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Monday Mindset: Criticism & The Naysayers 582 512 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Criticism & The Naysayers

Happy Monday!
I hope you enjoyed Women’s Day yesterday which is a nice celebration for all the amazing ladies in the world!
Today’s message is focused on building a tough mindset to handle criticism and the naysayers, which is unavoidable for your (or anyone) wanting to achieve success in any aspect of life.
I was reminded of this as I was coaching a new FBBC owner this past week. He is new to the business and really sad and frustrated in that he was receiving some criticism on social media.
He had to let go a coach, who was an absolutely fantastic coach & who built strong relationships with many clients but had many issues behind the scenes (routinely late, combative, not a team player, deliberately missed meetings & trainings, etc.). Ultimately, this was causing major issues with the team over a period of many weeks, turning into months.
After coaching conversations, write-ups and warnings without any improvement; he made the decisions to uphold his team standards & culture, and part ways with the coach. Based off the laundry list of issues, it was clearly the right decision (albeit unpopular to some of his clients without visibility) which created some backlash and public criticism for the decision.
He was seeking guidance, in which I reminded him that doing the right thing, isn’t necessarily the easy or popular thing, but it’s needed for integrity and long-term success. Some of your clients might be upset or leave (and understandably so since they cannot see the full picture), but keep your head up, continue to treat your team and clients well and hold them to high standards. By doing this, it will create a strong team and the best long-term client experience, and you will get through this even stronger. And even though it doesn’t seem like it right now, the cream always rises to the top in the long run.
With that, I was reminded of you, as it’s a great analogy for fitness and for life. You see, whenever you dare to do something great (like getting into shape), there will be many people that either don’t understand or doubt you.
Some genuinely don’t have your best interest at heart, although many do and just don’t want to see you get hurt. And even sometimes, your success is threatening to them as it shines the proverbial spotlight on them (and their lack of fitness focus), which creates discomfort and eventually criticism.
You have seen it and probably experienced it already when you were out with some friends, and you were sticking to your nutrition plan (even though you caught some slack for it). “Oh come on, have that dessert, live a little.” Or “You don’t have to be that strict, you’re no fun.”
Some of your work colleagues or even family might send a little skepticism your way “take it easy on the workouts, you might hurt yourself” or “you seem obsessed with that boot camp, always checking on FB.”
The reality is, that while most peoples are intentions are good, your effort or success can be threatening. And therefore, criticism and the naysayers, rooted in human nature, is 100% going to happen to you, and anyone who dares to achieve anything great.
In fact, right at this moment in time and I hate to break it to you, but there is probably someone gossiping and criticizing you and me both!
But if you want to be successful, you cannot let that get you down. The reality is that you know you are on the right path. You know you are doing the right thing. You know you are making the right choices. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, except yourself!
So keep your head up and continue to march on loud and proud, no matter what criticism comes your way. As one thing is for sure, it definitely will.
Head up, onward and make it an AWESOME WEEK!
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset: Your environment shapes you… 1024 737 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Your environment shapes you…

Happy Monday!

I am flying back to California today from Atlanta, Georgia. Our CEO Bedros and my brother Barrett delivered a Fit Body Elite Training to our owners from the Southeast (from 6 neighboring states) over the weekend.

It was a ton of fun, and always inspiring connecting with and pouring into FBBC owners and coaches looking to replicate the program our team has spent nearly 8 years of developing.

And it was extra special being that I spent my first 10 years of life in Atlanta before moving to the Midwest. In fact, I had dinner last night in downtown Atlanta, less than a mile from the hospital where I was born.

Looking back, I have fond memories in Georgia. And upon moving to the Midwest nearly 30 years ago; I was very southern and had a thick drawl. In fact, I remember the first 6 months of grammar school in Michigan, my school mates would poke fun at the way I talked. But as kids do, they pick things up but also lose things very quickly; and within less than a year, my southern accent was completely gone.

My mother Donna’s biggest regret was that she didn’t get my brother and I on film so we could playback the tape.

Anyway, while being back in the south and at dinner last night; our waitress asked: “ya’ll fixin’ to have some sweet tea?”

