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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Leadership Lesson: Rule 8. Love Your Passengers 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Rule 8. Love Your Passengers

The people of your organization, are the organization!

This includes your team, clients, vendors, and partners.

Sometimes leaders lose sight of this which is a grave mistake.

To provide some perspective..

In the Fit Body world, we have state-of-the-art studios, stacked with high-quality functional fitness equipment and provide strong fitness and nutrition coaching.

But If you strip it all away.

Guess what?

What remains is the PEOPLE which is the most important part!

In fact, without the PEOPLE, nothing else matters!

As a result, great leadership LOVES and LOVES on your people.

This is what creates relationships, culture, and long-term success.

As a sign-off, I will leave you with a tangible set of action steps to help you show the love.

The Five-Part Action Plan for Showing Love to Your Team Members

  1. Make time for them.
  2. Listen to them.
  3. Recognize them.
  4. Serve them.
  5. Bring out the best in them.