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Monday Mindset: Who do they save? 1024 527 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Who do they save?

Happy Monday!
My good friend Mateo shared this with me recently so wanted to pass it on as I trust you will get value.
But please be for warned as the question I am proposing today is very deep and smacked me in the face when I was presented with it, but possess a VERY valuable lesson…
When the coast guard goes out to save lives during a boat wreck, and the humbling moment arrives in that they realize there are more people in the water than space in the helicopter….
The question then becomes….Who do they save?
There motto is…
“We can only save the people who swim toward us.”
Please watch this 2 minute video HERE!    🚁 🚁 🚁
The learning lesson is you will go CRAZY in life if you try to help people who claim they want your help but don’t actually do.
That’s a recipe for confusion, frustration and eventual disaster for all parties.
Thus, in your life and as good humans do, be there for those who needs your help. Share your gifts and support whenever possible.  But only spend time with people who say they need it, and actually welcome the help!!
And that’s the same for us as your coaches here at Fit Body. Our team is here for you! We want to coach you, we want to support you, we want to ensure you stay accountable, and we want to help you!
So todays message and the call to action is to please swim toward us!!! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset: “Victim or Victor”? Meet Kara…. 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: “Victim or Victor”? Meet Kara….

Happy Monday!

Today’s message comes from a story that GREATLY INSPIRES me, from a client named Kara A. who is a member of our San Marcos location. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to befriend, and work out with her on occasion!

She works incredibly hard, is extremely inspirational and will tell you that she has a completely full life.  And I would say she has taken what many would consider as a “Victim” situation and turned it into a super power. In my estimation that is a VICTOR’s mentality that we can all learn from!! As in life, it’s not about what happens to you (which is mostly out of our control). It’s about how you RESPOND!

The source of inspiration for me is that she is deaf, using American Sign Language to communicate. Although not to be confused with “hearing impaired.”  Simply and in her own words “because I don’t view myself as broken.”

Kara was born in Russia and adopted at an early age, and moved to Maryland where she lived on the East Coast and ended up graduating at the Rochester Institute of Technology. And in 2013, she took a chance and moved to California.  BOOM!

Additionally, she is awakened up to the significant visionary sightseeing with the silence she feels.

And as it turns out, “being deaf has increased my senses in other areas of my life where I can focus on my work out without hearing. Instead of listening to sounds, I depend on feeling sounds by vibrations in my body that echoes from the wall. “

How incredible is that?

I trust you find this as inspiring as I do. And especially at a time where 43% of our country is obese according to the CDC as of 2018 statistics, which is by far and statistically the biggest health epidemic we are facing as country that will have incredible consequences if not fixed!!!

From the mindset of “I am too busy, I don’t have the time, I have family to take care of, I cannot make fitness my priority” which we have all heard people say citing why they cannot focus on their health as priority.

But there is Kara, with a significant reason why “I cannot actually hear the coaches or ques” that anyone would understand.  But does she say that?


There she is, with a VICTOR not VICTIM mindset, taking care of herself and being part of the solution.

And here are a few more words from Kara, which I hope inspires YOU as much as it does ME!

“Health and fitness are so important!!! I love being an athlete, to play as a team, and have a good time!  Without nutrition and exercise, I would not be able to play like a “child” again.

 I am doing this for myself, my niece who is 24 months old, and even my life partner’s nephew, 14th months old. These children need big role models and use us as examples! So keep going & have FUN!”

-Coach Bryce

PS Kara is on the far right of the picture, flexing like the TRUE VICTOR she is!

Monday Mindset: New beginnings 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: New beginnings

Happy Monday!

New beginnings can be very exciting, happy, nerve racking, and even scary!


And all of these emotions were captured last week when I met my nephew Ryder this past Friday evening! He was born on Friday, September 11, in the year 2020.


Can you believe that!? What a date huh? :p


Well it turns out, his presence in our world is the good luck we all need to turn the energy around back to the blue skies and rainbows ahead!

Can you feel it?!  I can!!! 🙂


As such, I am super happy for my sister Emma and her fiance Bobby. And even more happy to welcome Ryder into the world as his life marks a new beginning in our family. My first official nephew, first grandson for my mother and first child for my sister Emma.

And yes, I am a VERY happy and proud uncle!!!


That in mind, today marks another new beginning as we have thousands of challengers here in Southern California and across North America, embarking on our last 8 Week Transformation Challenge of the year.


