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Monday Mindset: Do what you can, with what you have… 668 757 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Do what you can, with what you have…

It’s a very exciting time as today we have just under 10,000 challengers across North America ready to get fit as we kick off our 6-week Spring Challenge!
Lots of tough work outs, clean nutrition and plenty of hydration are in our future, so cannot WAIT to see the results which I believe we will hit over 100,0000 lbs. of combined weight loss!
And while the challenge is on the brain, Facebook served me this “memory” from 2020 about a week ago which is attached.
It’s very bittersweet picture, as we had just closed down due to COVID and pivoted to online sessions. And this specific snapshot was taken just after a virtual work out in Tatiana and my humble 1 car garage.
And while last year was a mess for the world, it did inspire some creativity.
In fact, Tatiana was the mastermind behind the daily zoom virtual sessions we pivoted to within 24 hours of the lock down.
Coming from a 3rd world country of Brazil, in the absence of resources, she learned to become very resourceful.
And while seemingly overnight we lost the ability to run in person session which would have been a very legitimate excuse if we closed business, the reality is we could still train our clients which we did from home!
And that is today’s message, “which is to do what you can, with what you have.”
  • You cannot run? Great, walk.
  • You cannot do a pushup? Great, hold a plank from your knees.
  • You cannot do burpees? Ok, do full body extensions.
  • You cannot make it the entire 30 minutes? Ok, do 20 minutes and slow it down for the last 10 minutes.
  • You don’t have time? Lie. You haven’t made it a priority.
As the hard truth as it’s NEVER the perfect time to get healthy and fit.
It’s NEVER the perfect time to change your nutrition.
You will NEVER have all the resources you need. There will ALWAYS be some major obstacle in your way. And you will ALWAYS have a legitimate excuse if you accept it in which others will completely understand.
However, excuses will also NEVER get you the results you deserve that will better your life.
So today’s message is in the absence of resources, get resourceful. And for the love of goodness, stop making excuses as the situation will NEVER be perfect, so do what you can with what you have!!!
Make it a GREAT week!
-Coach Bryce
Monday Mindset: the KISS of death 575 573 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: the KISS of death

My business partner and CEO of FBBC Bedros writes a Monday email to his team just like I send one to you. As the goal is to set the tone for the week as business & fitness are both primarily mental challenges!

And his message below he sent a few weeks ago around the “Kiss of death” is so important to avoid as the value of life is constantly learning and growing to be the best version of you.

In fact, that is exactly why I fell in love with fitness as committing to a program is an exercise in personal development and growth.

As if you are not healthy and fit, how can you be positive and fulfilled?

Enjoy his mindset message and trust you will get value as I did! Let’s make it a GREAT week!

-Coach Bryce

Good morning team!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. So much great weather here in Cali!

This might be the most important Monday Morning Email that I ever write to you… 

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that self development and personal growth is a good thing. 

I think that’s been pretty well established. 

But there’s a dark side to personal and professional growth. 

A side that many experience as they develop to the higher version of themselves, but they don’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late. 

 I’ve experienced it myself so I share this from first hand experience. 

It’s the upper limit. 

EVERYONE has an upper limit. It’s like a glass ceiling that you press up against as you develop personally and professionally. 

The goal is to break through that upper limiting glass ceiling, but more than not we end up pressing against this upper limit and our old identity pulls us back down to our comfort zone. 

 Like I said, the upper limit is something that we all have… 

 …but if we don’t navigate through it effectively we end up sabotaging ourselves and sliding back into the old version of who we are – your old identity (your comfort zone). 

 Here’s how the upper limit works. When you hit the upper limit, meaning when you achieve higher self awareness, success, happiness or wealth, your ego (YOUR OLD IDENTITY)  tends to bring you back down to where you’re most familiar with, in other words your comfort zone. 

 This happens by giving yourself negative thoughts or doing negative behaviors that ruin what you’ve achieved – like losing all the money after winning the lottery, arguing with your partner after becoming successful or thinking of negative things when you have happy thoughts because you’re just more familiar with a negative self narrative.  

