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Leadership Lesson: 5 Ways to Develop Leadership, Culture and Morale 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: 5 Ways to Develop Leadership, Culture and Morale

I was reviewing some of my notes and stumbled upon some content I taught to our Mastermind 2.0 group a few years ago around leadership, culture and team morale.

Being repetition is the mother of skill and an indicator of strong leadership, I wanted to share 5 of these takeaways over the coming weeks

The content is different but resembles the 5 C of Leadership framework we learned a few months ago and also starts with clarity.

The first lesson is below and I am excited to check in over the next 4 weeks with the complete lesson on how to Develop your Leadership, Culture and Team Morale in any organization!

Get Clear

Clarity is a super power. Can you imagine taking a trip without the specific address of your destination? It’s laughable but happens every day in business. 

Get clear about your WHY. Better yet, define your mission, vision and values. Yes, this can be scary as it will polarize you. 

It will repel the people who are not aligned with you; but more importantly will attract the team and clients who have a burning desire to build your vision.

Leadership Lesson: The Solution 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: The Solution

When I have a bad day..

When I have to deal with the litany of outside forces creating friction on the path ahead.. 

When I get frustrated I have to deal with problems that are not my doing.. 

When I feel like the world is crashing down..

I then take a deep breath and realize a leader not only provides the solution but a leader IS THE SOLUTION.

As without the problem, there’s no need for the solution or for my existence on the team. 

That’s the value of a leader.

So next time you get frustrated with all the “problems” (aka opportunities) in business and life..

My message for you is this: (which is the same advice I give myself)

Suck it up cupcake and realize as a leader in our company, YOU ARE THE SOLUTION which is where your value resides!

And when you do that; your leadership, fulfillment and income will grow.

Leadership Lesson: If you want to be liked… 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: If you want to be liked…

“If you want to make everyone happy, Don’t be a leader. Sell ice cream!” Steve Jobs.

This is the tough truth about leadership.

Most times when you help people, people don’t like it. 

At least, at first. 

But like a parent, your job as a leader is to do what’s best for your followers..

Not what they “like/want” at the moment.

Rather, what’s best for them long term. 

That means you have to make tough decisions and have tough conversations for their future best interest.

Even if it means a short time, they don’t like it or you.

Get used to it as this is the job of a leader.

Leadership Lesson: Who is it about? 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Who is it about?

As a leader..

It’s definitely not about you!

It never has been.

It never will be.

When you accept this truth..

Your leadership will explode.

Leadership Lesson: Winning 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Winning

Winning needs to be your #1 focus as the desired outcome as a leader. 

In fact, you have a duty, obligation and responsibility to your team and clients to keep this as your north star. 

Although 2 things can also be true.

The 2nd is that you also must realize that no leader can do it alone.

That would impossible have this expectation of yourself.

So putting this into true perspective when you break it down… 

The real job of a leader is to put your team in a position to win.

This includes casting the vision.

Creating alignment.

Ensuring your people are highly trained.

Once that is accomplished..

Then you must ensure to provide the needed space for your team to execute the vision.

This increases the probability for the desired win which is your #1 focus!

Leadership Lesson: The Best Idea 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: The Best Idea

Spoiler Alert!

As a leader, you do NOT have to have the best idea.

Release yourself from the burden.

Also, humble yourself. 


Realize that as a leader, your job is to aggregate the BEST idea to serve your team & clients.

Sometimes that’s yours.

Sometimes it’s not.

And that’s OK!

You must stay HUMBLE.

Remove the ego.

Be open to the firepower from your team.

As your focus should not be on your idea.. 

Rather, the BEST IDEA!

Leadership Lesson: What Leadership Is Not 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: What Leadership Is Not


Leadership is NOT about making people happy. 

It’s about helping them.

Very basic concept, but extremely profound.

Why is this challenging?

Because when you lead someone, the truth is many sometimes they won’t be happy with you.

But that’s ok and is your job as a leader.

Need an example that universally relates?

If you have kids.

They misbehave.

Your job is to provide the correct action and be a role model.

Guess what?

Chances are they will not be happy with you in the moment.

However, this will develop discipline and behavior that will help them in the future.

Yes, they will thank you later just like the people you lead.

However, at the moment, they won’t be happy.

Embrace this tough truth.


Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Recap 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Recap

Over the last few weeks, we have learned about the 4 pillars of Stoic Philosophy.

Why is this important?

In leadership, you need to control your internal thoughts/mind. 

As your thoughts/mind control your actions. 

And your actions control your results.

Success is an inside job, my friend.

And when you use the 4 virtues of Courage, Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation in your endeavors like a good stoic..

The strong winds of leadership will be at your side.

But you must take action.

As the last parting words of wisdom around Stoicism. 

It’s not an abstract philosophy full of “Thinkers”.

Rather, one of “Doers” who take action. 

And here are your 4 north stars of action for ongoing reference:

  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Justice
Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Moderation 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Moderation

Moderation or Temperance is the 4th stoic virtue.

I intentionally left it until the end.


Candidly, I struggle with most with this being I am recovering alcoholic & addict. Thus, I  cannot talk with an overwhelming amount of authority here. 

That’s the ugly truth. 

And while in some ways I have improved drastically, in others I have a long way to go.

This is a slippery slope as on 1 hand my addiction, when channeled toward the light, is a superpower.

On the other hand, it can be a looming disaster. 

Just like the use of anger can be a very good or bad thing depending on how it’s channeled. 

Thus and as a cautionary tail, this is what the stoics valued moderation or temperance as the 4th coveted virtue.

My message today?

Ponder on this and come to your own conclusion on how the usage of moderation can positively affect your leadership and life!

  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Justice
  • Moderation
Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Justice 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: 4 Stoic Virtues: Justice

Justice is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as: the quality of being impartial, or fair.

Justice is an incredibly valuable virtue especially since life is not fair. In fact, anyone telling you otherwise, should not be trusted. 

As a leader you have to strive for justice in order to support your team, clients and following. 

Although as a leader, you also have to understand the concept that fair is not equal and equal is not fair. This is true justice and why it can be so difficult which takes wisdom to decipher.

By now you can see the virtues compound.

Your focus as a leader?

Create value and justice for your following in every opportunity possible. You will need courage and wisdom by your side to aid you in this pursuit..

  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Justice
  • Moderation