Nutrition Coaching and accountability is the foundation of the challenge program, with the goal of collectively adding to the 311,000 lbs weight loss metric previously lost with our programs to date.


And our goal is to cross the ½ million pound mark by its completion in mid November. Yes, we have our work cut out for us, but know we can do it!


As such, and with all the movements, in today’s message I wanted to point out that change is a part of life. In fact, it’s the only constant even though human nature tends to resist it, myself included. And this is especially why one of our core values is to Embrace and Drive Change. As without this mindset, we will all be left behind especially in today’s fast paced, technologically driven world.

So my call to action today is to embrace change, embrace the new and when you do, you become more open to all life has to offer and the new blessings in store!

We are here for you and make it a GREAT week!


Coach Bryce


Monday Mindset: FUEL for growth.. 581 560 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: FUEL for growth..


Happy Monday!

If you are still feeling a bit of stress and heaviness lately, you are not alone especially with the remembrance of Sept 11 on Thursday.

In addition to that, the fact is that we are still navigating through this interesting and very challenging time in our country. This means that now greater than ever is time to focus on things within your control, release the rest, and strengthen your mindset by achieving a greater perspective.


As whatever obstacles or challenges you’re facing, if reframed in the correct mindset, are in fact FUEL for growth.

Let me explain..

I am a big believer and student of Stoic Philosophy. “Student” is the correct word as it’s a complete work in progress, albeit I regard it as the philosophy of the successful.


In studying their approach, a Stoic doesn’t believe in obstacles or challenges. A stoic believes in FUEL to the FIRE, that is inside us as humans.


When you throw an obstacle, a challenge, a setback, or most materials into fire….


Fire does NOT retreat or die.


Rather, fire uses those obstacles/challenges, or whatever stands in its way, as FUEL to make the fire BIGGER. In fact, and especially with the right conditions oxygen, wind, etc., fire uses anything in its path to GROW STRONGER, to FUEL its evolution and advancement.


For us humans, the “right conditions” consist of a STRONG MINDSET and proper perspective, which is critical for you to develop.


As if you study anyone great throughout history, you will find a common theme….


There is NO greatness without obstacles or challenges. In fact, greatness requires FUEL to become GREAT.


And while in full transparency, it’s very hard to make sense of the many obstacles in our way at the moment including government closures, market conditions, civil unrest, division of ideas, and all the human emotion & frustration around this current situation..


But know that with the right mindset, this too will be FUEL to make us all stronger.


And to provide you with some examples of the reframe in my own life for your benefit, here we go..


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: My father had severe issues with addiction & gambling, abandoned the family, and left us in an extremely financial stressed situation at age 8.

Fuel: I developed a keen sense of responsibility and maturation at a very young age with the drive to provide value into the world to ensure my family’s future success.


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: Alcohol devastated and fractured some significant relationships in my family which left me confused, frustrated, and heartbroken. This also created a specific situation that I once considered it the “worst” experience of my life.


 Fuel: As an adult and because of the pain, I got honest with myself and owned up to my own problems with alcohol being genetically disposed. Consequently, I made the decision to completely remove it from my life in December of 2016, so I could take another step at the best version of me which allows me to serve you, family, team and clients at a higher level. It turned out to be one of the “best” experiences of my life.


  1. Obstacle/Challenge: I was extremely small throughout my childhood, physically developed late and gained weight without attention to my fitness in my late teenage & early twenties. This caused me immense pain, insecurity, and depression.


 Fuel: I discovered health & fitness, and got a coach which shaped my physique, mind and confidence and has allowed me to lead and inspire others to do the same.




Friends, these are my reframes which all absolutely changed my life for the better. Without this fuel, I wouldn’t be here sending you this note today.


So my call to action for you today I would encourage you to review some of your own struggles in life (both past and present), and reframe them as fuel so you can overcome them and derive benefit for yourself,  your family, friends and world.


And to leave you with the words of Marcus Aurelius, former emperor of Rome, and one of my favorite quotes of all time…


“The impediment to action, advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way.”




-Coach Bryce

PS if you want some FUEL to kick start your fitness, sign up for our last Challenge (aka Nutrition and Accountability program) of the year which deadline is approaching.

Yorba Linda –

Mission Viejo –

San Marcos –

Monday Mindset: A secret to a happy life 960 720 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: A secret to a happy life

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying a nice Labor Day weekend!

