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Monday Mindset: Sad it’s over, but grateful it happened.. ❤️ 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Sad it’s over, but grateful it happened.. ❤️

This past weekend was bittersweet as we sent off Coach Jenn to a new chapter in her career in the medical field..
She served our Yorba Linda team and clients for the better part of the last 8 years. She was a client for nearly 9. 🙏
To her credit, she was one of the best coaches Tatiana and I have ever led or worked with brand-wide. 💪🏽
When the average fitness coach stays in the industry less than 6 months.. This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to her dedication to her craft and love for our clients.
And while sad for us, we are happy for her. Even more so, grateful that she continued to lead by example from start through finish in incredible fashion. 🙏
From top to bottom, the right way.
For Tatiana and I, it was especially refreshing and touching, being she was there for us since the very beginning.
Far before we had an incredibly stocked facility, dialed in operations, or with any credibility/trust in the community and with very few clients.
Far before I was announced the CEO of an international franchise or any proven success in our industry.
Back when we only had 4 walls and some mats without any equipment, credibility, or clientele. Scared and vulnerable, just after investing our life savings into this dream.
Humble beginnings to put it nicely. ❤️
Yet, there she was from the beginning..
Jenn, we love you. Your legacy will live on. You lived and breathed our core value of “Exceeding Expectations” every day. And Tatiana, team, clients, and I could have asked for nothing more.. ❤️
Below is my sendoff note from Saturday. If this resonated, my call to action today is to reach out to someone who has helped you in your journey and let them know how much you appreciate them.
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset – “I was the loser, and then I became the winner.” 🏋️ 1024 540 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – “I was the loser, and then I became the winner.” 🏋️

“I was the loser, and then I became the winner”..
These are the words from our friend and client Russel Crabtree describing his incredible transformation at Fit Body Boot Camp. 🎉
Before this happened and looking back, he clocked in at 220+ lbs. and was in bad shape. 🙀
This was especially after a humbling visit with his family, and the moment he knew he needed a serious change.
He remembered hearing about Fit Body Boot Camp from a friend. So he looked us up and discovered the Fall Challenge was his entry point.
It was uncomfortable, it was hard, but he committed and put in the work. And as a result of his dedication and with our coaching support, he dropped 30lbs. 💪
This was the catalyst for his incredible transformation to follow which is the same thing we want for you..
So let me ask you, what are you waiting for?
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset – By any means necessary 🥇 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – By any means necessary 🥇

I hope you watched a good amount of the Tokyo Olympics over the last 2 weeks, as sadly they just finished.

There are so many lessons to unpack as the event is filled with inspiration, sacrifice, determination and the deep desire to win for self and country.

I am very grateful for all our American athletes who gave it their all. And yes, I am very proud to be an American! 🇺🇸

And while this is top of mind, I want to share with you a clip I saw that a mentor of mine posted on his social media on Friday. It wasn’t specifically of the Tokyo Olympics but inspired by it.  

The clip is of a Texas A&M College track meet in 2019 where Infinite Tucker “super manned” across the finish line to win the race!

I’ve watched this clip over a dozen times, in pure awe of this guy’s heart. His willingness & determination to scrape and claw for every inch. To literally bust his face by putting everything on the line for himself and team.

So, todays message is to play with this heart, with this scrappiness and with this WINNER’s mentality.  To literally do whatever it takes with your fitness and in life just like Infinite Tucker. 

As you only have 1 shot, so make it count by any means necessary. 🏋🏽

Let’s have a great week!

== > Super Man Finish

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset: Only 30 minutes of your time but will get you in the best shape of your life… 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Only 30 minutes of your time but will get you in the best shape of your life…

“Only 30 minutes of your time but will get you in the best shape of your life. It’s way more than a workout, it’s a way of life.”
Those are the words of Corey & Joy, who have been coming to boot camp since 2015.
But it wasn’t always this way…
Starting was very difficult as Joy elaborates in their story below.
“I never liked working out, but when I looked at my pictures, I knew it was time for a change.”
With 4 grandkids (4 boys in fact), they knew they needed more energy to keep up with them.
And having lost weight, body fat percentage, and all their bloodwork numbers down, they see a big difference in their lives. This is why keep coming back and putting in the work daily.
Congrats Corey and Joy, we are all very proud of all your hard work and the inspiration you provide others!!
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset – “This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.” 💪 1024 580 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – “This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.” 💪

“This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.”


Yes, those were Ashley’s words in reflecting on her experience and success since the fall of 2020. That is when she joined Fit Body Boot Camp.


In looking back, Ashley was an athlete all her life. She was used to being coached and pushed to get better on a consistent basis. 🏋🏼‍♀️


But unfortunately, that had stopped once she finished sports.


