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[MM] Fit Body Attempts to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for a Cause 1024 527 Bryce Henson

[MM] Fit Body Attempts to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for a Cause

By being part of our Fit Body community.. 

You are part of something much bigger.👊

Yes, our global mission is to Inspire Fitness and Change Lives Every Day. 🙌

We support you & our community every day in this effort.

But with your help and support, we do way more than that!!

At our core, our organization exists to give back and support our local community.

YOU and our Fit Body global clients make this possible.

Curious on how?

Well, there are many examples.

The most recent is our partner Fit Body locations & clients based in West Michigan just executed an attempt to Break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Jumping Jack Work out in history.🔥

Over 1,500 of our Fit Body clients made this event a giant success. 

Most importantly, we raised nearly $100,000 for charity in the process with a target of $250,000. 💰💰💰

As these donations will make sure over 1,000 underprivileged kids in our Fit Body communities in the midwest have Christmas gifts. 🎄

The real magic was in the love and support.💥

So thank you for being part of our Fit Family.🙏

Thank you for investing in your health and fitness.

Thank you for trusting us as your coaches.

YOU, my friend, are the real Santa Claus.🎅

I hope this inspires you to take part in our incredible brand whose mission is to Inspire Fitness & Change Lives in our local communities across North America!

The best part?

Next year when we officially break the record.. 

Christmas will be that much sweeter.

Here is some press and a highlight video of the event..

== > Fit Body Guinness Book of World Record Attempt Press Feature

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce 

PS watch the Sizzle Reel of the World Record Attempt. Click HERE.

[MM] A story on positiv e thinking 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] A story on positiv e thinking

I received this story from my better half Tatiana last week.

I got a lot of value so wanted to pass it along to inspire you to get your week started in a positive fashion!

Please read it 2x to let it sync in and share it with someone in need!

Three men set out on a journey.

Each one carried two sacks. One around their necks and one on their back.

The first man was asked what was in his sacks..

 “I carry all the kinds of deeds of my friends. By doing so, they are out of sight and out of mind, and I don’t have to do anything about them. They’re soon forgotten. 

This sack in front carries all the unkind things people do to me. I pause in my journey every day and take these out to study. It slows me down, but nobody gets away with anything.”

The second man said he keeps his own good deeds in his front sack.

“ I constantly keep them before me,” he said.

“It gives me pleasure to see them.”

“The sack on your back seems heavy, what is in it?,” someone remarked to the second traveler.

“That’s where I carry my mistakes,” said the second man. “I always keep them on my back.”

The third man was asked what he keeps in his sacks. “I carry my friends’ kind deeds in this front sack,” he said.

“It looks full. It must be heavy,” said an observer.

“No,” said the third man, “it’s big but not heavy. Far from being a burden, it is like the sails of a ship. It helps me move ahead.”

The observer added, “I notice that the sack behind you has a hole in the bottom. It seems empty and of very little use.”

The third man replied..

“That’s where I put all the evil I hear from others. It just falls out and is lost, so I have no weight to impede me.”

This is a good story for your health, fitness, and life!

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] Rest at the end, not in the middle…. 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM] Rest at the end, not in the middle….

This past weekend was special as my brother Barrett and I took the opportunity and spent Saturday afternoon with some brother bonding time.

We had a good deep chat about business and life.

We also watched some sports. 

In fact, it was a crazy weekend for football with some fun games and big upsets! I still cannot believe Tennessee overtook the Crimson Tide from Alabama.

And while the mid-season weekend was fun, I was also reminded of the late Kobe Bryant.

I was a huge fan and loved his famous quote “Rest at the end, not in the middle”.

Why is this significant?

That’s where we are my friend, in the middle!!

The middle of the Fall Challenge, the middle of the football season, the middle of life, the middle of greatness.

Yes, I know you are busy and sometimes life can feel overwhelming.

It definitely does for me at times too.

But just as Kobe said, “keep going as you can rest at the end, but not in the middle!”

Let’s make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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Fit Body Attempts Guinness Book of World Record for a Cause 1024 811 Bryce Henson

Fit Body Attempts Guinness Book of World Record for a Cause

Yes, you read that right. 👍

This past Saturday I was in Grand Rapids Michigan supporting one of my best friends and Franchise Partners Matt Wilber.

He and a team of 7 West Michigan Fit Body locations organized a group Jumping Jack Work Out which was an official attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records.🔥

There were over 1,500 people in attendance. 

The energy was electric!!⚡️

Sadly we came up short by roughly 750 participants.

While bummed we didn’t break the record.

There was a GIANT silver lining..

Our Fit Body clients donated nearly 100K for the Big Give Non-profit. Which means over 1,000 underprivileged kids in West Michigan will have a Christmas.🎄

This, my friend, was the fundamental reason for the event.