Mine started off on Saturday with a trip to our San Marcos location to celebrate our Coach Westin’s last day before he is off to the next chapter which includes training for American Ninja Warrior.

It was definitely bittersweet as we are sad for us but happy for him.


And it was really inspiring that our clients showed all their love and appreciation for him over the last 18+ months of contribution with a final sweaty session!


In reflection, and if I could sum up the WHY in 2 words as to the reason Coach Westin was so successful here, it would be ENTHUSIASM towards fitness and more importantly towards building RELATIONSHIPS!


As the fact is that ENTHUSIASM is contagious and a vital component to success in any of life’s ventures. And RELATIONSHIPS are what make us whole as we humans are a tribal species.

And that’s exactly how we hire and train our team.


We HIRE for character and enthusiasm and then train the relationship building and coaching. In fact, we have an acronym we train our coaches on which is FORD (like the car company).


  1. Family
  2. Occupation
  3. Recreation
  4. Dreams


As we know if we can have all our coaches really know the FORD of our clients….this will foster deeper relationships which provides influence. And this in turn, makes our clients more prone to work harder, comply with our coaching and be more positive which ultimately means an increased level of fitness/results and happier life for our all clients and community!


Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, this is what always makes it so tough when a coach moves on to their next chapter as that relationship is key. But this philosophy has been the foundation of our success and why we keep teaching the concept which our new coaches will learn and master!!

So this all said, my lesson and message today is this…

The quality of your life depends on the quality of RELATIONSHIPS.


And while we hope you use our Fit Body FORD coaching acronym in your life, know that alone not enough. You must possess ENTHUSIASM, like Coach Westin. As ENTHUSIASM in any endeavour is the key to success and to a happy life!


So my call to action is for you to apply this to your life starting TODAY and this week!

And rest assured and an undying promise, we will always be on the lookout for strong character in our coaches which we will train up to apply the FORD, RELATIONSHIP concept with plenty of ENTHUSIASM to ensure you are always supported!

Have a great week!

Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: Remember your WHY! 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Remember your WHY!

Happy Monday!


As you know from last week,  this past Wednesday and Thursday we hosted our hybrid in person & virtual Mastermind to over 100+ owners and coaches around the world to provide better systems, support, and operational assistance to better support their clients.


It was an incredible and well needed event which provided a lot of information, coaching and inspiration.


At the end of each Mastermind event, we typically finish with milestones and recognition for each owner who has inspired fitness and changed more lives (which is our company’s mission).


Being that COVID consumed a large part of the last 6 months since our last meeting, this Mastermind we finished by celebrating everyone for simply staying in the fight as many business and gyms owners are not so fortunate.


One part humbled, the other part grateful.


As such, it was a good reminder and coaching moment to remind everyone WHY we do what we do. As in this business, the mornings come early, the evenings late and it can be easy to get down especially when facing so much adversity in the current climate.


So now more than ever is THE MOST important time to reflect on why we all got into the business.


And as you know, this is the same coaching we provide you when the going gets tough which is to remember your WHY!


So let me remind you..why are you pursuing better health and fitness?


Is it a better quality of life, to be a better role model for your kids, to gain more self confidence, to have a clearer mind, or to be the best version of you?


Whatever it is for you, when things get challenging as they always do and like it is for our country and world right now, you must take a step back and remember your WHY which is what will get you out of bed and into boot camp.


This in mind, I wanted to share with you my family’s WHY which is something I also came back to as a much needed reminder.


To preface, this video was put together by our CEO and Founder Bedros K back in 2014, and long before I was part of the franchise leadership team.  It was designed to show my family’s passion for health and fitness & highlight the obstacles that we experienced, which is merely a symptom of life.


And ultimately it was designed to inspire YOU and others to continue your fitness journey!


I hope you gain some value and inspiration from OUR WHY which is to SERVE YOU!


Click HERE!!


Committed to YOUR success,



Monday Mindset: 8 lessons to my younger self… 1024 781 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: 8 lessons to my younger self…

Happy Monday!


I am excited for the week as we have our Summer Mastermind Meeting on Wednesday & Thursday hosted at our Fit Body HQ office and streamed virtually since we have more limited in person spacing due to social distancing protocol.


In the case you are not familiar, Mastermind is a high level coaching group for very ambitious owners in our brand looking to grow themselves, teams and clients personally and professionally.


It’s also where we create and brainstorm the best ideas to provide our owners & clients the best experience & results as we forever continue to develop our program for YOU!


Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to have been sent the included picture by my friend Nadine, which showed up on her Facebook memories, taken 8 years ago this past week. What a gem and pure blast from the past! As an added bonus, I am still friends with some of the participants in the picture to this day.


So here is the backstory about the photo with 8 lessons to my younger self to help you on your journey…



It was my first Mastermind event as a part of Fit Body at our old HQ in Chino Hills in mid-August 2012 and as a participant not co leader. I just returned to California from a 2 year trip abroad, and Tatiana was still in Brazil scheduled to arrive in California in 2 months.


The week prior I had signed the franchise paperwork with Fit Body CEO, business coach & future partner Bedros K. And was still looking for the location Tatiana and I ended up finding in Yorba Linda soon after which we opened that November.


And while filled with passion and excitement, I think it’s fair to say we had no idea that we were about to embark on the most difficult and rewarding journey of our lives.   🙂


So when I first relooked at this picture and speaking for myself, I received an intense feeling on how I wish I could time travel for a moment and share some wisdom to help that baby faced guy in the photo.


If I could have…this is what I would have told him..


  1. This will be the biggest crash course you will ever receive on the subject of human nature. Get ready, it’s going to be quite a ride.
  2. It’s extremely important you are fit and continue to develop your technical coaching skill set, but your ability to develop your character and leadership skills will be your most important assets in helping the most people.
  3. You will be introduced to some amazing people, both clients and teammates alike, and will be forever grateful for the relationships developed.  Get excited.
  4. In general terms, learn to make decisions quicker.
  5. You will need to develop much thicker skin and drastically increase your pain tolerance. This pain will provide growth.
  6. You will make mistakes, and many times daily.  Fall forward, keep learning, make adjustments, get better, rinse and repeat.
  7. In difficult situations with conflict which is ever present, listen and really hear all sides before taking action as human nature tends to put a spin on everything. So it’s up to you to decipher and break down the facts to make the best decisions possible with limited information.
  8. This will be the hardest thing you have done in your life. The hours will be backbreaking. You will be tested. You will suffer and experience heart break while being criticized intensely. Sometimes people will disappoint you. The mornings come early and the evenings late. 7 days per week is the requirement for the success you are after.  But keep your head up and keep moving forward, as this will be the hardest but most rewarding experience of your life that will also greatly benefit others.


I trust you received some value that you can apply in your career or life.


Let’s make it a great week!

Monday Mindset – Humility and Coaching (Great teachers) 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Humility and Coaching (Great teachers)

Happy Monday!


I originally had a different topic for today but over the weekend experienced a moment of great humility and value, so wanted to share the value with you!


On Sunday morning, after grabbing a boot camp circuit, I finished off my work out by going for a 1.1 mile run around a nearby lake. I have lived here for over 7 years, and until COVID never ran around it with any sort of consistency so this has been a benefit of the current situation.


In any case, I was about ¼ around the lake when a gentleman on the same path flew by me to my right. It startled me for a second, and then when I focused in, I finally realized what had happened..


While I couldn’t tell his exact age at the time, but with a lean muscular frame and a full head of silver hair, I could tell he had a few years on me. And I didn’t fully realize he was pushing 60 years young, until later in the run when we connected for a brief moment as I thanked him for the push.


Anyway, once he flew by me, my competitive nature became extremely disappointed in myself for dogging it, so I doubled my pace to catch him. And for the next ½ mile, I followed at a 15 yard distance behind him as I worked hard JUST to keep his pace.

This man was so inspiring!


And being very honest with you, there were even a few moments where I had the impulse to slow back down given his impressive speed. But the big taste of humble pie wouldn’t allow and finished the lap together.


And while this gentleman had no idea at the time, he was coaching me to be better. He was leading the way, he was running hard, he was pushing himself and all while being nearly twice my age!!


All this to say and the lesson today is two fold.


  1. Sometimes a swift kick in the butt with a large dose of humble pie is good for the soul. It stings at first, but if embraced, being humbled can be a great tool for growth.
  2. You never know who is watching. This man certainly didn’t know that he left an incredible mark on me & certainly coached me by example to be better.


So friend, my question to you is are you the role model of health and fitness for your kids, family and coworkers?


As to whether you realize or not, and just like my experience this weekend, they are watching and your example is being followed.


Make it a fit week!


Committed to your success,


-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: Challenges create growth! 790 468 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Challenges create growth!

