Monday Mindset

50% complete.. Can you believe it? 150 150 Bryce Henson

50% complete.. Can you believe it?

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

In the blink of an eye, more than 50% of 2023 is gone.😱

Complete, donezo, bye-bye.👋

Can you believe it?

Life happens fast!💯

Given the half way marker, it’s a good time to take a step back and do some life & fitness inventory.

Are you at your fitness goal?

What is your weight?

Do you have enough lean muscle mass?

How’s your cardiovascular conditioning?

When your fitness improves..

Everything improves.🎯

This includes improvements in your relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, your career, and your finances as your fitness is your foundation.💪

The opposite is true.

But regardless of where you are at right now..

It’s time to reflect, review and set up your game plan to ensure the back 50% of 2023 is better than the first.💥

The good news is this: everything in life is temporary.

So even if you are off track at this moment in time (temporary). 

It also means you have the OPPORTUNITY to change everything TODAY!✨

If you need help, we are here for you.😍

Just reply!

Make it a GREAT Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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The Freedom to Fail 🇺🇸 150 150 Bryce Henson

The Freedom to Fail 🇺🇸

Happy Monday Mindset!

Happy 4th of July. 🇺🇸

It’s one of my favorite days of the year for many reasons.😍 

The biggest 2 are that it’s because it’s summertime and is a celebration of what I believe to be the best country in the world ever founded.

Does America have its problems?

Absolutely. ✅

Every country founded by humans does.

However, we have a lot to be thankful for. This includes 1 of my most favorite principles of our country being founded on FREEDOM.

While people usually hit on the positive aspects of freedom which is a good thing as there are many.

In a free society, you also have the freedom to FAIL!

And that my friend is also a good thing!👍

Why you might ask?

Failure ensures inefficiencies and bad ideas die. It fosters an environment where only the good ideas remain and prosper.

After all..

Failure is not finite. Rather, it’s just a form of feedback.👊

Did you slack on your workouts and nutrition and gain a few pounds?

Just feedback to adjust the course if you want to win in the future… This “Failure” teaches you how to treat your body better.💪

Fail to execute a project for work and your boss writes you up?

Just more feedback to ensure you are more prepared for next time so you execute and succeed!

So as you enjoy the 4th and all the freedoms America provides.🙌

Also appreciate you have the freedom to fail, learn and grow. I call that “Failing Forward.”

When you look at it from this perspective, this is one of the most valuable gifts that freedom provides.🎁 

Happy 4th of July!🇺🇸

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: Peopl e who pay… 819 1024 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Peopl e who pay…

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

In 2009, I decided to learn a foreign language from scratch. 

I landed on Brazilian Portuguese as I was inspired by a visit to Rio de Janeiro over Christmas 2008. And I have been on a consistent journey ever since.🇧🇷

I am happy to report I am conversationally fluent after years of painstaking work.💥

How have I accomplished this goal?

Well, in many ways.  

I’ve lived in Brazil for 2 years. I’ve taken many online classes. I’ve enrolled in a Brazilian University. I’ve hired tutors. I married a Brazilian gal. I have lived with her family. I invested in the Rosetta Stone and executed countless other strategies in order to achieve fluency.

Many of these strategies have added to my bilingual ability, including most notably my mother-in-law Cristina and my private teacher Mara. 

Specific to Mara, she lives in Laguna Beach. 

She was born & raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil nearly 30 before I was born.  We started working together in June of 2014 and meet every weekend for an hour. 

There’s an occasional weekend where we are traveling that we miss. But that aside, we are very-very consistent. ✨

Is it easy? No. 

Truthfully, most weekends I do not “feel” like taking class prior. I have my internal doubts and think of all the other things I could be doing instead of the hard work!

But I always seem to dig deep, push those feelings aside and meet with her.  And you guessed it.. After our lesson, I am always happy I did!🥰

Kinda like working out. 🙂

As a result and through the years, she’s becoming one of my closest friends. In fact, we have grown a deep affinity and love for one another.😍

We have deep insights into each other’s lives as our classes have transitioned from grammar and vocabulary. Now, most of the time we catch up for an hour as friends. 

So nowadays, my language development is a bi-product of meaningful conversation.

This is coaching at its finest as Mara is a beautiful soul and an incredible relationship builder. I am deeply indebted and grateful to her.🙏

Now if you can believe, a few years ago she let me know that she enjoys our relationship so much, she would teach me for free.

While this is true, I politely declined.

I am sure you are thinking… 

Why turn down such an offer?!

Because I pay her for me.😀

Let me explain..

My business partner and founder of Fit Body, Bedros Keuilian told me this little secret about human nature over a decade ago. It didn’t make sense at the time but I do know 100% it’s true after coaching thousands of fitness and business clients for many years.👇

“People who pay, pay attention”, he said. 

The truth is that people who get the best results are the ones who pay. 