She then took her focus off fitness, and her life became much more challenging as a result.


In fact, it got to a breaking point where her friend’s bridesmaid dress wouldn’t fit. The pain, panic, embarrassment, and frustration she felt, which you probably can relate to at some point in your journey. 👗


It was then, at that very moment, that she decided enough was enough. She knew she had to put herself first again, so she joined Fit Body with a friend and decided to refocus herself. 


She tapped into our coaching and put in the WORK! 💪


As a result, she’s already dropped 25lbs and 26 inches to date, and is still going strong pursuing her next goal. 


But more than that, she is a new & revitalized young woman. She now possesses the confidence to live a better life and pursue her dreams which is the same thing I want for you! 😎


But please just don’t take it from me. Watch her story below and become inspired!


===> Ashley’s Story


-Coach Bryce


PS If you have a story you would like to inspire our family with; please click HERE.


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Monday Mindset – “I didn’t want to be the fat mom..” 846 540 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – “I didn’t want to be the fat mom..”

I am excited to share some client success stories with you over the next 6 weeks from our locations here in Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo Fit Body Boot Camp’s.


But first, I have a few questions for you..


Have you ever felt embarrassed of the way you looked?

How about uncomfortable in your own skin?

Did you ever have the feeling of wanting to be a better spouse or parent while making your kids proud?

How about “not wanting to be the fat mom or dad?”


If so, you are not alone. 


In fact, that’s exactly how Heather felt before she started Fit Body Boot Camp.


Work, kids, life… it’s a lot and she admittedly hadn’t made the time for her.

But that changed when she decided enough was enough, and walked through our doors.


She then tapped into the support of our coaches, and put in the work. She created a consistent schedule with the 5:15am session daily. And in the process, achieved incredible success with a group of supportive campers she now calls friends!


Please watch her 3 minute video story below and some words of inspiration:


“I lost 50 lbs. And the biggest benefit is how I feel. I can throw on a pair of jeans and be happy.


I can now take pictures with my kids and not be embarrassed. The biggest benefit is the personal good feeling inside!”


===>  Heather’s Story


-Coach Bryce

PS If you have a story you would like to inspire our family with; please click HERE.


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Monday Mindset: Monday gratitude! 725 281 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Monday gratitude!

How was your weekend?
I hope you had some time to rest and relax, all while still being productive.
Mine was exceptionally special as we conducted our quarterly training with our Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo teams. This was planned strategically so we could discuss and “unpack the box” from our World Conference training from a few weeks ago.
And most importantly, because we just finished our 2020/2021 transition from being physically closed, to train in place modality, to a hybrid model throughout June, and now having fully transitioned to normal boot camp aka station work in July.
So much in motion and many changes for you and for us!
Being such, it was important for our team to connect, bond, celebrate, and realign on our processes, support for you, our clients & the community.
In reflection, these last 17 months have been such a ride! That’s also the same for you and humanity.
In fact, it would have told me in January of 2020 what would have happened, the adversity we would have all faced, the shutdown downs, and economic contraction etc. I would have had a very hard time believing you.
And would have had a VERY hard time envisioning we would still be here supporting you, our clients, and the community.
But because of our strong team and coaches, and most importantly because of YOU, we are here rebuilding!
So today I wanted to acknowledge you for your support. To acknowledge you for making your health and fitness a priority. To acknowledge you for your openness to embracing and driving change which is 1 of FBBC’s core values. To acknowledge you for trusting us & leaning on us as your fitness coaches being that your success fills our cup!
So today’s call to action is to pay it forward by sharing some gratitude to someone deserving in your life.
I definitely know there are 1-2 people that you should send some positive vibes and acknowledgement of gratitude their way.
Yes, you are busy, but take the time to let them know how much they have meant to you and how grateful you are for them being in your life.
When you do, your life will be enriched. Let’s make it a GREAT week!
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset: The American Dream Story.. 🇺🇸 547 510 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The American Dream Story.. 🇺🇸

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” – Statue of Liberty 🇺🇸

This is one of my favorite quotes as we are a country made of hard-working immigrants and I am extremely proud of that. I am patriotic to the core, unapologetic about it and hope you are too, for good reason. 🇺🇸


I also hope you enjoyed the 4th of July and celebrated with your family! 🇺🇸


And like many of our ancestors migrating for a better life, my great grandparents on both sides escaped Communist Poland. 


They came with the clothes on their backs, no money in their pockets, or the ability to speak a lick of English.


But with the American dream to escape oppression of communism/socialism and pursue capitalism (aka a selfless system which incentivizes production and where you must add value in others lives first in order to be successful) and FREEDOM that we have here in the USA! 