Honestly, I couldn’t understand her and felt a little embarrassed as I had to ask her to repeat herself 3 times before finally getting it and respectfully declining that sugar bomb. 😉

And this was just one of many situations like that over the last few days. And I couldn’t help but wonder the thought of “how would have I turned out if I hadn’t left?!”

Of course, no one really knows exactly, but I do know I would have been much different. This includes the way I would have dressed, acted, thought and spoke.

Consequently, I had a big epiphany on how we become products of our environments. As to whether or we like it or not, our environments do greatly shape us.

And furthermore, why it’s so important to be very intentional about the environments we subject ourselves to in adulthood.

As the fact is that if you want to be happy, healthy and fit; you must surround yourself with people and places that are supportive of this lifestyle.

Have an incredible Monday and week! And remember, you become the company you keep so choose wisely!

Monday Mindset: Humanity 760 383 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Humanity

Happy Monday!

I don’t watch too much TV, but Tatiana introduced me to a comedian on Saturday night via Netflix, named Trevor Noah. If you haven’t heard of him, I would google search him immediately as he is absolutely hilarious!  He is also the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central.

Trevor is from Johannesburg South Africa and is an extremely talented, funny, and articulate man.  He also possesses a fascinating story as he was born to a black mother and white father in 1984, which was a year before Apartheid ended.

He authored the NY Times Best Seller “Born a Crime” as having a biracial family was illegal at that period of time in South Africa. As such, his father couldn’t live with the family and when going on outings in public, so had to hide the details of their family.

Being candid, it saddens me to think of the struggle he endured and the cosmic injustice of that period of human history; which is extremely, extremely recent in the grand scheme of things…

But I am so blown away at his perspective, and positive outlook on life he chose to adopt. Because while on one hand, he doesn’t truly associate with anyone class or ethnicity completely…

But on the other hand, can relate and associate with many. This is an addition to diverse cultural upbringing, as prevalent in the African context, and the fact that he speaks the 6 languages of English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Tsonga, Afrikaans, and finally German, being his father is Swiss.

All this to say that he associates with many types of people and consequently adopted a true humanitarian outlook on life, citing that both his mixed background and travel changed his life due to being exposed to many walks of life, which he also incorporates in his comedy!

And one of many big takeaways from his story and something I believe wholeheartedly is that travel one of the best teachers in the world.

It humbles you, instantly relieving to you that it is not the center of the universe. As it turns out, there are other ways to think, talk, act, worship, and perform rituals; far outside the little bubble you or I grew up in, wherever that may have been. And there is extreme value in that blended perspective.

So, my call to action today is to be like Trevor and adopt a true student of the world mentality, seeking for and learning about other people’s perspectives.

And whether you are 22 or 72, take care of yourself. Eat well and exercise so that you have the health & ability to travel the world, explore and learn about as many people and cultures as humanly possible.  As our world needs more peace, empathy and understanding. And thank you, Trevor, for helping lead the way, and helping bridge the gap in humanity!

Make it an incredible week!

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: The Mamba Mentality 1024 749 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The Mamba Mentality

This past week, myself and 2 business partners Bedros Keuilian, CEO and Matt Wilber, fellow VP of Fit Body Boot Camp; hosted The Fit Body Elite Mastermind. This is a high-level business coaching program for FBBC owners looking to grow their impact in their communities and income.

We had some incredible presenters, from the famous actor Will Smith’s storytelling coach, to bookkeepers, accountants, fitness and business coaches and Blake Garcia (our very own Director of Operations for Team Henson who crushed it). With the entire goal of our owners to learn & grow as leaders to be better able to serve our mission of Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives Every Day!

The content was incredible, and we all had some major take aways to help our ownership serve more of our FBBC Global clients at a higher degree.

And throughout all the technical presentations, I find out very interesting that the 3 leaders of the group, taught on mindset. As the tools and resources of business are extremely important and fundamental to success; but without a strong mindset to persist in the “battlefield of business”, they are useless.

And that’s the same for you in the “battlefield of fitness or of life”.  Yes, we have the tools to get you and our clients into incredible shape (our experienced coaches, equipment such as battle ropes, skiergs, kettlebells, rowers, macronutrient meal plans, accountability, etc.) but without developing your and our clients & team’s mindset, it’s all for not.