 This is why I call upper limiting the KISS OF DEATH. 

 How do you stop upper limiting so that you can enjoy your new level of personal and professional growth? 

 You become self-aware that it’s going to happen, because it’s going to happen to all of us when we do the work and grow…

 …and then you tell yourself that you’re worth it and not to screw it up. 

 Love and gratitude team! 


Monday Mindset: The probability of your health & fitness 531 507 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The probability of your health & fitness

Happy Monday!

Admittedly I was dragging at the 5:15am session today as last week, I co hosted a conference for 60 owners in Las Vegas.

It was an inspiring time to connect and pour into some of our best owners, leaders and coaches in our brand especially after such a tough 2020.

It was also nice that Donna was able to attend the conference, which was also her first time in sin city.

And while I do not gamble, being in Vegas reminded me of the probability of making good choices in life.

You see, nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes as the famous adage goes.

And yes, we have all heard of the seemingly unbelievable stories of those fortunate few who drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes every day and lived over 100+ years.

Or on the opposite, someone completely healthy dropped dead at 45 years young.

Yes, while those stories exist, the reality is that is the exception and not the rule.

And just like in Vegas….

The house knows that some people will get lucky and win, in which they pay out.

But taking the big picture and long game, the probability is stacked in their favor and the “house always wins”.

And that goes for your health and fitness.

If you eat well, exercise 3+/week, hydrate and get a solid 7-8 house of sleep, the probability of a long and healthy life is in your favor.

And while nothing is guaranteed in life, that is all you can ask for…

Stack the odds in your favor, by making the good choices and let the probability be your best gamble!

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset – “Bryce, something’s seriously wrong…” 799 538 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – “Bryce, something’s seriously wrong…”

That all said, and while completely challenging for our team and brand…. there is a silver lining.

As due to the incredible difficulty, it forced creativity so we began to court a new technology called Fit Pro Tracker (FPT) in the spring of 2019.

 As it turns out, their CEO Antonio, is an owner of Chandler Fit Body Boot Camp in Arizona. And while being a student of fitness, he had previously worked for the US Army for 22+ years in Computer Programming & Cyber Security, and then for the infamous “Intel Corporation” on some billion dollar accounts after retiring..

So it was a light bulb moment in remembering a previous conversation with Antonio a while back, so it was then, I decided to reach out to inquire and seek some technological counsel. 

And in that phone call in April of 2019, began a 2+ year journey..

So fast forward and in that time, we were able to recruit, partner, and develop a custom & superior & Fit Body technology, client relationship management & billing product…

And am happy to report as of today in Yorba Linda and this coming Friday in Mission Viejo, we are leading the charge to convert to this technology which is 1. Secure 2. Intuitive and  3. significantly more user friendly!

 So this all translates to better coaching, service and support to YOU and our clients both locally and worldwide!

 That said, while the story is riddled with challenge and change, there are some big learning lessons below…

The truth is that any change is tough. 

In fact, the current transition hasn’t and will not be perfect either. 

It will take some time for both team and clients to adjust so we are incredibly grateful for your patience.

That’s the reality of any change, transition or transformation. 

  1. The tip of the spear (aka Leadership) can be messy. Being the first to jump into any new endeavor can be messy. But that’s the essence of leadership.  

How does this relate to you?

Well, maybe no one in your family or friends network is healthy & fit, so it can feel like a lonely road to jump in. You might also feel scared and vulnerable.

But even though messy, there is value in jumping in first, leading by example and inspiring others to follow suit to take back control of your own health and fitness!

  1. Adversity creates growth. While our last technology was very painful and the coming few weeks will still be, the reality is that without this adversity, we would have never been provided the light bulb moment, which has led to us developing a custom Fit Body technology that will serve our clients 100x better in the years ahead. 

As this mess will now become a battle cry for even more success and support for our clients long term!

How does this relate to you?

Well, it’s the exact same with your fitness.

 It’s tough to put your body and mind through the intentional adversity at boot camp. But you need to, as when you do, you become better and much more capable of serving your loved ones.

