Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset: Just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility. 1024 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility.

I hope you enjoyed a good Father’s Day weekend! 

We had a great client appreciation picnic on Saturday so a big thanks to all who attended. And as it pertains to Sunday, I wanted to wish a BIG Happy Fathers Day again to all the awesome dads.💥

My siblings and I caught great fortune with my mother Donna who picked up both mom and dad roles for our family.

This was due to her need to escape my father’s grasp while living through a chaotic situation riddled with addiction when I was just a boy.

Today’s message?

Life happens for you and not to you. 💪

Yes, sometimes it throws you unexpected curveballs. 

But just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility.

That’s the lesson I learned from my mother Donna who stepped up and turned father. ❤️

As it wasn’t her fault, but leaned into the responsibility which is a great metaphor for many things in your life.

I hope this message also resonates with you so please share it with someone in need. 👊

Happy Fathers Day. ❤️

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – I’ve been meaning to tell you this.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – I’ve been meaning to tell you this..

I am extremely grateful for you. 🙌

And in the busy hustle and bustle of life, today I wanted to slow it down and appreciate you.

Thank you for investing in your health and fitness. 🙏

Thank you for trusting my team and I as your fitness coaches.

Thank you for wanting to better yourself each day, so we can better our world together.

My team and I have a great deal of love and appreciation for this and you. 👊

Your action step today? 👇

Go out and pay it forward by letting someone else know how much you appreciate them.

That will brighten both your days and get your week off to an incredible start. 💯

Monday Mindset – What’s behind the door? 🚪 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – What’s behind the door? 🚪

My buddy Joey sent me this a while back and got value so know you will too…👇

A few years ago, a coworker told me a short story about a king, a criminal, fear, and freedom. 

The story really left a long-lasting impression on me. 

In fact, I visualize the door from the story in my mind almost every single day. 

Let me pass the story on to you — it goes like this: 

A criminal was caught committing a crime and brought before a king for sentencing. 

The king told him to choose between two punishments: 

  1. Hanging by rope OR 
  2. Taking whatever was behind an ominous, mysterious ironclad door 

Without hesitation, the criminal chose the rope. 📿

The king, not shocked, mumbled “everybody chooses the rope” while he ordered to have a noose put around the criminal’s neck. 

Seeing the king’s reaction, the criminal asked: 

“So… out of curiosity, what’s behind the door?” 

The king paused then said: 

“Freedom — but everybody is so fearful of the unknown that they immediately choose the rope.” 


I don’t know about you, but I believe that it’s unreasonable to be completely fearless— 

To reach a point in your life where you never, ever feel fear.

Life is too dynamic nowadays. 👊

Situations present themselves in a flash and leave you: 

  • Fearing how your trying will end in failure 
  • Fearing how you’re not good enough 
  • Fearing how your ego or reputation will be bruised 

The good news is, like many emotions, I do believe fear has its lace… 


You just need a strategy to face it so it doesn’t completely overwhelm you. 

If it does, you’re paralyzed…  

And you’ll most certainly “choose the rope”.  

When I’m facing the fear of a limiting belief, big lift, or business risk, here’s how I prevent the overwhelm: 

(I call it the triple B strategy!) 

I breathe to create space between me and my fear. 

Just a sliver of space — a moment of detachment — and, in that space,  

I bring awareness to the gift (yes, I said gift) that this fear is presenting to me, such as: 

  • Increased brainpower to focus 
  • Increased motivation to move 
  • Increased opportunity to grow 

And then comes the hard part: 

I barrel towards the fear. 💥

For you, it could be public speaking, joining a fitness program, launching a business, learning a new skill in a group setting, starting a difficult conversation with a coworker, ending a relationship —  

Whatever it is, remember that fear doesn’t have to confine you… 

It can be the thing that frees you. 😱

If you value freedom as much as I do, give my strategy a shot and let me know if it helps you out! 

Here’s to turning fears into freedom this year,

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – Remember and Honor.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Remember and Honor..

The last 2 years were a great test which questioned our resolve.

Although through the adversity, the fact remains, that we value FREEDOM here in this amazing country of ours. 🇺🇸

No, we are not without problems. ☑️

In fact, problems are just a sign of life…

However, we have an incredible nation to call home, and this value of freedom is engrained in our DNA.

Not because it’s free.

Rather, because of the strong men and women, both past and present, that have served to defend it…💯

Happy Memorial Day and let’s remember its true purpose by remembering and honoring our fallen soldiers who have and continued to protect our freedom. 👊


And don’t also forget to enjoy some time with your loved ones which make our freedom most enjoyable.❤️

Love and gratitude,

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – Man in the Arena 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Man in the Arena

Happy Monday! 🙌

I came across one of my favorite poems this weekend by Theodore Roosevelt entitled “Man in the Arena”. 🏟

I was inspired so I included it below as it’s a reminder of the value of effort, persistence, and passion in pursuing your dreams towards a noble cause. 💯

I trust will inspire you just as much as it has done for me…👇

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. 

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming. 

But who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Let’s make it a great week! 👊

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – The Foundation & Focus of a billionaire.. 1024 768 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – The Foundation & Focus of a billionaire..


Happy Monday! 🙌

This past weekend was very special.

Well over 300+ owners and coaches attended our Fit Body Annual World Conference hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona including my wife Tatiana, Coach Jake & John, and Blake (our internal Vice President).

We also had an action-packed lineup of speakers which consisted of our Founder Bedros Keuilian and our Franchise Business Coaches. Our business coaches are the most successful owners of the brand along with 1 outside keynote Jesse Itzler.

Their focus was to provide education on how to create an even better fitness program for you and our global clients.

I also had the opportunity to give 2 keynotes and MC the event as well.