Happy Monday!
We are kicking off a 4 week nutrition challenge today called “Drop 1 size” with over 100 challengers at our locations. Very exciting for this at will roll into our 3rd and final 8 week challenge of the year launching on September 21.
Now when you hear “Challenge” specific to our Fit Body Program, I want you to think a “Nutrition Coaching & Accountability Program”.
Now according to the CDC, exercising at least 120 minutes per week with 2 strength sessions is baseline Physical Activity recommendation. The CDC also classifies meeting this recommendation as the single most important thing you can do to increase your immune system and to better your health.
So getting to at least 3 boot camps a week is SO IMPORTANT!
However, when it comes to body compensation change (which also directly & greatly impacts health), your NUTRITION is the biggest factor that will dictate whether or not you lose weight and change your body compensation.
In fact, have you ever heard the saying “You cannot out train a bad diet!”?
Well, it is true!!
This in mind, and while challenges can sound scary and something we want to avoid, they are in fact the fuel to strength and growth. As humans, we have a natural impulse to avoid resistance.
Although ironically enough, this is the exact opposite strategy if we want to create strength and growth.
  • You see, if you want your muscles to grow… add resistance/challenge consistently (aka weights), and they will.
  • If you want your endurance to grow… add resistance/challenge consistently (aka cardio HIIT Training), and it will.
  • If you want your communication skills to grow… add resistance/challenge consistently (aka practice in front of audiences), and they will.
  • If you want your confidence to grow… add resistance/challenge consistently (aka keep the promises you make to yourself), and it will.
By now you get the point.
So if you want to change and grow; the secret formula is to add resistance/challenge consistently and you will do just that!
So my call to action today is to combat your internal impulse to avoid resistance which is factory installed in you and in all of us as humans. Instead, lean into & embrace resistance and you will grow from it.
And I will leave you with a quote from former Navy Seal David Goggin’s:
“If it doesn’t suck, we don’t do it”.
A little extreme, but clearly you can see the incredible growth you will encounter if you have a mindset like this towards embracing the challenges that come your way.
Make it a fit week!
Committed to your success,
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset: A few lessons from 37 spins 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: A few lessons from 37 spins

Happy Monday.

I hope you had a great weekend. I did and am extremely grateful for all the birthday messages as I celebrated 37 spins around the sun on Friday.

As such, I wanted to provide you some birthday value and share a few lessons from my journey thus far that I know to be true, and trust they can benefit your life.

  1. Move your body and sweat every day. And while this is important for your body, your mind will benefit the most.
  2. Life isn’t long. In fact, time is your most important commodity which is fleeting. Don’t waste it otherwise you will live with regret.
  3. Short term: take massive action, long term: have patience. This is a very good strategy for a successful life.
  4. Drink more water.
  5. Be the hardest working person in the room. Period.
  6. Travel as far and wide as possible and to 1 new place every year. Even if you have to sleep on couches and scrape pennies together to do this, you will become a better and more interesting person.
  7. Eat less sugar, and more nutrient dense foods. Your body will respond and feel much better.
  8. No one owes you anything. If you live an entitled life, while short term it feels good, long term you will suffer.
  9. Live abroad for at least 12 months of your life and ideally in a 3rd world country. This will build your confidence, teach you humility and make you a better person.
  10. Pick a new hobby and dedicate yourself to consistent & weekly pursuit of mastery every decade. Your life will be enriched.
  11. Sleep is critical for a successful and happy life.
  12. Have more patience with yourself and others. Life is hard and we are all doing the best we know how.
  13. Tackle your problems head on. Otherwise, they grow and ultimately get worse with time and avoidance.
  14. People will learn from what you do, not what you tell them.
  15. Practice Ronald Reagan’s rule number 6. What is rule number 6? Don’t take yourself to seriously, no one is getting out alive.
  16. Take extreme ownership of your situation and your life. Stop pointing fingers & playing the victim. You might have been wronged, but it’s still your responsibility to fix. Which also means that in any situation, you are also the solution.
  17. When you mess up, apologize promptly and deeply mean it. Learn from it and then move on. We all make mistakes so don’t live with regret.
  18. Accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you can. And pray for the wisdom to know the difference. (that’s easier said than done).
  19. Remember that the more you learn, the less you realize you know.
  20. In every situation you encounter, leave it better than you found it.

I trust you got some value, and here is to another year of learning and growth.

Love, respect and gratitude,

-Coach Bryce