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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Leadership Lesson: Morale Authority 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Morale Authority

I was just interviewed on a guest podcast and asked for my best leadership advice.



Well, there’s been lots of learning lessons over the years around how to lead yourself, family and empire.

The truth?

Most things I learned around leadership have been through making mistakes.

But when I break it down.. 

There’s 1 piece of advice that is my guiding principle and the best way I know how to lead.

You see I’ve never been the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most capable leader.

In fact, I fall short in many ways.

But my biggest guiding light around the topic of leadership is to lead by example.

John Maxwell refers to this as “Morale Authority”.

In layman’s terms “To walk your talk”.

Ultimately, to be the model for others.

The value?

By being the model you want your team to follow, it creates a clear example and is very effective in leading others.

The problem?

It’s hard. Real hard.

Yes, I pride myself on committing to this.

Most times I execute well.

Sometimes I fall short.

But I keep it front and mind as a focus of my leadership.

And this is my message for you today.

If you want to gain influence (aka lead others)…

Be the model.

As a leader does not provide the message.

A leader IS the message.