As the reality of the situation is that even with the tools, anything worth achieving in life is HARD. It’s HARD to wake up early, it’s HARD to get to boot camp, it’s HARD to break down your muscles, it’s HARD to do one more rep, it’s HARD to drink more water, it’s HARD to pick salad over dessert. It’s all HARD!!!

So, in order for you, me or anyone to achieve long-lasting results; our mindset has to develop. Our mindset has to strengthen. Our mindset has to improve.

So, in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s passing, which still has me unsettled, I find strength in his mentality which he referred to as “The Mamba Mentality”. In fact, it inspired me so much I ordered a frame for my home office to remind me that life, fitness & business is more of a mental challenge than physical!

That in order for you to achieve the goals you set out for and to live the life you desire; you must be in a mental quest to be the best version of yourself day in and day out; myself included!

And while strategy and tools are extremely important in your quest, your mindset is of #1 importance, so my call to action today is to adopt the “Mamba Mentality” in every aspect of your life, including your fitness!

And when you do, the battlefield of fitness and life gets easier.

Monday Mindset: The Man in the Arena 1024 531 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The Man in the Arena

Happy Monday!

It seemed like New Year’s just happened, yet there have already been a few big events in the early part of 2020 which has really got me thinking…. These include the news of the late Kobe Bryant’s passing, the Superbowl, and the Oscars, all within a mere 2 weeks.

One thing is common is that these headlines/events are undoubtedly showcasing excellence. And as my business mentor and now business partner Bedros K. says, “The Market Place Only Rewards Excellence.”

Harsh but true, and why true excellence is what shows up the headlines. As the free market, with it’s competition and all, is one of the reason’s that has made our nation so great and what attracts our attention.

But whether you actually achieve excellence or not, shouldn’t or won’t be the way you judge yourself or life in the end….

The truth is, that much of life is out of your control. Sometimes the ball bounces your way, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes you get the break, sometimes you don’t. You might win an NBA Championship, Superbowl or an Oscar, but chances are that you probably won’t.

It can be unfair, but that’s life.

In the end, the important question you will ask yourself when looking back on your life;  won’t be whether you actually achieved excellence or not.

It will be….. Did I give it everything I had; did I give 100% effort? Did I have the courage to pursue excellence?”.

Only you will know, but I truly believe your answer to this question will dictate your feeling of “fulfillment” or “regret”.

This is why the late Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” poem below is so special to me and one of my favorites.

So today my call to action is to PURSUE excellence. Give everything you have to whatever you put your mind to! Leave no stone unturned and give it your absolute all, 100% maximum effort! No excuses. And whether you actually achieve it or not is secondary.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”  Theodore Roosevelt

Monday Mindset: You can quit tomorrow, just NOT today! (2007) 1006 470 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: You can quit tomorrow, just NOT today! (2007)

Happy Monday!

I cannot believe February is already here and into our second month of 2020!

The average American has long given up on their “New Year’s Resolutions”, but not you! I know you are going strong as we enter week 3 of our NYNY challenge and believe that 2020 is going to be YOUR year of greatness!!

And thinking of new year’s resolutions, it got me to reflect on my own fitness transformation which came in January of 2007.

So I wanted to take a minute to be vulnerable and share my story with you; in the hopes to provide you some inspiration to keep going when times get tough (which if they haven’t already, they definitely will)…

While I wasn’t massively overweight, I had a less than desirable physique of having an extra 15 lbs. of fat and 15 lbs. less on muscle on my frame.

But more than that, I lacked confidence, self-esteem, enthusiasm and the ZEST FOR LIFE that I now possess.

I had moved to Los Angeles about 18 months prior from the Midwest where I went to grammar school, high school and university.

The sunshine and faster pace life of Southern California was certainly an upgrade in many respects..

But being 21 years young, having very little life and professional experience, virtually no valuable skillset to offer any employer aside from effort, and moving 2,300 miles from home without a solid network of family/ friends, all while moving to the “plastic capital of the world”  had its big challenges.

Providing full insight, there were many more dark days than light ones.

But after I gutted through the first year of Los Angeles living, a fortuitous situation happened… A friend from college named Adam Hartwell moved from Michigan to Orange County and we decided to become roommates.

And at the time I didn’t know it, but my life was about to change.