  1. Patience is a virtue, so play the long game… Most people don’t make the transition and changes they need to because of lack of patience or a focus playing the short game. Like we discussed, even if a beneficial move, change is tough and human nature resists…

So while this new transition to a better technology will be great for the long term, it will still be rocky & take time just like any change.

How does this relate to you?

Well, it’s the exact same with your fitness.

It’s much easier to skip the workout, grab the sugary soda, and put the cheesecake in your mouth, as the transition of body transformation is hard.

 But when you have patience with yourself and are focused on the long game (not short term gratification), you will put in the work to make sure the long game is a victory which will exponentially benefit your life! 

Have a great Monday and thank you for your love and support!

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset – Don’t worry…. Be Happy.. 413 276 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Don’t worry…. Be Happy..

I had a different Monday Mindset originally scheduled telling a story about change, how uncomfortable it can be, but how important it is for growth and to provide some passionate inspiration.

And I still plan to send it, but wanted to change gears today and lighten the vibe.

 For me and being very open, this approach is not typically in my nature as I am factory installed with a high degree of intensity & very little light heartedness. That’s the ugly truth but a benefit of having some self-awareness. 😎

And this is especially tough, after receiving some sour news about a friend over the weekend.

Now even though it will continue to be a tough situation for him in the foreseeable future, I decided to take a deep breath and realize everything is going to be ok.

As that’s the truth, everything will be ok.

So todays message is some coaching for myself today that will help you too as I just stumbled upon this classic song by Bobby McFerrin.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

While easier said than done, it’s true.

You are in control of your happiness, and not outside factors.

And just like a tough workout that positively changes your state of mind and well- being…

Music can do that too, so would HIGHLY encourage you to slow it down for 4 minutes on this Monday and change your state by clicking here.

-Coach Bryce

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.


Monday Mindset – Your MASSIVE contribution!! (must watch) 893 457 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Your MASSIVE contribution!! (must watch)

Happy Monday and wanted to send you some GOOD VIBES & GRATITUDE to start the week! 😎

In case you missed it and despite 2020’s incredible adversity, Fit Body Boot Camp donated a combined 6 figures across the brand and to charity thanks to YOU!

So wanted to send some acknowledgement your way!

Thank you so much for investing in your health and fitness!

Thank you so much for trusting us as your fitness coaches!

Thank you so much for checking in on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) every time you work out with us, as it adds up!

As thanks to YOU and YOUR check ins, Fit Body Boot Camp was able to make a MASSIVE contribution to help those in need!!

Click here to see the contribution video we produced as a token of our appreciation!

And would even encourage you share this with your family and friends so they see how much of an impact you are making while staying healthy & fit!

-Coach Bryce

Monday Mindset – The 4 birds and YOUR fitness experience…🦅🦜🕊🦉 1024 727 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – The 4 birds and YOUR fitness experience…🦅🦜🕊🦉

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend, as I did!

On Saturday, our Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo teams united for a ½  day human personality training around these 4 birds:  Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls. 🦅🦜🕊🦉

The 4 birds you might be asking?

These 4 birds are precise analogies to describe the 4 main personality types human beings possess via the DISC profile..

  • Eagle – Dominant – D
  • Parrott – Interactive – I
  • Dove –  Supportive – S
  • Owl –  Conscientiousness – C

Now you might be asking..

What in the world does this have to do with YOUR fitness experience?

Well, because more than the Fitness, Nutrition or Coaching business and as we train our team, we are primarily in the PEOPLE business! 👌 

And when our goal is to serve and support PEOPLE by changing lives… It’s incredibly important to understand the main personality styles we all possess as humans.

So this is precisely why we hired a company called Take Flight Learning with DISC to train our team on these concepts.

As a result through the testing and accompanying training, we now walked away with everyone’s main personality types, but more importantly the personality types of our entire team. 

As with this knowledge, we will continue to bring a deeper understand of others and more self-awareness so we can better serve YOU and our community. 

This all in mind….

My call to action for YOU today and with some self-reflection, do you know yourself? 

