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[MM]: A true friend 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: A true friend

Happy Monday Mindset!

I met my good friend Matt Johns in October of 2007 here in Orange County through one of my best friends from England.

“Johnzy” grew up a few hours from London and decided to take a traveling trip through California.

Fortune was on my side as we hit it off immediately.

Kindred spirits.

Johnzy is the type of guy with an adventurous soul, loves sport & travel with a BIG appetite for life. 

My kinda dude.

As a result, we have traveled the world together for the last 15+ years touring North & South America with a whole lot of Europe sprinkled in.

This includes completing the Murph at Mission Viejo Fit Body in May of 2022.

So it was an honor to be invited and celebrate his wedding to his beautiful bride Charlotte last month.

The event was made up of 1 Brazilian, 2 Frenchmen, 2 Americans and 100+ Britts deep in the English countryside.

And while the wedding was a magical experience..

1 specific moment struck me.

It was getting late in the evening and I was at the bar with Tatiana ordering water when an overserved friend of his offered to buy me a beer.

I politely declined but he insisted.

Now for the record, I am very well capable of reinforcing my decisions.

But over my shoulder I hear a loud bolstering voice.

“Mate – enough already. Bryce doesn’t drink”.

Full stop.

For context, this is from a guy who I spent the first 7 years of my relationship with drinking alcohol on trips and exploring the world together.

The beauty of it all?

Johnzy is well aware I am a recovering alcoholic.

While I changed my pattern of life in December of 2016..

It didn’t change our friendship.And what’s best?

He supports me just the same.

That’s a true friend!

My message today is to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up and support good decisions that make you better.

This is what a true friend is.

I hope I can be one of those people for you; and you in turn for someone else.

Have a great week!

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: Life: a game of inches (Saturday’s assassination attempt) 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Life: a game of inches (Saturday’s assassination attempt)

Happy Monday Mindset!

No doubt you saw the events on Saturday as world-renowned businessman and former President Donald Trump was 2 inches from being assassinated.

Whether you love or hate the man.

That is not the focus as this is not a political message.

Instead, it’s one engrained in humanity and perspective.

As I reflected on the events, there’s a lot to unpack and most of it is out of the scope of my entrepreneurial message.

Specific to today’s message and given the events.

I couldn’t help but contemplate the fragility of life all weekend.

If that bullet went 2 inches to the left, things would be very different for our country and world.

The lesson?

Life is a game of inches.

1 inch here, you’re too late.

An inch there, you’re too early.

Every inch, every second, and every moment in this thing called life counts.

So my message today is for you to seek perspective.

Even if things are not going well for you at the moment.

The good news is that you are closer to a better life than you think.

Grabbing 1 more weekly workout, eliminating 1 glass of alcohol per week, executing 1 business vetting discovery call, replacing 1 fast food meal with a healthy one, or attending 1 business growth event can and will change your life.

These decisions might seem insignificant in the moment but over time, they stack up and matter.

The inches of life are all around us.

But it’s up to you to make every one of them count!

Have a great Monday, head up and onward America.

PS Prayers to the person who lost their life and those who were injured. 

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: Freedom & … 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Freedom & …

Happy Monday Mindset!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

I did!

It was productive and started with a full body circuit at my Mission Viejo Fit Body location.

Just the way I like it. 🙂

As I reflect, the 4th has become one of my favorite holidays.

In my youth, I took it for granted.

I suppose when you come from the freest & richest country in the world.

This can happen.

You can lose sight of that throughout history.

Freedom is the exception, not the rule.

Last week Thursday was a good reminder!

With this in mind and on the other side of freedom that is something not talked about but equally significant.

What is this you might ask?


With great power and freedom, comes great RESPONSIBILITY!

This is how I have learned to view freedom.

With freedom..

I have the RESPONSIBILITY to be fit, to be healthy, and to be active.

With freedom..

I have the RESPONSIBILITY to be kind, generous, and helpful to others.

With freedom..

I have the RESPONSIBILITY to live a life of service and in honor of those who have come before me that didnt have the opportunity.

This is why I love freedom, I love fitness and I love RESPONSIBILITY.

