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(MM) The power of acceptance 150 150 Bryce Henson

(MM) The power of acceptance

Happy Monday!🙌

Last week I had a therapy session with my “mindset coach” Dr. Kevin. He is a brilliant therapist with a lot of life & clinical experience. 💥

I have been seeing him off and on since 2016. 

He is also featured on this Wednesday’s Fit Life Orange County podcast episode as I just interviewed him so stay tuned!🥳

Anyway, I’m currently working through a personal issue right now that is out of my control. 

Yes, I can influence the outcome to a certain extent. But in this specific situation, the complete result is not controlled by me.

The Issue?  

It’s something I find important.🎯

The Bigger Issue?

I don’t control the outcome.💯

Dr. Kevin’s answer? 


Frankly, that’s not the answer I wanted to hear as it goes against many of my personal beliefs on my ability to positively affect the outcome with enough focused energy. 

However, taking a step back, there’s alot of truth and wisdom in his coaching.

The dichotomy of life is knowing there are many things you can influence so you need to take action where you can. As candidly, too many people play the helpless victim.

But on the other side of the coin.. 

You also must understand in life that some things are completely out of your control so in these situations, you must practice acceptance.  

Wisdom is not confusing the two. 

Need a helping strategy?

This is the prayer I practice at my alcohol support group which is another way to ground the message. I trust it will help you as it’s done for me.👇

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

 -Coach Bryce

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[MM] Tradition & Competition (The World Cup) 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] Tradition & Competition (The World Cup)

Happy Monday!🙌

The FIFA World Cup is upon in the case you have been watching. If you haven’t, this is the world’s game & tournament that happens every 4 years.💥

This year has been especially interesting as there has been some controversy on the host location of Qatar for reasons outside the scope of today’s message. 

Sadly for our American squad, they matched up against a very tough Netherlands team and got eliminated over the weekend.

Although I am still hoping for my 2nd team (Brazil) playing in a few hours who is my favorite this year. 👊

My Brazilian wife Tatiana, her family and I are excited!

In reflection around the tournament, there are 2 big takeaways that I wanted to share which have applications for your fitness, business and life. 

These are 1) tradition and 2) competition.👇

  1. Tradition. Tradition can be incredible for establishing rich culture, efficiency, consistency and success. In the fitness and fat loss world, we call traditions routines. As executing a strong & consistent tradition (routine) is the only way long term you will find results. 
  2. Competition. Competition makes us all better as everyone needs a push. In fact, this is why we have local, state, national and world competitions to create positive pressure to propel us forward. This is the same with your fitness & fat loss and why we create a few Transformation Challenges throughout the year to produce incredible client results through the power of friendly competition!

Looking ahead, please apply these 2 principles of the World Cup to your life and watch your fitness grow!

 -Coach Bryce

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[MM] Results, Relationship, and Community 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM] Results, Relationship, and Community

Happy Monday!🙌

The 3 pillars of Fit Body are on my mind this Monday morning.

They are Results, Relationships, and Community.✈️✈️

Yes, we pride ourselves on driving results for our clients. We also focus on creating a platform to foster both relationships and community.

This was evident on Saturday evening as we hosted our Annual Fall Client Celebration event at the Irvine Spectrum.

We had 50 of our amazing clients and team in attendance. We celebrated their success and fostered deeper relationships and community in the process.💥

It was a great time of eating, bonding, and connecting which is also a good analogy for happiness.🥳

As Humans derive happiness from living healthy, setting & achieving goals, and creating long-lasting relationships. 👊

In fact, if you look at the happiest people, they are abundant in these 3 pillars of their lives. 💯

So my message today is to focus on your health & fitness.

Focus on being a person of value to others. Foster deep relationships and be a productive member of our community. 

When you do, you will achieve the happiness you deserve!🙏

Let’s make it a great week!

 -Coach Bryce

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[MM] the hidden vs. real costs 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] the hidden vs. real costs

Happy Monday!

I received the below mindset message from Bedros Keuilian.

He is my business partner and Founder of Fit Body.

It hit home around the hidden vs. real costs around your health and fitness.

