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Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday Mindset – Decide, Commit and Overcome. 🔥🎉 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Decide, Commit and Overcome. 🔥🎉

“Bryce, I hate to bother you with this, but we are in a very challenging bind so looking for some ideas…

Due to preexisting issues with the former owners, and then COVID hitting a week before we took the keys to Poway, our landlord just notified us that he is forcing us to move out of location by Thanksgiving. So we need to begin looking at real estate solutions ASAP and looking for some guidance on specifically what to look for…

Needless to say, Gina and I are a mix of incredibly frustrated and completely heartbroken given the situation.

But rest assured, we will do whatever it takes to make sure our clients and team are taken care of. We are invested in them and our team, we absolutely love Fit Body and want to continue changing lives in our community as this is our calling!!!”

This was the opening dialogue from a University coaching conversation with Justin, friend and former owner of Poway Fit Body a few months ago.

Now to lay down the brief backstory….

Justin and his life & business partner Gina (both US Veterans) had entered the Fit Body Brand during the first week of March, a whopping 1 week before shut downs happened. 😱

They didn’t have business ownership experience or good handle on the Fit Body model yet. And entered in the absolutely worst time in the history of the fitness industry! 🙀

But they did have PASSION and HEART towards serving others. ♥️🔥

Now in hindsight, I can tell you from experience that the average owner would have been out of business in 30 days walking into that complex situation. And definitely would have been done after the death notice from the landlord given the pre existing infrastructure problems. 😫

But NOT Justin/Gina..

They had made a decision, committed to it and were willing to do whatever it takes to overcome and serve their people. 🔥

And in a true form of serendipity, Tatiana and I had just come to the realization that due to my prior commitments at FBBC HQ and our 2 Orange County locations much closer to where we live that need continued focus…

That it was going to be in the best interest of our San Marcos clients & team to find owners who were passionate & present in order to best serve the community at the highest of levels. ♥️

In fact, being so impressed with them both, the thought had ran through my mind a couple months prior without the knowledge of their need.

And when the problem was addressed on the call, I already knew the solution given Justin and Gina’s incredibly strong performance, positive mindsets, as the vision was already presented to me..

So that call was the spark that led to a few month transition that would allow Justin & Gina to become the new owners of San Marcos Fit Body Boot Camp which just officially happened today, fresh off celebrating our clients 5 year anniversary on Saturday. 🎉

And while I have no crystal ball, I do know in my heart of hearts with their determination and passion towards serving, they will become two of the most successful owners in the FBBC brand in the coming years. 💪

Which all means the San Marcos clients, team and community are in store for some very bright days!! So while the last 5 years were great, the next 5 will be even better!!☀️☀️

So this all in mind, my message today if you can learn anything from Justin/Gina is this..

Make a decision. Commit to that decision. And as a result,  you will overcome any obstacle in your way! 🤲

Now to be clear…

Yes you will have bad days. 👎🏽

Unforeseen things will come up that take you off the mats and out of camp on occasion. 😫

Your nutrition is going to get derailed from time to time. 🎂🎂

You might even gain a few pounds now and again. 🤭

Life hits hard, and you might have to adjust your strategy or approach. That’s the harsh reality of being human.

But when you have the heart and passion to see your commits through with the mindset laid out above, the Universe will conspire to help you on your health and fitness journey. In addition to our Fit Body team of Fire Breathing Dragon Coaches!! 😉🔥🐉

And when you do….. YOU win, your co-workers win, and your family wins, as everyone gets the best version of YOU!!  💪

But you MUST Decide, Commit and Overcome..

Happy 5 year Anniversary San Marcos clients and team! And HUGE CONGRATS to Coach Justin and Gina, team and clients!!!! 🎉

And make it a great Monday and week! 🏋🏻‍♂️

Committed to your success,

-Coach Bryce