I hope you do too, which is my message today!

Let’s make it a GREAT WEEK!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: ½ Way Home 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: ½ Way Home

Happy Monday Mindset!

July 1 is here.

It’s the start of Q3 which means we are officially ½ way through 2024!

Where has the year gone?

The truth is that both life & business happen fast.

This is why you must lead a life of intention.

So let me ask you.

Have you made progress on your professional 2024 annual targets?

How about your personal goals for 2024?

Have you taken action to launch your passion-based business?

Have you planned the trip with your family?

What personal and business adjustments do you have to make as we look into Q3 and the latter half of the year?

In sports, the coach who can make the best ½ time adjustments dramatically increases the probability of victory.

This is what you must do as the coach of your life.

You must plan.

You must communicate.

You must take action.

But you also must reflect, debrief, and make ½ time adjustments.

Even if your first ½ of 2024 was less than ideal.

The good news is that you have a new opportunity!

After all, NOW is the time being we are ½ way home to 2025.

Let’s make it a GREAT WEEK!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: Leadership & Perspective 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Leadership & Perspective

Happy Monday!

As the headline states, the more perspective you gain, the better leader you can become.

Even if this means being a better leader of self as your next step.

Now there are many ways to gain perspective.

Today’s lesson is about travel.

I learned this lesson in May 2004 when I enrolled in a study abroad program entering my senior year of college.

I put myself on a plane to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

As a result, Ive never been the same.

This week I am at it again in the United Kingdom.

Tatiana and I ventured out to London, England to attend my good friend Matt’s wedding on Saturday.

Matt’s an English bloke I met in 2007 in Orange County through a mutual friend on his world travels. 

We hit it off and have traveled the world together over the last 15+ years. 

We have journeyed from LA to New York, Brazil, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, and the list goes on.

It was extra special seeing him and his new bride Charlotte get married in England on his home turf.

It was a fantastic event although uncomfortable.

Travel always is.

The 11-hour flight, the 8-hour time difference, the hard jetlag, the small hotel living quarters, the confusion at the train station, the tough eating options, and so on.

The truth is travel is hard, it’s uncomfortable and not easy.

In the moment, many times it’s not enjoyable.

But that’s where the value lies.

It pushes you, it stretches you.

It gives you new looks at people, human nature, and life.

The experience enriches your life with time.

It provides you with perspective.

And remember:

Perspective is leadership.

Leadership is perspective.

Let’s make it a GREAT WEEK!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: Wisdom 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Wisdom

Happy Monday!

Wisdom is something I’ve valued ever since I was a boy.

It started with my relationship with my grandma Josephine.

We became close after my family escaped my father’s addiction in 1991 and landed on her door for close to a decade through out the 90’s.

My grandma was heaven sent.

Through the challenge, our bond grew and would spend time with her every weekend through college until I graduated and moved to Los Angeles.

She would pour wisdom into me by sharing stories of her life and watching her live.

This is what inspired me to ask 6 amazing women of our Fit Body Forever program designed for mature adults 55+ to sit down with me and record a conversation.

I wanted to gain insights from their experience in the Fit Body Forever program. 

I also wanted to extract wisdom from their life via their challenges, struggles, regrets, love, priorities and values.

As such, my friends Mary, Chris, Linda, Barbie, Michelle, Sherry and I sat down 2 weeks ago and recorded a beautiful conversation that I will share in the fall when it releases.

Through the chat, I was reminded of 1 truth about life.

It is fleeting.

The tough truth is that we are both running out of time.

Tomorrow is not promised so we must live with urgency.

My message today?

Pick up the phone. 

Have that conversation that you need to.

Take the first step with your fitness.

Tell that special person you love them.

Now is the time!

Make it a great week!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: You’ll be out of it soon 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: You’ll be out of it soon

Happy Monday!

My business partner Joey sent me an email last week with the below message and thought of you.

If you’re in the storm, you’ll be out of it soon. Think calm. Poise. 

If you’re in the sun, you’ll be out of it soon. Think chaos. Prepare.

It stopped me dead in my tracks.


He is right.