You see…Adam was BUFF, he was a fitness guy who was in incredible shape! He had 6 pack abs, chiseled muscles, tons of confidence, all the girls attention and was seemingly always high on life!

I looked up to him and at first, was a bit intimidated at the thought of living together due to my own insecurities! But after some reflection decided to view it as an opportunity to learn about “Fitness, lifting weights and eating clean” which I knew very little about.

So after we moved in and got settled after a few weeks; I decided to muster up enough courage and asked him if I could tag along with him for his work outs, and if he would be willing to teach me how to “get fit” like he was.

Without hesitation, he said yes; but that only if I was serious.  And if so, I had to be ready every day at 6pm with my gym clothes on, and ready for an intense work out, no excuses.

I eagerly accepted and tagged along for what seemed like an eternity during the first 60 days, which turned out up being nearly 2 years of training together.

We would go to the gym every day, hit the weights through an intense circuit, and drink a protein shake, veggies and a gallon of water every night.  It was absolutely grueling! There were many times I wanted to quit as the sore muscle, body was tired and taste buds salivating for candy/sweets seemingly never ended.

But every time when I was about to throw in the towel,  I dug deep and stuck it out with my internal motto “I can quit tomorrow, just not today.”

And then something magical happened…

Within about 3 months, my physique begin to change. I remember seeing myself in the mirror in April from a side angle; and barely recognized myself as my face had thinned.

Throughout all the pain; it was ACTUALLY WORKING!!

And then once I saw progress, I became inspired! As Tony Robbins says “progress equals motivation!!”

So I dug in further; and after about handful of months, my initial fitness transformation was realized.

Ironically my weight stayed the exact same (starting and ending at roughly 180lbs), but ripped off 15 lbs. of fat and put 15lbs of muscle. And while I had accomplished my goal of acquiring a better physique, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for as the real transformation wasn’t physical, the vast majority of it was mental!

My identity and mindset began to change. I had more energy, more mental clarity and enthusiasm to live life. I acquired more confidence and consequently, turned into the most successful sales rep of my company.

I was able to take on new challenges, which led to me moving abroad, learning a foreign language and ultimately starting a fitness company with Tatiana, where we are both able to serve our team and clients.

And humbling myself, all this came from fitness, coaching and accountability.

And this my friends is why I am so passionate to serve you. I was in pain, depressed, and lacked confidence. And what I found through fitness, absolutely changed my life and know it can for you!!!

So keep your head up. Know it’s not easy and you will have many tough times where you think of quitting just like I did. But if you keep at it, keep coming to boot camp, keep tapping into your coaches and fit family and think to yourself, “I can QUIT TOMORROW, just NOT TODAY”.

And just like me, 13 years later you will be going STRONGER!

Let’s make in an INCREDIBLE WEEK!

Committed to YOUR success,

Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: We are promised nothing 458 299 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: We are promised nothing

Happy Monday.

Being honest, it’s a somber start to my week with the news of the late Kobe Bryant’s passing yesterday (with his 13 year old daughter and other fatalities); and you might feel the same way.  What a sad shock.

For me, moving to Los Angeles in my early 20’s, I cannot claim I am a true or die hard Lakers fan. Although, I do like to see them win.

But much more than that, I can tell you with absolute certainty, I was a Kobe Bryant fan.

There was a lot to love about him; as he was a true winner in every sense of the word. Nick named the “Black Mamba” because he had heart, passion, drive and intensity. Those things are amazing qualities and gifts he possessed.

Ultimately though, he never relied on his skill as his life philosophy (although he had plenty); rather he was known for his colossal work ethic which I believe to be a true reason for his 5 World Championships.  And in my humble opinion, there is no bigger compliment you can give a person than to compliment them on their work ethic, being that this is a factor that all of us can control (which most other things in life, we cannot).

So while a very sad time for sports and humanity due to the positive influence he brought to the world; Kobe lived an incredible life (even being cut short) and we must not lose sight of that. As the true tragedy is if we do not learn a lesson from this all.

And the lesson is that nor fame or fortune provides any promise. The reality is (whether rich or poor, famous or not) we all live a finite life, you and me both. Our time will come, sooner than later, and the truth is that much of the things that happen within our time frame are outside our control.

