is fleeting. 
  3. Travel will enrich your life. At the very list it provides the gift of perspective. Do more of it.
  4. The more I live and learn, the more I realize how much more I have to go!

Here is to the next 4 decades!🥳

Make it a GREAT Monday!🔥

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: 10 tips to Dominate 2023 150 150 Maria

[MM]: 10 tips to Dominate 2023

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

A client recently asked me what my best secrets to getting fit were.. 🤔

I had a quick brainstorm and wanted to share my findings from my own experience and in working with thousands of people over the last 15 years. 

This way you can better set yourself up to dominate the rest of 2023!🔥

1) Stop letting people peer pressure you into eating bad food. Most times, they are just trying to make themselves feel better about their unhealthy choices. That’s the ugly truth.🎯

2) FOCUS (Follow One Fitness Program until successful).  Most people jump around way too prematurely just before they begin seeing results. Don’t do that!❌

3) Prioritize your health & fitness. Without it, nothing else matters.💯

4) Understand you do NOT have to work out 2+ hours a day to be successful. A 30-minute circuit training session, which is 2% of your day, executed 3-4x per week will change your life long-term.💪

5) Drink more water. It’s the biggest & most underutilized fat loss hack.💧

6) Eat 1 less dessert a week. Long term, this has GIANT fitness and fat loss benefits. The opposite is also true.🍦

7) Have grace with yourself and others. Everyone messes up. We are all just trying to do our best.💥

8) Set a “Bedtime” alarm and stick to it. You’re not superman no matter how much you think. If you go to bed at midnight, you are NOT waking up at 5 am to catch a workout.  Please don’t kid yourself!😴

9) Do daily self-reflection on what worked and what didn’t, and then do more of what does and less of what doesn’t.📓

10) Most importantly, believe in yourself, and don’t rely on other people to believe in you. How? Improving your fitness will help you 10x this effort!💪

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – You are family & yes it’s a thing.. 150 150 Maria

Monday Mindset – You are family & yes it’s a thing..

Happy Valentine’s Day as love is in the air! ❤️

Aside from Super Bowl weekend when our hometown LA Rams were victorious..

On Saturday we celebrated our 8-year anniversary for our Mission Viejo location that my sister Emma and I launched in early 2014. 

WOW! Time moves! 💯

It was a great time as the sessions were tough, high-energy, and fun. 🙌

We had some vendors there. And overall was a fun time to celebrate you and all our Fit Family.

Which also made me take a step back and think on this journey.

2012 was the entry point in the Fit Body brand for Tatiana, me, and family. 

Since then..

There have been many peaks and valleys.

Many highs and lows. 

Fun times and challenges. 

Learning lessons, success, and some big pitfalls.

And when you take a step back..

This is a great analogy of business, fitness, and life. 

As such, it’s important from time to time to reflect on where you came from. Remember your why. Remember the reason and purpose for any of your endeavors.

And to celebrate the ones who have helped you on this journey. 🎉

My team and I work hard every day to do this for you.

And whether you know it or not..

You do this for us which is why we are so grateful and fulfilled that you have become family..

Our Fitness and Fit Body Family. 😍

Please take a few minutes to watch our origin story below which serves as a foundation on why we are forever grateful to continue to serve you in 2022 and beyond!

== > You are family. It’s a thing.

Love and respect, 

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset: How Rachel dropped 26lbs & 10.6% body fat.. 💃 834 498 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: How Rachel dropped 26lbs & 10.6% body fat.. 💃

Rachel played sports her whole life.
But that came to a screeching halt after college.
She decided to take 2 weeks off, which turned into a year.
Maybe you can relate?
But after looking at the scale and feeling embarrassed, she became motivated to change.
That is when she set out to find “her new team” which was Fit Body.
After tapping into the support of our coaches, she put in the work. As a result, has dropped 26lbs, and 10.6% body fat.
But more than that, she feels confident to take pictures again and even supports others on their journey.
“That’s what Fit Body did for me. Now I can help others too.”
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset – Your freedom 590 467 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Your freedom

Happy Monday!

November is here which means tomorrow is the big day we have all been waiting for; the general election for the Presidency of the United States of America.

And with how much craziness has gone on in 2020, this certainly is a big one with the world watching and many Americans fired up and making their opinions very well known on social media.

Fear not, as today’s message is not politically charged, rather intended to provide some perspective and gratitude for the liberties we have.