Because when you pay, an energy/accountability transfer happens. You then feel an internal tug to pay attention. As people disappoint themselves, but it’s more painful to disappoint someone else. 

A quicker and long-term result is the bi-product. 

So as much as Mara is one of my closest friends in life. If I stop paying her, the probability increases that I will stop paying attention which I will not let happen. 

Ultimately, I pay her for me.💥

So here is my message today for you. 

Invest and pay for whatever areas in life you need support in. If there is long-term value, happily pay for the coaching.💰 

Yes, that’s the right thing to do. In addition, it will be most impactful for YOU to keep you long-term committed.

After all, people who pay, pay attention!💯

Make it a great Monday!

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: 10 tips to improve your life. 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: 10 tips to improve your life.

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

I hope you enjoyed Father’s Day weekend. 🔥

As June pushes forward, I cannot believe nearly 50% of the year is already gone.

How is everything going to date?

To create some value, I crafted a message with 10 things that can improve your life. 

They have really helped me and want the same for you.

So please review and consider implementing.👇

1. Move your body every day. The old saying is true. You either move it or lose it. So don’t lose it!

2. Limit your calories if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s a simple formula: Eat fewer calories than you use, and you will lose weight.

3. More water, fruits, and veggies. Less candy and chips. You know this, but are you doing it?

4. Hire a fitness coach….Everyone has blind spots, coaching helps shore those up. I hear good things about a place called “Fit Body” 😀

5. Tell your loved ones you love them more often. I have an ASANA reminder to send 1 gratitude/love message a day. It’s helped me connect and built stronger relationships. Highly recommend executing. 

6. Sleep well. Work hard and rest hard. You cannot live a good life if you are constantly sleep-deprived. Good sleep makes everything better. The opposite is true. 

7. Remember, exercise is the miracle drug. It’s good for your bones, muscles, balance, heart, breathing, mental health, and sleep.

8. Practice Gratitude. When you are grateful, it’s hard to be angry, anxious or upset. Your life is made up of the quality of emotions. Choose positive emotions and this will help.  

9. Reduce your Social Media & Netflix. Easier said than done. But go for a walk, a hike, or a workout. Get some fresh air. 

10. Stop watching the bad news! Mainstream media has 1 goal, grab your attention so advertisers will pay more money.  It’s not to inform you with accurate information. As the more they scare you, the more they grab your attention (human nature). Turn it off and watch your mental life improve!

Make it a great Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: Avoid the Happiness Trap 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Avoid the Happiness Trap

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Last week Coach Tatiana and I went up to Monterey, California for a Spartan Race. It was a quick 36-hour trip and very successful. 🔥

In fact, Tatiana made a personal record time for herself. It was inspiring to see her success and I am very proud!

She also received an email from Joe DeSena, the CEO of Spartan prior to the race. It contained the positive message below. It inspired me so I wanted to pay it forward and do the same for you!✉️


I recently took a business trip overseas. Instead of pushing for an upgrade and high-end service, I proactively chose the worst experience — connecting flight, middle seat, back row, a sad pack of stale cookies, the bathroom door banging in my ear the entire way. 


Because I believe our constant focus on comfort and ease — how we feel right now — leads to unhappiness. 

In short, we humans are wired to constantly raise the bar on what makes us happy, something scientists call the “hedonic treadmill.” 

We get stuck in a loop where we’re always grasping for something new, different, better in the hopes that now, finally, we will feel satisfied. 

The result? 

We don’t enjoy it now. The grind. A sense of entitlement creeps into all we do. So we click, swipe, and indulge ourselves in a never-ending search for fulfillment. 

After studying this topic for 40 years, I’ve learned that when we choose to live with less, let others go first, take the more challenging path, a new world opens up and we begin to appreciate life as it comes. 

It’s a simple but massive mindshift because it short-circuits our inherent striving nature. 

For example, when I arrived in Spain after that long day of airline travel, suddenly everything was better by comparison. The sun felt a bit warmer, the food more flavorful, and my bed was a comfortable relief from my cramped airline seat. 

I realized in that moment, that I was truly experiencing the emotion we too often overlook: Gratitude. I was grateful, and enjoyed the inevitable contentment that followed. 

Here’s to The Hard Way..


Make it a great Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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(MM): Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 150 150 Bryce Henson

(MM): Memorial Day! 🇺🇸

Happy Monday Mindset AND Memorial Day!🇺🇸

I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend.🙌

This Holiday holds a significant place in our hearts as we remember and honor the brave men and women who have, and continue to, sacrifice their lives for our country.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these heroes and their families who protect our freedoms and keep us safe.💪

Thank you for all you do!🙏

Have an amazing day.

-Coach Bryce 

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[MM]: Your Fitness is a LIFE or DEATH ordeal (must see video) 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Your Fitness is a LIFE or DEATH ordeal (must see video)

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

I saw this short video recently and thought of you.