Do you know the personality traits of your spouse, kids, friends and co-workers? 

As when you have more self-awareness around how your circle of influence operates, you can better your relationships and work more productively and peacefully as a unit so that everyone wins!

-Coach Bryce

PS given the impactful experience from our team, it sparked an idea of finding a way to provide this training to YOU… If that’s of interest for you and/or your family, would you please reply back and let me know? If we get enough interest, we will look to coordinate. Thanks 🙂

Monday Mindset – The beginning… 852 448 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – The beginning…

Happy Monday!

Our Fit Body Boot Camp locations just wrapped up our 1st of 3 Transformation Challenges of the year.

We refer to them as “Challenges” as they our high level Nutrition & Accountability coaching programs that challenge you to be better!

Impressively, we had nearly 10,000 challengers worldwide across our Fit Body Boot Camp locations.

And for those who participated…

It’s been 6 tough weeks of workouts, burpees, nutrition tracking, weekly checks in and some pretty amazing results which we are in the process of tallying!

And while the 6 week’s has come to an “end”….

Realistically, it is the beginning.

As the path ahead of taking care of yourself will last for a lifetime, and not just a mere 6 weeks.

Yes, the road is long. 

Much of it will be uphill. 

And it certainly won’t be easy. 

But it will be worth it as rest assured that my team and I are here to support you every step of the way.

So to kick off your week, I wanted CONGRATULATE you and all our challengers who stuck with the program throughout the duration.

And will leave you with a few quotes to inspire you on the journey ahead.  As this is just the beginning, being the best is yet to come!

-Coach Bryce 

“If not now, then when?  — Author Unknown

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” — Henry David Thoreau

“Gentlemen, we’re going to relentlessly chase perfection. Perfection is not attainable. But in the process of chasing perfection, we will catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi 

 “Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.” — Andrew Hendrixson

“Take your dreams seriously.” — Author Unknown

“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” — Thomas Edison 

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” — Author Unknown

“The grass is greener where you water it.” — Neil Barringham

Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.” — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Monday Mindset – Comfort Zones 1024 718 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Comfort Zones

Happy Monday!
There’s a chance you have seen me on film..
I certainly didn’t realize it when I started camp back in 2012, but it is a skill that is required to amply my mission of Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives Every Day.
So have had to learn and continue to do so..
But trust me and to the contrary to what my better half Tatiana will tell you, it’s incredibly challenging and uncomfortable for me.
In fact, it seems like every time I film, I tense up, get all nervous and palms & back start sweating.
And if you have ever done a Facebook live or been on film yourself, you know exactly I mean. As it’s all fun and games until the camera gets out, and then BOOM!
Awkward city here we come!!
So when my pitch was accepted to have our CEO shoot a thank you video for our FBBC clients helping us raise and donate well over $100,000 in 2020 across all our brand, I was PUMPED!
But then you guessed it… just after our CEO approved it thinking it was a great idea in concept, he then asked me to be the face of the film and shoot it in the studio with clients.
Fun times.
So we scheduled a time for our media team to film in Yorba Linda last Tuesday after the 5:15am session. As I have some close relationships in that session so thought the fun vibes would help the shoot.
So I typed up the script, rehearsed and then off we went.
When I arrived at boot camp with the camera crew about 15 minutes before the session ended, Coach Jenn was bringing the fire on the mic per usual.
Session then ended and she asked any volunteers to stay in the background for the 3 minute shot and do some jumping jacks so the film has a high energy effect!
Then Mayn, our camera man hit it….. “lights, camera, action”.
And no matter how many times you rehearse which I certainly did, when the set goes silent, the camera is right in your face and all eyes are on you, the sweat starts rolling off your pores..
And while my goal was to hit in 1 take…
I wasn’t successful in that goal as it took me 3 takes with some loving heckling from my friends as I missed the line 2 times mid jumping jacks!
Fun times.
And for as much it was incredibly uncomfortable, and that little voice in my head was telling me how much I was going to mess up, and that I should really just stop the shoot….
I ended up pressing forward, getting through it and getting the shot successfully! And on top of it all, it was an incredible growth moment!
As that uncomfortable feeling you get in your stomach… is just a sign of where your current growth ends, and where you must continue to press forward to be a more evolved human.
So today’s lesson is this…
Maybe the thought of passing on the daily cocktail is really uncomfortable and something “I cannot live without.”
Maybe you haven’t worked out in YEARS and just the thought of boot camp completely scares you.
Or you have been coming a few times per week, but deep down you know you’ve been going through the motions and can crank it up a few notches..
Regardless, as humans we all have comfort zones that are made to be broken which unlock your growth potential!
Yes, easier said than done, but if you want to live a happy and successful life, you better get comfortable being uncomfortable. As those zones are meant to be broken as growth is on the other side!!
Have a GREAT Monday!
-Coach Bryce
PS Stay tuned for the video I will be sharing in the next month!!
Monday Mindset – Silver Linings 519 418 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Silver Linings