As if you’re like me and in the last few weeks, you have seen fights break out on Facebook and Instagram on who’s the better candidate and why. And many times things escalate to full on shouting matches with personal attacks which is never fun to see.

And while like you, I have strong beliefs too about the direction of our country.

But I think many times proper perspective gets lost in the emotion we have as human beings.

Oftentimes when I find myself getting worked up, I take a step back and remember how lucky we are to have the right to vote. Since the dawn of time and in the study of human history, how many people have been oppressed without this valuable right?!

The truth is that the vast majority of people who ever walked the planet, did not have this right or opportunity.

Think for a second, what if we were citizens of North Korea or the countless military dictatorships throughout history that freedom wasn’t granted?!

That puts things in a different perspective doesn’t it?!

So on one hand, I get it. There’s a lot at stake for you, and for me too as a small business owner in America who employs a team of amazing people. As this will become more or less challenging depending on the result. And for you, whatever pressing issue is most relevant to your life.

So we all have a big reason to care.

But my call to action today is to take a step back and realize for a moment how good we have it. We have freedom and the ability to cast a ballot for the leader of our country. WE get to decide.

So if/when you find yourself in a heated keyboard or conversational debate, realize that the other person most likely has the best intentions just like you, they just see things from a different perspective.

So with that said, today’s message is to be kind, and have patience with your fellow man.

And please, whatever you do, exercise your right to vote.

As remember, it’s an incredible freedom you and I have for living in this great country that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Make it a great Monday and week!

Committed to your success,

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: Challenges make you stronger. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Challenges make you stronger.

Happy Mother’s Day again to all our special Fit Body Moms who make our world so much better! What a special day of celebration!

I’m fired up this morning, with a little caffeine to kick start my 5:15 am boot camp work out, my  Monday and the week!

This is especially exciting as I just challenged myself to a 7-day caffeine detox last week, which I plan to do every quarter to reset my adrenal glands and cortisol levels which helps boost the immune system. This is in addition to reducing my daily ongoing caffeine intake by 30%.

It wasn’t fun, but I completed it and feel much better physically and mentally. I also gained massive confidence that I can do it again. As admittedly, I wasn’t looking forward to the actual 7 days being I love me some caffeine on the daily!

But while tough, that’s the beautiful thing about putting yourself through physical, emotional, and mental challenges. As if you can stay the course, gut through it even when times get tough, you come out better with the physical benefit, AND with a renewed sense of self-confidence.

This is true of any challenge, including our current COVID challenge, and certainly our New Year New You challenge which the winners were just announced recently.

For our NYNY Challengers, it wasn’t easy, the workouts and nutrition tracking were tough, the commitment was hard to endure, but everyone who completed the challenge became MUCH better off for it. And as a mentor of mine would always say: “Make a promise, and keep the promise. And when you do, you are better off and stronger for it.”

Sound advice and again congrats to all the challengers who completed it, including a special shout out to our 3 winners below. Incredible effort and consequently incredible results!

In closing, if you want to improve. If you want to get better. If you want to become stronger. And if you want to gain more confidence physically, emotionally, and mentally. Then… NOT run away from challenges, LEAN INTO THEM AND EMBRACE THEM!!

And no, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Many parts of the journey are downright awful. That is the truth. But when you make it through, you will get all the benefits listed above, including becoming a stronger version of YOU!


And as I close off today’s message and in speaking of the topic at hand; if you are in a place where you need more accountability, more nutrition coaching, and to better yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, I would HIGHLY encourage you to join our May 18 At Home Transformation Challenge, and registration is closing very soon, so don’t miss out!!

Yorba Linda:

Mission Viejo:

San Marcos:



1st Place – Joy Strobel: lost 12 pounds and 2.8% body fat

2nd Place – Corey Strobel: lost 17.3 pounds and 4.6% body fat

3rd Place – Dyana Lacey: lost 26 pounds and 2.8% body fat


1st Place – Truong Pham: lost 41.6 pounds and 19.5% body fat

2nd Place  – Cristina Chavez: lost 15.8 pounds and 5.8% body fat

3rd Place – Chintan Desai: lost 15.5 pounds and 7.8% body fat


1st Place – Laura Stoner: lost 12.7 pounds and 6.4% body fat

2nd Place – Erin Weber: lost 20 pounds and 3.7% body fat

3rd Place – Elizabeth Estrada: lost 7.7 pounds and 1.3% body fat

-Coach Bryce