No matter what is going on at the moment, you will be out of it soon.

Everything in life is temporary.

This too shall pass.

Tomorrow is not promised.

This is why we must live with urgency!

TODAY is THE DAY as you will be out of it soon!

Happy Monday, let’s make it a good week!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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[MM]: Developed: Not Hired 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Developed: Not Hired

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a productive weekend.

Mine was spent in Austin, TX as my good friend and CEO of a marketing agency called Loud Rumor flew me out to give a keynote at his event.

I spoke to a 200 person audience of Fitness Professionals full of passion!

My requested topic?

How to Hire Studio Location Managers.

I opened it up with a story of how I began as a broke and out of shape alcoholic, to becoming the CEO of an international fitness franchise.

The punchline?

Studio Managers, CEO’s, or any high level teammate are NOT hired.

They are developed.

Let me illustrate this further..

When Tatiana and I first started out with our 1st Fit Body location in 2012, I was the bookkeeper, janitor, sales/marketing guy, and coach all wrapped up into 1.

Was it pretty?


But we were on fire with passion to Inspire Fitness and Change Lives!

The rest, we figured out.

It wasn’t easy.

It took many reps, sets and many years.

But we kept progressing until 1 day I developed to a point where the Founder of Fit Body Bedros Keuilian offered me the VP and then the CEO role.

This didn’t happen overnight.

It took years of development.

My message to the audience and you?

Nothing in life worth pursuing is easy.

We all start out on the ground floor.

But with some passion, grit, and willingness to put in the reps and sets.

You can transform your fitness, your profession, your business and your life.

Just remember: people are DEVELOPED not hired.

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body

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[MM]: Opportunity. Not an obligation 🇺🇸 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Opportunity. Not an obligation 🇺🇸

Family! 🙌

Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸

Yes, that means it’s Murph Day.

But why?🤔

It honors the sacrifice of those beautiful souls who gave their life to protect our freedom.

After all..

Freedom is what our country stands for. 🇺🇸

Freedom is the gift that fitness gives.💪

The best part?

We have the opportunity to work on our fitness every day.🌟

This is 1 of the many reasons I am passionate about being a Fit Body Owner!

It creates freedom from depression and anxiety.

So while crushing your Murph workout.

My message today is to remember that you don’t HAVE to work out.

You GET to work out.💯

It’s an opportunity and not an obligation. 

Many souls like Michael P. Murphy, US Navy Seal paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could have this opportunity.

Please remember that today and always, which is my message.✨

Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

PS Click HERE to watch my recent episode where I uncovewred Lessons in Leadership from a $500 Million Entrepreneur and my 1st business mentor. 

[MM]: Own It 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Own It

Happy Monday!🙌

Today’s mindset message is about leadership.✨

There’s a lot to the subject.

But at the core.

Leadership is about owning it.👊

Or in other words, taking responsibility for your actions.

Yes, the good, bad, and ugly.

To illustrate my point, I will share a story with you from last week.👇

Unexpectedly, Coach Tatiana and I received an apology letter from a former coach of ours.

He coached for us a few years ago at another location we used to lead.

Good-hearted guy but made some poor choices, became negative, dropped some balls, and then had an adverse reaction to accountability.

It wasn’t a fun situation or ending to his employment. 

It created friction for the team and clients.

Sadly, sometimes it’s how these things go in working with young teammates.

That’s the tough truth about leadership, and life.👊

To clear the air though.

Heaven knows I pulled a couple of not-so-smart moves in my mid-20s working on teams. 

So not here to cast stones.

In fact, here to do the opposite. 

It was refreshing for Tatiana to review the apology note.🙏

It was simple but effective.

He owned his actions and apologized for them with sincerity.

While it was nice to receive for us.

The biggest value was for him.🌟

He just gained perspective, growth and credibility with himself. 💥

This will serve him well in the future.

This is my leadership message today.

As a leader of self, you will make mistakes.

This is part of the growth journey.🌱

But when you do and you come to that realization..

Promptly admit, apologize and own the mistake.

When you do, you free yourself and others.

This is leadership and the best way to live.⚡️

Happy Monday!

-Coach Bryce

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