So ultimately it was a historic win!!🙌

There was so much love and support from Matt, our Fit Body team, clients, and the community in the Midwest.

We did a lot of good in the process.

I hope this inspires you to take part in our incredible brand whose mission is to Inspire Fitness & Change Lives here in Mission Viejo AND in our local communities across North America!

The best part?

Next year when we officially break the record.. 

It will be that much sweeter.

== > Fit Body Guinness Book of World Record Attempt Video Highlight

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] Fit Body on FOX – the countries biggest health crisis 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM] Fit Body on FOX – the countries biggest health crisis

Happy Monday! 🙌

I am excited to go back home after a 10-day trip to the midwest!

There were many highlights including being featured on FOX 2 News Detroit with my brother Barrett. Barrett is a Fit Body owner in Michigan and Executive Director of Coaching for the brand.

It was really fun following his lead and seeing the great relationship he has built with the station which gives a platform to discuss health and wellness.💥

Specifically, FOX 2 recently reached out to him and brought us on to cover the Obesity Epidemic. As statistically it has been and continues to be the most severe health crisis our country faces. 

In fact, it was the root cause of 80% of COVID’s hospitalizations and fatalities. And sadly, the problem has become even worse in the last few years. 💯

Below are some stats from the CDC.

The scariest part? 😱

These are pre-COVID. They are now much worse. 

  • 42.4% of Adults in the US are defined as Obese 
  • 32% of adults in the US are defined as Overweight 
  • 20% of children in the US are defined as Obese 

And the most challenging part of being a Fitness Coach is when I get the response, “Bryce, I cannot afford to get fit.” 

My response?

You cannot afford not to be fit. ✅

As the CDC’s data shows it costs the average Obese American $1,500/year more in health care costs and nearly $200 BILLION dollars collectively as a country. 

Both scary and mind-boggling. 

The takeaway?

You either pay for your fitness or sickness. The choice is yours.👊

The best part?

My team and I are here to help which is my message for today!🙏

Lean on us and do it often! We are PASSIONATE about beating this and here for you! So please reach out!👍

== > Fit Body on FOX News

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] A White Belt Mentality 768 1024 Bryce Henson

[MM] A White Belt Mentality


That was the loud sound of my friend James slamming me on the mat at my first Brazilian Jitsu session on Saturday.

The experience was extremely, extremely, extremely humbling to say the least.

While I pride myself on my fitness and athleticism, I was thrown around like a rag doll.👎

Candidly, I was no match for James who has been training for the better part of a decade. 

In fact, Saturday reminded me of my very first personal training session in January 2007. I felt awkward, scared, uncomfortable, and so out of place.

And I would imagine the exact same feeling as many of our newbies who enrolled in our brand-wide Fall Challenge which kicks off today.

Excited and nervous all at the same time. 

There is something special and needed, in taking a bit of humble pie, putting on your proverbial white belt on and pushing through your comfort zone.

As your comfort zone is where all the growth, the breakthroughs, the happier and better version of you remains.

But the secret is being willing to put that while belt on and start. 🔥

To start is always the hardest and scariest part. 

But when you do, and while incredibly challenging in the moment..

Eventually, the world opens up to you and your life gets better. Just as long as you stay strong and don’t quit. 👊

That’s been my experience with fitness and life. 💪

And I want that for you. 💯

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] “There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the….” 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] “There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the….”

I had a big learning lesson that I wanted to share with you from last week regarding my former housecleaner. 💥

She was introduced by a referral and have been working with her for the last 6 months. She comes once per month. 

Overall, she’s friendly and has done a decently good job according to my wife Tatiana.

But this past Thursday evening when I arrived home from our Headquarters, I found Tatiana on her knees outside my office door trying to pick the lock.

Her fingers were bruised as she had spent the last 30 minutes trying to unlock the door. 

It turns out that when our cleaner came, she accidentally locked and closed the door before leaving. 

Since Tatiana was trying to solve it, I quickly gave the cleaner a buzz and asked if she could help. The alternative was to hire a locksmith for $200.

Unfortunately, that is what we ended up having to do. 

And this was just after the $250 house cleaning. Ouch!😓

And the worst part is that our cleaner made no offer to help, and even pointed the blame at us as “she doesn’t lock doors, only closes them so had to be your fault”.

She then messaged Tatiana the next day to confirm our next monthly cleaning. Unfortunately, that’s a no-go and the last time we will work together.

Now to be fair, if she made any effort to help and/or was willing to split the cost of the locksmith, that would have been sufficient. 

Stuff happens and heaven knows I make my fair share of mistakes. 

No issues on my end, as we all do.

