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Monday, March 25, 2024

[MM]: The gift of freedom! 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: The gift of freedom!

Family! 🙌

Freedom is my personal core value. 

It shapes the way I think, what I value and the actions I take.✨

This is important for you to know as the CEO of Fit Body.

This is also why I became enraged last year when the massive issue of Human Trafficking was brought to light on the world’s stage. 

As it turns out.. 

The trafficking of human beings (YES HUMANS) is a multi-billion dollar (WITH A “B”) criminal industry that denies freedom to 25 million people around the world.

This is both horrific & unacceptable.

In response, I casted a vision and challenged my HQ team to help you and our brand do something about it.💥

Well, on the backs of my Fit Body HQ team, they have taken massive action to bring this vision to life.👊

Looking ahead, we will be executing “Freedom Week” as our April client engagement program.  

At its operational core..

It is a mega referral campaign designed to drive leads to our locations so our Franchise Partners can grow your profitability. 

The best part?🤔

We do it by taking a stand against a horrible-horrible crime that deprives people of their freedom. 

Click HERE to learn more. 

I’m proud of you and proud to be part of an organization that creates both impact and income.🥰

Have a great Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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