And the problem is that many of us (myself included); can focus far too much on the things we cannot control, versus the things we can. In that situation, it leads to a life of frustration, sadness, anxiety and suffering.

So my call to action today is not to focus on the things outside of our control, as that is wasted energy and what unhappy people do…

Rather focus and spend 100% of your energy on what you can control.

As you can control the relationships you invest in, what time you go to bed and wake up, what sort of effort you will give today, what passion you bring to your work, what type of food you will put in your mouth, whether or not you will move your body or if you will be consistently kind to others.

My friend, you and me both are not promised anymore than today. That’s the bad news.

But the good news is that if you focus entirely on what you can control and what truly counts in life (Heath, Fitness, Family and Relationships); then you will live a life well lived just like Kobe did.  And I know he would want that for you too.

So I beg of you to learn the lesson and to live with fire, passion, intensity and urgency towards a mission that you believe in.

And if you do that, whether you live to 41 or 141, that’s a life well lived.

RIP Kobe Bryant

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: The secret to your success… 1024 545 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The secret to your success…

Happy Monday!

Exciting things happening her at boot camp, as our NYNY Challenge just launched today after our Orientations last week! We have just about 150 Challengers at our local locations and nearly 15,000 challengers FBBC Worldwide!  We are PUMPED UP!

The point of all this is, is to focus in and develop ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves by cleaning up our nutrition, being held accountable through coaching, and focusing on going the EXTRA mile (aka extra finishers), over the next 56 days TOGETHER as a TEAM to get RESULTS!

Which leads me to the main content of today’s message which is the power of leadership, development and TEAM training!

You see… last weekend a dozen of our leadership teammates participated in a team training led by good friends of mine, a former US Marine and Navy Seal, Steve Eckert and Ray Care;  called LTD Training (Leadership & Team Development).

The training was comprised of physical & team building activities in addition to classroom time where we debriefed to ensure the lessons were learned and can be implemented!

The activities included doing relay racing, carrying wooden logs, team work outs, and dizzy acrobatics, after being spun in a circle 12 times, don’t even ask…. 😉

We also learned how to provide better client support and service, and better ways to improve our communication and program; which means better results for YOU & our clients!  There were so many takeaways (I could go on for hours); but wanted to share the biggest one which is communication and teamwork!

As it’s a known fact that in the military, no one can work alone and be successful. The stakes are too incredibly high in the battlefield (life or death).  So the only way to be successful is to build a team, communicate and continuously work together. As if you don’t…. the consequences can be grave.

But as we learned, that’s the same in the “Battlefield of Business” or the “Battlefield of Life”. The truth is no one can do it alone, (not you or me); as true success is building a team (family, friends, coworkers, fitness coaches, etc. ); communicating and continuously working together!

So the more you can find people to support you, to communicate with you and to work together (in any aspect of your life), the more successful you will be!

And the good news is that this is our focus at Fit Body Boot Camp, to be an instrumental part of your “Fitness team”; and through the power of coaching, accountability, communication and teamwork; we can do BIG THINGS TOGETHER, which includes achieving MASSIVE RESULTS!

Have a GREAT Monday, and let’s make this week count!



-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset: THE BIG LIE: Boot Camp (or any exercise) makes you lose weight 521 249 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: THE BIG LIE: Boot Camp (or any exercise) makes you lose weight


And yes, you read that correctly…

While boot camp and/or exercise burns calories; the reality of the situation is that the fitness industry has been marketing exercise very wrong regarding its claims on driving weight loss for many years.

Yes, typically people who work out, tend to eat better on average since they are investing in themselves; so there is a bunch of researching showing there is a big and distinct correlation.

But the reality of the situation is that NUTRITION is BY FAR the #1 factor in weight loss and/or body composition change, NOT exercise!

So if you have ever heard the phrase: “You cannot out train a bad diet.”…

Well, there is much truth to this. And this is a paradigm shift that is so little, but CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

That all said, the good news though (and not to bash boot camp) is that research is showing exercise is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your brain, to be healthier, happier and live longer (aside from quitting smoking); so there is MASSIVE MASSIVE value in it, aside from the correlation above. As when you do exercise, your brain works better, producing more clarity, energy and higher cognitive function. These are all incredible things!