It scared me.

In fact, many emotions ran through my body.

A big benefit to health and fitness is a better physique and more confidence.💪

But it does way more than that.

Fitness can give you the mobility and physicality to SAVE lives!!

The opposite is also true.

So my passionate plea is this.. 

Next time you don’t feel like exercising..

While I get it and have been there too..

Remember that is a temporary feeling and a selfish thought.


Your family, children and loved ones are depending on you!!

The good news?

With a proper fitness and nutrition routine..

You can save lives!🔥

Click HERE!

Make it a great Monday!💥


-Coach Bryce

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[MM]: Your Health is an INVESTMENT and not an EXPENSE (must read) 508 788 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Your Health is an INVESTMENT and not an EXPENSE (must read)

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Before I begin.. 

I hope you had an AMAZING Mother’s Day to all you awesome moms!!!🥰

Now for todays message.

My friend Lydia who is the owner of a Fit Body Boot Camp in Virginia shared this with me recently and thought it was so valuable I wanted to pass on..


Someone just sent me this included post (originally from Reddit I believe), and it’s a good perspective shift.

As our gym’s “admin,” I field any requests to pause or cancel… 

I hate doing it because I want everyone to stay forever, but know that can’t always happen. 😅

I always ask the reason and hear many different things, but budgeting is a common reason.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to live on a lean budget..

But it always surprises me that the gym. The very place they found that finally works, where there’s a community of people who care, where we will do everything to deliver results— is one of the first things to go.

I think subconsciously, we view exercise as a “luxury item”. 

Something we only deserve to spend money and time on “when we have it”…. 

Which, if there’s one thing we know about time and money, it’s that there’s never enough.

Instead of worrying about the cost to go, ask yourself about the cost of NOT going!

*Disclaimer: obviously I know there are unique situations and I believe you can work out wherever you want to and spend however much or little makes sense for you as long as it’s something that works and something you stick to. 👍🏼” 

Please share this with someone who needs this message!

Make it a great Monday!🔥

-Coach Bryce

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[MM]: Whatever it takes (9 years going strong) 768 1024 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Whatever it takes (9 years going strong)

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

This past weekend I realized a big accomplishment.

So today I wanted to inspire and challenge you!💪

What accomplishment?

Well, I have been visiting my Brazilian Portuguese teacher nearly every weekend for my hour-long language class for 9 years and going strong.

There are a few times a year when she is out of town or I am, so we need to cancel our class.

That aside and 99% of the time every weekend..

We meet so I can challenge myself and learn her beautiful language.🇵🇹🇧🇷

Why you might ask?

In 2010, I made a commitment as I always wanted to be bilingual.💥

And as a consequence, I took on a “whatever it takes” mindset to accomplish this after visiting Rio de Janeiro Brazil on vacation the year prior. 

It was love at first sight (both with the language and culture) which eventually led to meeting my bride Tatiana and her amazing family.🥰

Fast forward 13 years..

Has it been easy?


In fact, this has been probably 1 of the hardest things I’ve done in my life.

And being very honest with you, most weekends I do NOT feel like taking class even though I love Mara!

However, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding things I have accomplished to date.

And as an added bonus..

I made an amazing lifelong friend in Mara during the process who has provided me with a gift of friendship I could never pay back.🫶

Today’s message?

Pick a mental or physical challenge that you need YEARS not days to execute!

The challenge is where long-term FULFILLMENT resides.

For me, it was learning Brazilian Portuguese fluently.

But whatever it is for you.. 

It needs to LIGHT YOUR FIRE!🔥

Once you decide, then here are your action steps..

  1. Make a plan. 
  2. Write down the plan.
  3. Hire a coach/guide.
  4. Show up every day or week consistently &  even when you don’t feel like it.

In my experience, most times you won’t feel like it at the moment!

But trust me when I say the reward in the end is PRICELESS which will also completely enrich your life. ✨

That’s been my experience and I want the same for YOU! 🙂

Make it a great Monday!


-Coach Bryce

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[MM]: Space to Celebrate 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Space to Celebrate

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Last week I challenged you to sweat in battle (train hard).

That is 100% needed and most people don’t do enough!

Being life is a dichotomy..💯

Today’s message is that you must also make space to celebrate your wins.💥

Here are some examples of wins you can celebrate.

  • Got to boot camp 3x last week?
  • Stuck with your nutrition plan 80%?
  • Drank ½ your body weight in ounces of water most days this week?
  • Eliminated 1 fast food meal?

My friend, it’s ok to start small.

Stack wins and builds momentum!👏

To sign off with some inspiration to kick start your week..

Here are 2 short highlight videos celebrating our Franchise Partners and Coaches for putting in the work and getting better for you!

🎥 Elite Training Coaches Highlight Video

🎥 Elite Training Highlight Reel

Make it a great Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce

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