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The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

“If you can get all the people in any organization to be rowing in the same direction.. You can dominate any industry, any market, any competition, at any time. This is the power of teamwork!” – Robert Lencioni

Our leadership team is at our EOS annual and will be back at HQ tomorrow. It’s always incredibly productive to gain more clarity on our path ahead via our commitment to the EOS system. This process has been business changing for us..

We will be debriefing you and the team shortly on the plan of attack.

In preparation, we were asked to re-read “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team’’ by Patrick M. Lencioni who is a talented leadership expert. 

I have listed each of them below for you to review..

Each of the dysfunctions naturally come up in any team dynamic given human nature. So as a leader, you shouldnt be surprised when they reveal themselves. 

However, strong leadership is aware of each of the dysfunctions and works to overcome them through intentionality and strong leadership strategy. 

Over the next 5 weeks my lessons will be around how these issues present themselves and how to overcome them. Get ready!

  • Lack of Trust 
  • Fear of Conflict 
  • Lack of Commitment 
  • Avoidance of Accountability
  • Not attentive to Results 


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2020 Predictions

What trends can we expect to see in the fitness space in 2020?

Boutique fitness will still trend upwards in 2020 as the fitness industry continues to boom.

Large group training will continue its upward ascent and will be the center piece in the coming decade. Shorter-term, for as long as the economy continues to perform, smaller group training will also rise in popularity.

Recovery fitness will also continue its rise as an important niche in the fitness industry boom. Overtraining is real; so flexibility, supplementation, stretch, cryotherapy, and float therapy (among other types of recovery fitness) will continue to trend upwards.

However, when the pending economic correction occurs which many economic experts are talking about, large group (which is the most affordable niche of personal training) will continue to be a major staple of industry growth.

How do you expect FBBC’s consumer habits to shift?

Supplementation will be a big focus of 2020 as recovery is paramount to training success.  And as studies continue to show the benefits and results from nutrition; the 2020 release of our nutrition coaching program via the FBBC philosophy of direct macro counting, will continue to be a focus for consumers as results drive consumer retention.

How will technology continue to make an impact in the fitness industry?

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and those who embrace it will continue to win. Although the real success will occur when companies are able to personalize the technology (as for every process/piece of technology there is a PERSON at the other end of it – aka the consumer). So the companies who can utilize technology while incorporating a “personal” feel towards the consumer, will win.

Additionally, in the coming 3-5 years, Artificial Intelligence will be a catalyst for market disruption where Fit Body Boot Camp will be on the leading edge with its development of ARTI (our proprietary AI, currently in development).

What type of growth is FBBC expecting to see in 2020?

Fit Body Boot Camp will continue its upward trend of gaining market share in the growing fitness industry. 2019 was a solid year of internal restructuring and laying the foundation for support of ownership and growth, due to growing pains of our previous years of rapid growth. We literally reinvested millions in infrastructure, technology, talent acquisition and in supplementation, so that 2020 will be an explosive year of sustainable growth!

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Stronger Together: Fit Body Boot Camp Support Helps Drive Growth for Franchisees and the Brand

Delivering on our core values – drive change, exceed expectations – is key to the success of our clients, and it’s also key to helping our franchisees reach their goals. Our ongoing support enables Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees to have a greater impact on clients’ lives, which, in turn, has a greater impact on
franchise owners’ income. Along with the abundant marketing support we provide, we offer year-round training opportunities because a team trained at a higher level produces at a higher level.

Initial Support Starts Franchisees off on the Right Foot
When you sign on to be a part of the Fit Body Boot Camp team, one of the first action steps your onboarding specialist will assist you with is site selection for your Fit Body Boot Camp gym in your thoroughly researched market. You and the specialist will work with a local real estate broker to view sites with high visibility in areas with the right demographics for Fit Body Boot Camp.

Once the lease is signed, the team at Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters creates your website and social media sites, which will be helpful for developing awareness in your market.

You will also begin working with your Coaching and Profitability (CAP) coach, who serves on a team of six business coaches. The CAP Department is made up primarily of other Fit Body Boot Camp owners, who have been with the brand four or more years and understand the challenges and rewards of owning a fitness franchise. The coach assigned to you will serve as your mentor leading up to your gym opening and for the duration of your Fit Body Boot Camp franchise ownership.

The CAP team also leads the in-person FBBC University training sessions at our headquarters in Chino Hills, California, where you will learn more about the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise model. Resources for your online training can be found on the FBBC University intranet site. FBBC University sessions are held four times a year for new and existing owners.

New franchisees are introduced to Fitness Marketer Lab, our partner in digital marketing and
advertising. Fitness Marketer Lab and your CAP coach will launch your grand opening program 12 weeks
before you open the doors to your gym to help you generate client leads and convert them into paying
clients. This comprehensive marketing program features a multi-channel approach to digital marketing,
including a combination of traditional local PR support and media outreach, promotional giveaways, e-
mail campaigns and social media ads.

Ongoing Support Drives Change, Exceeds Expectations for All

Because reaching your goals as a fitness franchise owner is important to us, we provide ongoing support after you open the doors of your Fit Body Boot Camp gym. For example, we know that attracting new clients and keeping existing clients engaged with the workouts and the brand is essential to membership growth and retention. Fit Body Boot Camp developed three group challenges, which are held at different times of the year when people are thinking about their health – the beginning of the year, summer and fall – to attract and inspire new and existing clients. We provide everything you need to run the group challenges, including all the marketing and promotional assets for franchisees, as well as food lists, meal plans, journals and more to share with your clients.

Among the post-opening support we offer are opportunities for continuous training to help you and your team deliver the best, most effective Fit Body Boot Camp experience to your clients. Training opportunities include:

  • World Conference – Fit Body Boot Camp’s annual two-day convention in April features training
    for owners, facility leaders, coaches and administrators, along with presentations on motivation,
    team building, developing culture and more by inspirational entrepreneurial leaders in the
    fitness industry. Breakout sessions provide additional insight into a variety of aspects of running
    your gym, including coaching, operations, programming and more.
  •  Domination Day – This full day of training is hosted by Fit Body Boot Camp’s Vice President of
    Product and Client Experience Matt Wilber, who is the brand’s most financially successful
    franchisee. On Domination Day, which is held the day before World Conference, Matt shares the
    best practices he utilized to get where he is and how he remains there.
  •  Mastermind – This additional, high-end training opportunity is ideal for owners who want to
    become multi-unit franchisees. Held for two intensive days, three times a year, it includes
    speakers, work sessions and sharing best practices. You’re also provided an accountability coach
    and access to a private Facebook group for Mastermind franchisees.

We Grow with our Franchise Owners

A rising tide lifts all ships. The more we support our franchisees, the more clients they attract. Those clients then get better results and preach about their experience to friends and family. This strengthens the Fit Body Boot Camp brand on both a local and national level, which allows each location to make more income and impact and allows the franchisee to expand into more territories. This is how we grow together.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at fbbcfranchise.com or call (888) 638-3222.