In addition to the fact that when you combine a boot camp regiment with clean nutrition, the results are compounded!!

But if you are looking to lose weight, burn body fat, and reshape your body; clean Nutrition (not exercise alone), is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO!!

That all said, and since this is so important, and as we have entered a new year/decade; I wanted to set the tone to challenge you to not only exercise 4-5 times per week, but REALLY focus on your nutrition!

Lean Proteins, veggies, fruits and plenty of water (half your body weight in ounces), will do wonders for your physique if you are looking to burn fat, lean out, or better your body composition!

And if you need more help, guidance, or accountability, I would highly recommend you reply to this email ASAP.

We have an 8-week nutrition coaching program launching this week (referred to as the New Year New You Challenge).

So if you do need more help, support, a custom meal plan based off your body type/measurements, and weekly coaching; the TIME IS NOW as we are here to help!!

But regardless whether or not you join our nutrition coaching program; it is time to work out, drink water, and clean up that nutrition as NUTRITION is the real secret to your success!!!

Make it a GREAT WEEK!!

Coach Bryce

PS Click HERE for just 1 of countless studies on weight loss versus exercise!!

Monday Mindset: How do you eat an elephant? (2020 plan) 1024 662 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: How do you eat an elephant? (2020 plan)

Happy New Year and excited for big things happening in 2020!!

Lots of movement going on here at Fit Body Boot Camp including our New Year New You Challenge which launches on Jan 20; and would encourage you to join! It’s also strategically timed to launch when it does, as the average American typically gives up on their New Year Resolution by the 3rd week of January. Ouch!!

Why that is?

Well, most people try to create these GIANT, and ELABORATE plans to completely 180 degree changes in their habits given their goals for the entire year.  And when the going gets tough (which it does for everyone), and a full YEAR seems extremely overwhelming, we end up throwing in the towel.

However, this year, it will be different!!!


Well, I’m sure you have heard the saying, how do you eat an elephant:?  **Which in this case, signifies a MASSIVE goal/timeline.

The answer:

1 bite at a time!!

That is why here at Team Henson FBBC, we are implementing a strategy by famous author and business coach Gino Wickman. In this strategy called “EOS”,  instead of planning for the entire year (which the yearly vision is still created); we actually set specific 90 day goals. Basically, chunking the year into bite size goals.

This way, we have clear focus and achievable action items for the first 90 days of 2020. Then at the end of March, our leadership team meets again, and will plan the next 90 day goals; and the process repeats every 90 days.

To provide insight, aside from daily operations, our leadership created 4 priorities to implement in late December for the first 90 days of 2020 which are:

  • Execute a very successful NYNY Challenge with over 250 challengers that get MASSIVE results for our clients (goal is to beat our 757 lb Fall Challenge Result).
  • Implement a better onboarding process, where every person gets a Nutrition and Goals Setting session (to provide better service, results and coaching to our clients).
  • Run 1 BIG community/social event for our clients per each location (to build more community and deeper friendships at camp).
  • Create more love, praise, and recognition for our members by creating a Wall of Achievement for clients who have lost 25lbs, 50lbs, 75lbs, and 100lbs (as we know what gets praised gets repeated)!

So, for our boot camps, these are our 4 priorities to execute by March 31. Then we meet again, reflect and create another 90 day action plan….

The beautiful thing and why the system has achieved so much success in other people & companies, as chunking the year in bite size parts makes things more manageable, so the success rate is higher.

In addition, if something unexpected comes up and we get thrown off track (which life does happen), instead of throwing in the towel for the whole year, we only underperform in the 90 day window. Then we get back up, dust off and create our marching orders for the next 90 days!!

So, I share this strategy today as a strong recommendation for you to do the same!! If you haven’t already, think about what you want to accomplish for the year, and then create bite sized, 90 day goals that you desire to complete by March 31 which will create more traction and success in your life!

My strong recommendation, 1 of them should be to enroll in our NYNY Challenge so you can start the New Year right with strong fitness and RESULTS!

And the beautiful thing, is we will be checking in with you every quarter with updates on our 90 day planning, this way you have visibility and will serve as a reminder for you to do the same!

Happy New Year friends, or should I say Happy Quarter 1 of 2020?!   😉

Coach Bryce