I trust you will get value as I did so wanted to share to kick-start your week!👇

The hidden costs are always higher than the obvious costs.

Let me speak to you from my experience…

When I was growing my business and in the “thick of it” I started slacking off on my workouts and diet.

Basically, I used as much of my time to work on my growing business, and then when I was stressed out I’d “stress eat”.

It didn’t take long for me to add 30 pounds of fat to my body.

Now, logically I knew this was not good for my health.❌

But I rationalized it by telling myself that I’d start working out more consistently and eating better once my business was rocking.

Truth be told, I was making excuses.💯

The logical cost of letting myself get fat was putting my health at risk.

But the real cost was sliding into a depression.😭

The real cost was the constant anxiety I had.

The real cost was the feeling like an imposter and hypocrite.

The real cost was eroding my confidence.

The real cost was being a poor example to my kids.

My friend, there are so many hidden costs to being out of shape and letting your health suffer.

The truth is I was making excuses.🎯

I could have made the time to still workout hard and eat right, but I choose to take the easy way out.


As humans, we can’t lie to ourselves.

We have to set higher standards and hold ourselves to them.

Let’s make it a great week!💪

-Coach Bryce

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Success Leaves Clues: Nick Saban’s Leadership Lesson #4 150 150 Bryce Henson

Success Leaves Clues: Nick Saban’s Leadership Lesson #4

This week is Nick Saban’s Leadership Lesson #4

Don’t forget the fundamentals. This can be lost in the rush to prepare.

In sports and business, true professionals and very successful organizations are the ones that master the fundamentals. 

In fact, success is boring. 

The truth is human nature is easily distracted by shiny objects.

I have definitely been there and know you have too.

Instead of always searching for something on the distant horizon…

Look internally. Bring it down to the basics of the fundamentals of your role.  Master them. Success is boring. 

This is also what we teach our owners:

Stop trying to be everything to everyone! Instead, get laser-focused on being the best high-energy fitness and fat-loss program in the world!

If we can continue to Master the fundamentals and watch our brand continue to grow!

[MM] The power of giving 1024 455 Bryce Henson

[MM] The power of giving

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Last week I shared a national press release that featured Fit Bod Boot Camp’s Guinness Book of World Records attempt.💥

And while that was a worthy attempt at greatness…

The real goal was to raise $250,000 for underprivileged children in the communities we serve.  

I received many, many replies that the message created perspective and inspiration which was a goal. 

In reflection of the outpouring of responses..

The reality is this..

  • When you give back, you feel better. 
  • When you take care of your health & fitness, you can serve your family and community. 
  • When you serve, you have more life fulfillment. 

Today’s message?👇

My friend, take care of yourself. 

Invest in your health and fitness. Empower yourself to give freely and support others often and without expectation..

When you do, you will be blessed!🙏

Let’s make it a great week!💥

-Coach Bryce

PS Check out the 9-minute VLOG of the experience here: THE BIG GIVE!

[MM] Fit Body Attempts to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for a Cause 1024 527 Bryce Henson

[MM] Fit Body Attempts to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for a Cause

By being part of our Fit Body community.. 

You are part of something much bigger.👊

Yes, our global mission is to Inspire Fitness and Change Lives Every Day. 🙌

We support you & our community every day in this effort.

But with your help and support, we do way more than that!!

At our core, our organization exists to give back and support our local community.

YOU and our Fit Body global clients make this possible.

Curious on how?

Well, there are many examples.

The most recent is our partner Fit Body locations & clients based in West Michigan just executed an attempt to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Jumping Jack Work out in history.🔥

Over 1,500 of our Fit Body clients made this event a giant success. 

Most importantly, we raised nearly $100,000 for charity in the process with a target of $250,000. 💰💰💰

As these donations will make sure over 1,000 underprivileged kids in our Fit Body communities in the midwest have Christmas gifts. 🎄

The real magic was in the love and support.💥

So thank you for being part of our Fit Family.🙏

Thank you for investing in your health and fitness.

Thank you for trusting us as your coaches.