This is what has made our country great! 🇺🇸


And yes, our country has its fair share of problems that need to be resolved.


But it always will. As our country consists of flawed humans.


But unlike the media wants you to believe, this is still the land of opportunity and we have it very, very good. 


In fact, having lived in 3 continents and visited dozens of countries with many to go, I know first hand how great we have it. 🇺🇸

And while our freedoms have been recently tested which we need to continue to protect, the American dream is still alive and well for those who want to pursue it. The Founder and President of Fit Body Boot Camp, is living proof of that, having escaped Communist Russia for a better life. 


And so am I.


And as my incredible team shared the news last week I was appointed “CEO” of Fit Body Boot Camp last week.


Truthfully, part of me is still in complete disbelief. 


But the other part of me knows that this is just another American dream story of hard work, passion and freedom. 🇺🇸


So in today’s message I want to share with you the video (and letter that I read) of my “CEO acceptance speech” at our World Conference with nearly 400 attendees which closed the event. 


For clarity, the message was directed at my HQ team initially, then our live audience. 


And please know it is also very much directed at YOU as well.


As without YOU, without YOUR dedication to your health/fitness and without YOUR trust in our team, this wouldn’t be possible which I am extremely grateful for and completely see. I will always remember and value that. 🙏 

So I hope you receive some inspiration and motivation from this perspective of a guy starting out life in a trailer, with an abusive & alcoholic father and with very humble beginnings (for American standards).


And that with incredibly hard work, some luck, an AMAZING team and clients like YOU, he has been able to achieve the “American Dream” which is what I want for you and us all! 🇺🇸


==> Video of CEO acceptance  


==> Letter of CEO acceptance 


-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset – Michael Jordan’s fitness coach 1024 763 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Michael Jordan’s fitness coach

Happy Monday!

This weekend was absolutely incredible! 


We brought some of our leaders and coaches to Scottsdale Arizona to our 2021 Fit Body World Conference which was absolutely epic.

We had nearly 400 attendees and it was extremely inspiring getting together after having to miss last year’s conference.


There were some incredible speakers including the keynote and friend Tim Grover, who was the personal trainer and fitness coach to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Charles Barkley, and many other professional NBA legends.


Tim taught on developing a strong and winning mindset to ensure we can overcome adversity and support you, our clients, and the community at a higher level. 


It was truly inspiring to see our team dive into the content with the goal of supporting you at a higher level.

And that’s my message today that I wanted to share.


As I was reminded that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better. And you are the leader of yourself and your family. 


So today’s call to action is to take care of and continue to invest in yourself by moving and eating well consistently. Seek out inspirational content to learn from that will provide you knowledge and skill growth on a regular basis.


As when you do, that’s the biggest act of selflessness and where fulfillment resides as you are better equipped to help your loved ones.

Let’s make it a GREAT week!


PS it looks like my awesome team shared some news about my new role in our global franchise so will share more info with some takeaway value points for you next Monday

Monday Mindset: Investing in you… 861 582 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Investing in you…

Happy Monday!
Summer is officially here and many good things are on the horizon. We just finished our Spring Challenge and results are being tallied!
We also have our Fit Body Annual conference this weekend in Scottsdale Arizona after a miss last year due to COVID.
And after a tough 2020, this conference is much needed and will be an incredible training event with nearly 400 attendees from North America registered.
We also made the decision to invest and bring our Facility Leaders and some coaches. So this will mean better training, coaching, and programming for you as we look ahead to serve you and our community at a higher level.
And with this in mind, I am reminded of the power and importance of investing in yourself.
As a first in my early years of business ownership and humbling myself, I was very hesitant to invest in extra training or reduce boot camp hours when needed. This was due to the time, financial resources, and due to the “short term pinch for clients and business”.
However what I realized with time, is that when we do invest in our team (even though short term it’s uncomfortable), long term we are able to provide you MUCH better service.  And this directly equates to better coaching and results for you and our community.
This same investment mindset is what has made our locations some of the best in the country and certainly strong enough to endure COVID when 40% of the industry has vanished.
So that is exactly my message to you today.
Just like investing into the conference the expenses of logistics for a big team; working out and eating clean is an investment.  It does take time, energy, and money to invest in you.
And if you don’t make the investment in yourself… then you cannot serve your family, friends, and co-workers at the highest level possible.
So my call to action today is to take a step back. Realize and accept that investing in yourself is a GOOD thing and it’s NOT selfish. Yes, it’s uncomfortable in the short term to sacrifice time and money.
But when you do, you will have the strength, stamina, and energy to be of more service and value to your loved ones.
And to me, that’s a life well-lived.
-Coach Bryce