Which meant for the first time ever in my life, I can say I shared the stage with a billionaire. Surreal.

Jesse’s message?

Money is an important tool in life. 💯

But it’s only a tool and not life itself.

As all the money in the world cannot buy 1) time or 2) deep relationships with loved ones, which are the 2 most important things in life.

In fact, he would trade all his wealth for the opportunity to spend more time with his father who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s.

My biggest takeaway for you? 💥

Fitness does not have to be the focus of your entire life.

However, it does need to be the foundation. ✅

As without fitness, you don’t have a foundation to spend time with & serve your family, friends, loved ones, and community.

This approach has served Jesse well and will for you too. 👊

Ahh, and here is a little recap of the experience:

== > Fit Body World Conference 2022 

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – If you’re not growing, you are.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – If you’re not growing, you are..

Happy Monday!

And better yet, I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day in celebration of all our beautiful moms in the world! ❤️

Moms make the world such a better place and we are all so very grateful for the blessings they provide. 💯

Looking ahead, we have a big week here at Fit Body as our annual World Conference is set for this Friday & Saturday, May 13/14 in Scottsdale Arizona. 💥

We are bringing in hundreds of owners and coaches throughout North America to support their journey in growth via continued education. 

As we at Fit Body have a belief that if you are not growing, you are dying. Therefore, just as we provide tough training sessions and nutrition coaching that grows our clientele and community. 👊

We take a dose of our medicine to ensure we are growing so we can continue to add to and evolve our training program.

As when we get better, you do too. 💪

And when you get better, you can serve your family, friends, coworkers, and community at the highest level.

So that is my message today. 👇

Keep a focused growth approach that ensures your cup is full so you can serve others!

As after all, you are either growing or dying…

Let’s make it a GREAT week!

Love and respect, 

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – Yorba Linda Farewell 1024 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Yorba Linda Farewell

Happy Monday! 🙌

Tatiana and I fought back the tears as we coached last sessions at Yorba Linda Fit Body on Saturday. A journey that started over a decade ago. 🥲


This is so we can focus on our Mission Viejo location and the entire Fit Body brand which is a big lift as you would imagine.

And as you would expect, it was an emotional morning saying “see you later” to all our family and friends we have made throughout the years. 😭

After each session, I provided a moment of gratitude and brief origin story with these 3 takeaways that I trust you will get value which is my message today: 👇

  1. Pursue your dreams. Life is too short to live with regret (which you will have without action). You have 1 crack at this game, make it count and don’t waste any time. 💯
  2. Challenge yourself and push your limits. Do hard things. Comfort is a slow, painful deal. On the contrary, challenge creates fulfillment. 👊
  3. Surround yourself with amazingly positive people that lift you up. Your network is your net WORTH (in fitness and finances). That’s been the simple formula for Tatiana and my success. 

For a fuller recap, here’s my sign off message from my social media sites. 

==> Yorba Linda Fit Body Story  

Let’s make it a GREAT week!

Love and respect, 

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – Some BIG takeaways from a LITTLE lady 720 960 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Some BIG takeaways from a LITTLE lady

Happy Monday!

I am pleased to share that my niece Ravenna was brought into the world this Thursday morning at just over 6lbs. 

She’s tiny and is named after a beautiful city in the north of Italy next to the Adriatic Sea. 🌊

And it’s these big life moments that stop and really make you think. 🤔

They also put things in perspective. 

As I met her yesterday morning, these thoughts kept passing through my mind. 👇

  • Life is precious & beautiful.  
  • It’s also very delicate and fragile.
  • It’s an absolute gift that should be celebrated.

My friend, you and I have 1 trip around this globe. We must live it to the fullest. Here are some takeaways to make your week and life better inspired by Ravenna. 👇

  • Move your body daily.
  • Nourish yourself with good nutrition and hydration.
  • Explore the world.
  • Start that passionate based business you have been dreaming about (even as a side hustle to start)
  • Take calculated risks. 
  • Live Boldy.

After all, the road less traveled leads to fulfillment. 💯

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset – 2 Lessons from my nephew Ryder… 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – 2 Lessons from my nephew Ryder…

I hope you had a nice Easter Weekend. 🐣

Mine was fantastic as it was the first time I was around children in a very long time to celebrate.

My brother Barrett was also in town, who is the Director of Coaching and Profitability for our brand. We had some business meetings last week and timed it so we could visit our sister Emma and our nephew Ryder on Saturday & Sunday late afternoon.

And speaking of Ryder.. 👦🏼

The little man is 18 months old and a tank. He’s high on life, has tons of energy, and is seemingly interesting in every little thing he notices. 

And in spending some time with him, I picked up 2 lessons from him that you will get value from. 👇

  1. After swimming with him, playing with him, chasing and walking with him, it occurred to me how present he is. Yes, he does believe he is the center of the universe which is a core tenant of human nature and something we should all be aware of. 

But his absolute presence is incredibly powerful as his whole universe is the 3 feet directly in front of him. That’s it. 

No other worries or competing thoughts. His entire focus wrapped up in the 3 feet directly in front of his nose. 

He’s there, completely engaged in the immediate.  Powerful. 💥

  1. The 2nd lesson is his sheer persistence and willingness to get back up again and again, and again, and yet again after he falls.

    His unwavering relentlessness is something to note, applaud and learn from. As no matter how many times he falls, he keeps pressing forward with seemingly even more enthusiasm the next time. 

So, there you have it!

Being 1) completely present and 2) absolutely relentless in your pursuits are your 2 lessons from Ryder this week which will set you up for more success in your fitness and life.  💪

-Coach BrycePS Need help with your fitness and fat loss? I can help. Click HERE.