YOU, my friend, are the real Santa Claus.🎅

I hope this inspires you to take part in our incredible brand whose mission is to Inspire Fitness & Change Lives in our local communities across North America!

The best part?

Next year when we officially break the record.. 

Christmas will be that much sweeter.

Here is some press and a highlight video of the event..

== > Fit Body Guinness Book of World Record Attempt Press Feature

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce 

PS watch the Sizzle Reel of the World Record Attempt. Click HERE.

[MM] A story on positiv e thinking 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] A story on positiv e thinking

I received this story from my better half Tatiana last week.

I got a lot of value so wanted to pass it along to inspire you to get your week started in a positive fashion!

Please read it 2x to let it sync in and share it with someone in need!

Three men set out on a journey.

Each one carried two sacks. One around their necks and one on their back.

The first man was asked what was in his sacks..

 “I carry all the kinds of deeds of my friends. By doing so, they are out of sight and out of mind, and I don’t have to do anything about them. They’re soon forgotten. 

This sack in front carries all the unkind things people do to me. I pause in my journey every day and take these out to study. It slows me down, but nobody gets away with anything.”

The second man said he keeps his own good deeds in his front sack.

“ I constantly keep them before me,” he said.

“It gives me pleasure to see them.”

“The sack on your back seems heavy, what is in it?,” someone remarked to the second traveler.

“That’s where I carry my mistakes,” said the second man. “I always keep them on my back.”

The third man was asked what he keeps in his sacks. “I carry my friends’ kind deeds in this front sack,” he said.

“It looks full. It must be heavy,” said an observer.

“No,” said the third man, “it’s big but not heavy. Far from being a burden, it is like the sails of a ship. It helps me move ahead.”

The observer added, “I notice that the sack behind you has a hole in the bottom. It seems empty and of very little use.”

The third man replied..

“That’s where I put all the evil I hear from others. It just falls out and is lost, so I have no weight to impede me.”

This is a good story for your health, fitness, and life!

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] Rest at the end, not in the middle…. 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM] Rest at the end, not in the middle….

This past weekend was special as my brother Barrett and I took the opportunity and spent Saturday afternoon with some brother bonding time.

We had a good deep chat about business and life.

We also watched some sports. 

In fact, it was a crazy weekend for football with some fun games and big upsets! I still cannot believe Tennessee overtook the Crimson Tide from Alabama.

And while the mid-season weekend was fun, I was also reminded of the late Kobe Bryant.

I was a huge fan and loved his famous quote “Rest at the end, not in the middle”.

Why is this significant?

That’s where we are my friend, in the middle!!

The middle of the Fall Challenge, the middle of the football season, the middle of life, the middle of greatness.

Yes, I know you are busy and sometimes life can feel overwhelming.

It definitely does for me at times too.

But just as Kobe said, “keep going as you can rest at the end, but not in the middle!”

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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Fit Body Attempts Guinness Book of World Record for a Cause 1024 811 Bryce Henson

Fit Body Attempts Guinness Book of World Record for a Cause

Yes, you read that right. 👍

This past Saturday I was in Grand Rapids Michigan supporting one of my best friends and Franchise Partners Matt Wilber.

He and a team of 7 West Michigan Fit Body locations organized a group Jumping Jack Work Out which was an official attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records.🔥

There were over 1,500 people in attendance. 

The energy was electric!!⚡️

Sadly we came up short by roughly 750 participants.

While bummed we didn’t break the record.

There was a GIANT silver lining..

Our Fit Body clients donated nearly 100K for the Big Give Non-profit. Which means over 1,000 underprivileged kids in West Michigan will have a Christmas.🎄

This, my friend, was the fundamental reason for the event.

So ultimately it was a historic win!!🙌

There was so much love and support from Matt, our Fit Body team, clients, and the community in the Midwest.

We did a lot of good in the process.

I hope this inspires you to take part in our incredible brand whose mission is to Inspire Fitness & Change Lives here in Mission Viejo AND in our local communities across North America!

The best part?

Next year when we officially break the record.. 

It will be that much sweeter.

== > Fit Body Guinness Book of World Record Attempt Video Highlight

-Coach Bryce

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