However, nothing was offered to make the oversight right. Nothing at all, other than turning the blame on her client. 

As you would imagine, we felt very disappointed and will no longer be working with her again. As when the next thing breaks, I definitely know it will be our fault again.👊

While bummed, there’s a lesson here.⚡️

When you make a mistake, take full responsibility and then make it right. 

Simple as that.👍

Personally, that’s a good rule to live by.

And in the business world which you can also apply to your profession, my saying about short term/long term thinking..

“There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the relationship.”

So sometimes you have to forgo the transaction, make the situation right to guard your relationships, and tap into true long-term wealth.

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] Whats your deep er reason? 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM] Whats your deep er reason?

I cannot believe September and Labor Day is already here!💥

As we enter the “Fall season” which is busy with football and back-to-school events.. 

It made me stop and think about what’s really important in life..

So asked myself this question..🤔

Why do most people want to get back in the gym after summer and focus on their fitness & nutrition again?

The most common answers are to lose weight, to get toned, and to get into better shape..

Yes, all of those answers would be accurate.💯

However, I wasn’t inquiring about the surface-level answers.

Rather, the deeper rooted reasons..

If I look internally, the real reason I focus on my health and fitness is so that I can feel better, have more confidence, and be a better support system for myself and my family.

And if you are anything like me, it’s probably the same for you..

Yes – weight loss and muscle building & toning contain big benefits.

But the true value of being healthy and fit is to have better energy & life so you have more time with your loved ones.

With this in mind, my message and call to action today is to always keep the main thing – the main thing!

Focus on you, your health, and fitness, so that you can be there for your family and loved ones. 💪

I took a little time to do that this weekend with my wife Tatiana, brother  Barrett, sister Emma, brother-in-law, and nephews.

And I hope you did the same over this holiday weekend.

If not, what are you waiting for? 

The time is now.⏱

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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[MM] Life lessons from 2 “strangers” 1024 768 Bryce Henson

[MM] Life lessons from 2 “strangers”

Happy Mindset Monday!

Today’s message is about love and gratitude with some life lessons that will help you on your journey. 💥

Looking at the included picture, there are no words to truly describe my deep love and gratitude for these amazing ladies.

The snap is of my mother-in-law Cristina and my dear friend Mara.

They are my 2 most notable Brazilian Portuguese teachers over the last 12 years.🙌

The picture was taken at Mara’s house in Laguna Beach 2 weeks ago, and was the first time they met.

While “strangers” their commonalities and influence in my life cannot be understated.

Both were born years before me in the same decade in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 🇧🇷

They grew up within miles of each other, in a very different place and in a very foreign land.

But similarly, they both provided me with a deep foundation for my 2nd language and deep knowledge into Brazilian culture.

And most importantly throughout my journey of learning from them both, they have become my closest friends.

They have taught me way more than a second language. They taught me about culture, perspective, and about life.

Consequently, they are “life teachers” and have become family in the process.

My call to action for you from the lessons I learned from them over the last decade..

  • Do hard things that challenge you.
  • Routinely put yourself in incredibly uncomfortable situations as this forces growth.
  • Seek monitors that have done what you want to do and gain proximity.
  • Take a deep interest in other people, cultures and backgrounds from a learning perspective.

By following this advice, my life was forever changed for the better.

And I want the same for you.

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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Monday Mindset: When Things Don’t Go As Planned! 👍 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: When Things Don’t Go As Planned! 👍

I received this story with a great lesson from my friend Randy recently and wanted to share to get your mind right this Monday..

The Chinese Farmer 

Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer whose horse ran away. 🧑‍🌾

That evening, all of his neighbors came around to commiserate.

They said, “We are so sorry to hear your horse has run away. This is most unfortunate.” 🐎 

The farmer said, “Maybe.”

The next day the horse came back bringing 7 wild horses with it, and in the evening everybody came back and said, 

”Oh, isn’t that lucky? What a great turn of events. You now have 8 horses!” 

The farmer again said, “Maybe.”

The following day his son tried to break one of the horses, and while riding it, he was thrown and broke his leg.

The neighbors then said, “Oh dear, that’s too bad ” and the farmer responded, “Maybe.”

The next day the conscription officers came around to take his son. 

As in that time, they conscripted people into the army and they rejected his son because he had a broken leg. 

Again all the neighbors came around and said, “Isn’t that great!” 

Again, he said, “Maybe.”

The morale of the story?

The whole process of life and fitness is an integrated process of immense complexity, and it’s nearly impossible to tell whether anything that happens in it is good or bad — because you never know what will be the consequence of misfortune; or, you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune. 💪

The most important thing to do is have faith and a positive perspective that it will all work out for your good! All while keep taking action toward your health & fitness goals every day to make your life better! 💯

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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