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Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday Mindset: Remember your WHY! 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Remember your WHY!

Happy Monday!


As you know from last week,  this past Wednesday and Thursday we hosted our hybrid in person & virtual Mastermind to over 100+ owners and coaches around the world to provide better systems, support, and operational assistance to better support their clients.


It was an incredible and well needed event which provided a lot of information, coaching and inspiration.


At the end of each Mastermind event, we typically finish with milestones and recognition for each owner who has inspired fitness and changed more lives (which is our company’s mission).


Being that COVID consumed a large part of the last 6 months since our last meeting, this Mastermind we finished by celebrating everyone for simply staying in the fight as many business and gyms owners are not so fortunate.


One part humbled, the other part grateful.


As such, it was a good reminder and coaching moment to remind everyone WHY we do what we do. As in this business, the mornings come early, the evenings late and it can be easy to get down especially when facing so much adversity in the current climate.


So now more than ever is THE MOST important time to reflect on why we all got into the business.


And as you know, this is the same coaching we provide you when the going gets tough which is to remember your WHY!


So let me remind you..why are you pursuing better health and fitness?


Is it a better quality of life, to be a better role model for your kids, to gain more self confidence, to have a clearer mind, or to be the best version of you?


Whatever it is for you, when things get challenging as they always do and like it is for our country and world right now, you must take a step back and remember your WHY which is what will get you out of bed and into boot camp.


This in mind, I wanted to share with you my family’s WHY which is something I also came back to as a much needed reminder.


To preface, this video was put together by our CEO and Founder Bedros K back in 2014, and long before I was part of the franchise leadership team.  It was designed to show my family’s passion for health and fitness & highlight the obstacles that we experienced, which is merely a symptom of life.


And ultimately it was designed to inspire YOU and others to continue your fitness journey!


I hope you gain some value and inspiration from OUR WHY which is to SERVE YOU!


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Committed to YOUR success,