 I cannot believe March is here and is nearly a year since COVID began to wreak havoc on our world, which got me reflecting…

And having come down with it 2 months ago, like many of our community & world, I know first-hand what a nasty bug it is which has caused so much heartache and loss from a health and physical perspective. 

It’s also crushed or severely impacted many small businesses inclusive of ours, which the economic effects have not fully been seen yet and will last for years to come.

And while no one wishes it happened, there’s always good in the bad if you choose to look for it.

Here are 3 of my silver linings.  

Value of our health

 While there’s been much fear put out and some for good reason as the bug has killed 500,000 in the US.  The positive side is this has really opened our consciousness to putting value on our health. 

In fact, Elon Musk, the current richest man in the world, has nothing without his health. 

Furthermore, the CDC reports that at the current moment, nearly 45% of our country is statistically obese. Which means 147 MILLION people are on pace to die prematurely in our country because of it.

Really makes you think huh? 

While that might sound grim, the figure above isn’t some invisible boogeyman. In fact, that’s why the media barely covers it. 

The SILVER LINING is that it’s 100% preventable and completely within your control. 

Exercise 3+ times per week with muscle building activity, eat nutrient dense foods, hydrate and limit/eliminate simple sugars. 

Problem solved and 147 Million lives saved & extended. 

My sincere hope, which would be an incredibly large positive, is that COVID wakes our country up to the value of taking care of ourselves so we are healthy enough to fight disease and live healthier. 


The pandemic has shown both plenty of examples good and bad leadership. 

From the bad perspective, it’s not hard to look at the news to see many acts of incredulous hypocrisy from our state officials including our very own governor. 

Do what I say and not what I do” type of mentality. 

While it enraged many people and rightfully so. 

There’s a lesson… 

Be the type of person who walks your talk and with a high degree of morale authority.. 

As the reality is you can tell your kids/family to “eat your veggies” until your blue in the face, but if you don’t actually eat your veggies, they won’t. They are watching.

Sometimes bad examples prove as silver linings on what type of behavior to avoid.

Value of time

As I was heading down to Brazil to visit Tatiana’s family for Christmas to make good on a promise I made to her mom in 2012, I was rerouted away from a blizzard in NYC and through Mexico City on a 12 hour unexpected layover, ouch! 

But I decided to make a bad situation good and took the opportunity to hire a driver on the cheap for a 6 hour tour, as I had never been there before. 

And at one of the famous churches near downtown, and with everyone masked up, it dawned on me how precious life and time is. 

From California, to Brazil, to New York, to Mexico City and beyond..

The entire human race battling together. Facing adversity and completely vulnerable.  And we know this deep down to be true, but the visual in a foreign land, was a stark reminder that we are promised nothing. 

Today is all we have. In the face of crisis, only the important things in life surface.

So your call to action today is to live with urgency, take chances, be kind and love. And for goodness sake, LIVE as if your life depends on it. Because in the end, it does.

Of course, there are many more silver linings of the past year but a few that were top of mind. I would love to hear yours.

Make it a GREAT Monday and week!

-Coach Bryce